Informative Bulletproof Dr. Joseph Mercola Interview: The Real Dangers of Electronic Devices and EMFs

Informative Bulletproof Dr. Joseph Mercola Interview The Real Dangers of Electronic Devices and EMFs - Official US Importer Wholesaler

I recently watched this informative Bulletproof podcast interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has been an advocate for natural health and medicine for over 20 years. In this interview he discusses the research and dangers surround EMF (electromagnetic fields) exposure. He also discusses solutions and ways to mitigate the harmful effects of EMF exposure.

Below you’ll find some bullet-pointed notes, that, while not time-stamped, are in order of appearance.

  • Going wired is one of the best solutions.
  • Wifi and cell phones are the most significant emissions of EMFs.
  • The vast majority of the radiation we are exposed to is microwave radiation, developed from radars in World War II.
  • Good alternative to the microwave is a steam convection oven.
  • There have been 4 significant reports that been published since the 1950s documenting the damage of EMFs.
  • EMFs are emitted as a pulse which magnifies the damage, which means it’s not a steady amount of radiation.
  • Dr. Martin Pall, a research scientist, figured out the mechanism of how intracellular calcium is increased with EMFs.
  • Pall compiled research from over 2 dozen studies, in vitro and small animal tests, that used intracellular calcium channel blockers and the results were that there was virtually no damage from the exposure with EMFs.
  • Cardiovascular patients are the more common users of calcium channel blockers.
  • These intracellular calcium channels are also known as Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel or VGCCs. They are embedded in the cell membrane which makes the receptors 7 million times more sensitive to EMFs.
  • Biological mediators are needed to mediate EMF exposure.
  • Once a VGCC receptor is activated by an EMF, 1 million ions a second are released into the cell.
  • Baby monitors, WiFi, Bluetooth, smart thermostat all emit EMFs when activated, so use wired alternatives when possible.
  • Once the EMF activates a calcium channel (VGCC), it stimulates the release of nitric oxide. Increased amounts of nitric oxide combine with free radical superoxide and form peroxynitrite and hydroxyl which are both dangerous free radicals.
  • Free radicals cause single and double-stranded breaks in the DNA, mitochondria, nucleus, and decimates cell membranes and proteins. This accelerates the aging process on your body.
  • The nerve tissue in the heart has a larges concentration of VGCCs. Exposure to EMFs can trigger cardiac arrhythmias.
  • You will decrease fertility by carrying a phone or EMF emitting device in your pockets or near your waist.
  • Activated VGCCs (by EMFs) also release neurotransmitters and neuro-endocrine hormones. Which can contribute to increased anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and autism. As well as tumors and cancer.
  • Lower your exposure to EMFs by: not using a microwave but instead, a convection/steam oven, turn off WIFi at nights, use ethernets when possible.
  • It is not advised to use Ethernet Over Power (dirty electricity), which is power lines used to transmit ethernet because it increases the pulse/variability in your power lines.
  • Faraday cage can help protect against EMFs. Recommended to sleep in. These are made copper and aluminum.
  • People who live in apartment buildings or high-rises should be mindful that EMFs are coming from below in addition to your normal EMFs in your living space.
  • Using a grounding mat while traveling can be useful.
  • TES 593 is a microwave meter that measures magnetic exposure. Microwatts per square centimeter is the standard measurement of energy in the US.
  • Using a TES 593 can be useful when traveling to find the right spot to sleep with the lowest emissions.
  • Anything wireless such as your mouse, keyboard, smart watch, emits EMFs.
  • Increasing magnesium (magnesium bicarbonate) in your diet can help mitigate EMF damage.
  • Molecular hydrogen is a selective antioxidant that helps mitigate EMF. They stop the dangerous free radicals.
  • Taking a hydrogen tablet while in flight can reduce your exposure by 80%.

Everything they mentioned is good advice regarding EMF reduction to the best of my knowledge. And at this point neither Dave Asprey or Dr. Mercola appear to be aware of Blushield technology, but you could bet that when they hear about it they'll investigate it thoroughly.

An interesting bit of research for the future would be to see if Blushield stops the VGCC's from being activated by other EMF's.

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