Blushield Testimonials


I moved back to a large city (Philadelphia) after being out west (Montana and Washington) for about 5 years and within about 6 months I started feeling more anxiety than I had ever felt before. I could literally feel my heart beating, just felt so uncomfortable, and intuitively figured it was all the tech energy flying through everything out here. I bought the plug-in first and as soon as I plugged it in a heard a faint hum then everything felt more quiet than it had since I had lived in my house. Just a calm sort of sound or lack of it. That night I slept better than I had in maybe years. Within just a few days I could take deep breaths again, my heart felt calmer and I just felt more grounded and connected to everything good. I felt so good having that thing plugged in that I did some more research and called Blushield to ask a few questions, and I decided to upgrade to the cube and a portable. (btw, the lady I talked to was amazingly helpful, nice, and just really cool. Like, so down to earth and you could tell she was just someone you’d want to be around.) Before the portable arrived, I went to a country fair out here in PA and after about 3 hours in the rental car filled with Bluetooth, then walking around all the games and rides at the fair I felt so lousy. The only thing I can think of is that I had adjusted back to non-EMF garbage in my surroundings and being out without it in such an intense setting of thousands of people with cellphones and fake blue light everything I just really felt it. I understand placebo is a real thing, but even if it’s just that (which I don’t at all believe is the case), it’s so worth it anyway. Mental and physical peace is priceless and since I’ve had these devices in my home I’m feeling calmer, more intuitive, more present, less anxious, less uncomfortable, and just all-around better in all the ways. So happy I found this thing.


Your Blushield works wonders. I come to know your products from my friend who is a club lifeguard. At first, I was sceptical, however I am now convinced. My wife suffered asthma for some twenty years, now she doesn’t need an inhaler at all. All symptoms related to asthma are now completely gone. Her doctor was surprised; we did not tell him it was due to Blushield, for fear of being ridiculed. I also feel more energetic, some days I was even able to lift weights at my gym club even when I had only slept for a few hours the previous night. My staff are feeling more relaxed and are not as stressed out as before. Thanks to your wonderful device. I have recommended Blushield to my uncle and aunty who are having health problems. I will definitely introduce others to your wonder product. The money I spent is well worth it, and the cost is very reasonable.

Victor Tan, Singapore

I bought the office pack in july of 2019 and upgraded the pocket shield for myself to the newer stronger gray one because i am so sensitive......I have had them 6 months now and can say i am more calm and dont fly off the handle for no reason like i used to...I can sit in a restaurant now with all the tvs (crazy) in bar (we don't sit in bar tho) and enjoy my meal with out getting anxious. crabby and wanting to hurry and leave....I can go to bigger cities now including airports and not feel like i am coming unglued from all the emf.....Truly a blessing and so grateful for these! I have a palm plant on my patio that i have had for 2 yrs that didn't grow or get new shoots at all in those 2 yrs, but after having blushield for 3 months omg this plant is getting lots of new growth!.....Best money we ever spent!


After having wireless broadband installed, we noticed that our chickens stopped laying eggs (we only got 1 every 3 days from around 60 chickens). This went on for 6 months, before we realised it may have to do with our broadband. We bought the cube and within 10 days the egg production started coming back up, resulting in over 20 eggs per day after 3 weeks of installing the cube! I had not realised how badly EMFs were affecting me until I started feeling more balanced and positive after about 3-4 months. Even then I couldn't believe it was the cube having this positive effect, until.... I started noticing aggressive behaviour in our roosters and was wondering what was going on. At the same time I started feeling a bit depressed. Then I noticed that the cube had been turned off, it was probably turned off accidentally by a volunteer the week before. We turned it back on and the roosters settled within a day. I however, got more and more depressed for around 2 weeks, at which time I started climbing out of my depression and feeling better. I am saving up now to get a personal device, as I now realise how much EMFs affect my wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally. We also noticed our other animals behaviour changed for the better; our dogs for example are back to being puppies, playful and happy, whereas prior to the cube they were sluggish and slow. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who even suspects there may be an issue with EMFs in their environment.

Zaia Kendall

I have a titanium rod in my leg from my hip to my knee which works as an antenna for all of the frequencies around. It has negatively effected my health. For a year I am doing much better since adding the Blushield! I use the Blushield portable - 2 of them facing towards my body in my bra every day, the Cube at work, and the Cube at home. The Blushield has stabilized my blood sugar, hormones, better sleep, allowed my cells to relax and more energy.

Rhonda D.

I just began using the Blushield Portable and noticed a difference immediately. As a non-native-EMF-sensitive individual, I develop very intense headaches and radiating pain through my arms when I'm on my phone, even holding it in my hands, for more than a few minutes. With the portable, I have significantly reduced sensations in my hands and head when in direct contact with my phone, slept soundly, and was able to mitigate the affects of the many EMF zones I go in and out of while traveling around a city. This is really life changing, and I can't wait to get the cube (which is 6x more powerful) for my home.


We purchased this for our home and travel as we live about a mile from a new 5G tower. My insomnia and TMJ was out of control along with some inflammation in my body. Since we installed the home pack I have had consistent sleep, my TMJ has almost completely subsided and I wake up with less puffiness around my face. Completely worth the investment!


There is no other product on the market comparable to Blushield. I have been experimenting with their products for over a year now. I started with a portable and now have had a cube for almost 6 months. I highly recommend individuals to invest in this one time purchase that is basically removing a huge environmental stressor out of your life. I have noticed deeper sleep, less anxiety, better mood, faster recovery, and no brain fog.

Nathan Colonna

I just wanted to drop you all a line and let you know the Blushield devices are working. They are changing my life rapidly. I'm experiencing things I've not been able to do in 2 to 3 years. Thank you! I'll keep you posted on my progress as I'm sure my health will continue to improve. I really wanted you to know how much your work and these products mean to me and my family already.

Victoria Lawrence

My health and sense of well being are greatly improved. I sleep like I did when I was twenty with only one wakeup to use the restroom. A recurring ache in my back from sleeping has disappeared since using my Blushield device. A mental fog I was attributing to aging has disappeared. Even an issue I was having with black mold from my hummingbird feeders on my fingernails has totally resolved. I am buying a backup device as I never want to be without my Blushield device for the rest of my life.

Chris St. James

I've been utilizing Blushield EMF devices for over a year now and I'm still blown away by their products. The difference that I feel from using their devices compared to other EMF protectors is incomparable and really quite extraordinary to say the least. . The Plug-in EMF protector is especially useful for a small home, and words cannot describe how I feel when I have one of these devices in my home. It's amazing how animals can actually sense the protection from the device too, in fact that is one of the key indicators for me that it's working. I don't usually do reviews on products unless it's something that has blown me out of the water and Blushield has done just that. Keep up the good work.

Gabriel Borreson

Our health advisor indicated we were getting too much radiation from WiFi, etc, and recommended the Blushield so we got it and immediately found we slept more deeply and longer without waking. We also found our balance improved and also muscle cramping in our legs disappeared. Who would have thought! We were so impressed we got the Blushield carry-around so we're protected all the time. We would definitely recommend this product.


We just launched another shuttle tonight and I went through an evening of stress without “going down the tubes”. (I still have energy and am not tired). There is still some effect on me from the EMF in these areas but the improvement in the last two days is amazing. The first day I noticed that the leg cramps were mostly gone.

D Watkins, JPL, NASA

Most people do not want to change in regards to their use of wireless devices. ‘Just give me the magic needle to take my pain away, or make me fertile after years of abuse.’ So when I speak about this subject, it mostly lands on deaf ears…overload is happening. However, with the several patients that bought the Blushield products, it’s like witnessing a domino effect of better health. Pulses changes for the better, complexion is improved, there is much more emotional stability and less addiction tendencies. It’s almost as if they have had successful therapy and realized the change.

R.M.D., Dipl. Acu. (Diploma of Acupuncture)

I have my Masters in Acupuncture and after studying the energetics of the body for years I noticed the commonality of symptoms between many of my patients coming from EMFs. I also had been having health issues including fatigue, sleep issues, depression and anxiety. After plugging in the cube and using the portables, my husband and I are both sleeping much better, having much more energy, and I have no more fatigue or difficulty waking up in the morning. I also analyze tongues as part of my diagnosis with patients. I’ve noticed my tongue and my husband’s tongue have started looking much, much healthier!

Brianna Viens

Within 3 days of plugging in the unit I experienced ease in falling asleep and staying asleep. I have not slept well for about a decade and take several supplements to help myself sleep. I stopped the supplements when I plugged in the unit and within 3 days I was falling asleep easily and staying asleep. It is huge to feel well rested and restored. I feel as though my children are also sleeping much better. Thankful!


I am one of these people who has been doing "everything right" for decades: eating an extremely clean diet, taking thousands of dollars worth of supplements, exercising many different ways, using warm and cold therapy, taking cold showers, taking "contrast showers", meditating... I could do on for paragraphs. There were only TWO POSSIBLE VARIABLES - that I could imagine - that were keeping me from attaining a high level of health: 1) improperly-managed stress, and/or 2) crappy EMF that was hurting my "system". I ordered The Cube for my home, the portable for my pocket, and more portables for my daughters. I was prepared to wait for weeks before my body would become "sympathetic" to the frequencies from The Cube. I needn't have prepared myself for this. The first night I slept poorly. This has been my normal mode of sleep for the past 30 years, despite trying every sleep-enhancing technique known to man. (And I'm not exaggerating.) Starting the second night, I began to sleep soundly, as I hadn't done since before my college days. I took a trip across the country, leaving my cube at home and relying upon the portable device, which I kept close to me at all times. Slept like a baby! After 30 years of insomnia, it is very ODD to awaken in the morning, be surprised to see light in the room, feel alert and fresh, and be able to remember fragments of many different dreams. It has been 6 weeks. I've slept very well on 40 of those 42 nights. I'm DELIGHTED and now LOVE to sleep! Thank you for BluShield!

Jake D'Amico

I was extremely surprised that I noticed an instantaneous effect with the auto device. I felt so mellow, and I kept thinking, 'is this the device, or am I making this up because I want it to work?' I went home and later, when I went to collect my husband from work, I noticed the same, very calming effect. I didn't tell my husband the device already came on the drive home and he said he felt relaxed and a bit energized, when I asked how he felt. That's when I confessed I had it plugged in the whole time he was in the car. We are so interested in these products. Thank you, and I will be purchasing again, soon!

Liliana van Lawick

It’s been over a few weeks since I’ve had my new black portable and I absolutely love it. My sleep has improved. I feel more focused. When I first turned my device on I felt like someone laid a calming blanket over me, which was very interesting to me because I’ve never felt that before. I haven’t experienced a bad headache since I’ve had the device and I used to have them wake up everyday with one. I couldn’t figure out what the cause was until now I’m not experiencing it anymore so I believe that it has helped me. One day I accidentally forgot my device in my workout class and sort of panicked but I got it back and I don’t go anywhere without it. That’s a little bit about my experience so far!

Deja Mattox

After having migraines for two years, I discovered that there were two 'smart' meters on the house where I rent an apartment. My headaches were worsening with intensity and frequency coupled with vomiting. Also, my small dog was having mini seizures. I was ready to try anything. I was having a hard time focusing on my business and would sit up practically all night not understanding why. Within minutes after plugging in the Blushield, I began to think more clearly. I started sleeping better and within a few days my dog stopped having the seizure episodes. Permanently!! Also, I am happy to say that I have not had a single migraine going on 5 months!! I now will not live without my Blushield. I carry the portable with me and take the Ultra with me when I travel. I don't know how I ever lived without it. Everyone needs this, especially with 5G coming and evil 'smart' meters everywhere. The cost may seem too much for some but to save your health, you can't afford not to get one! Trust me, it really, honestly works!!! I was in the habit of turning off breakers on my fuse panel before bed and one night I woke up out of a dead sleep with a racing heart. I hadn't realized that I accidentally turned off the breaker to the Blushield device!! That was just more proof at how effective these devices are. The customer support was stellar! Best purchase I EVER made!! Don't wait to feel better!!

Marnie Neumann

The Blue Shield for the home, along with the portable has been life changing!! My husband and I can’t believe what an awful effect EMF was having on us until we plugged in our Blue Shield. I did get sick the first day plugged in (detoxing from EMF I believe, with an awful migraine) and then like a indescribable relief on day 2 of being plugged in we both started to feel relief and began commenting on the many ways we feel a shift. I’ll try to explain : the blue shield created a feeling that reminded us of our childhood, a relaxed ease, a deeper connection to each other without interference, without distraction, a focus, a potency back that had been taken. We literally saw a more relaxed attitude in one another. Words don’t describe the gratitude we feel for Blue Shield. “Wow” is a good word! Wow. Sex is even better with Blue-shield ! We never imagined how EMF had wedged into our ability to connect to one another physically, but blue shield showed us how intrusive EMF truly is to the human condition. Wow!!!Thank you for giving us back what was stolen . It’s a return to innocence, entirely life changing!

Esther Willson

I had wanted a Blushield device for months and finally was gifted one this Christmas. I was so excited, plugged it in to a central location on the main floor of our home, and nearly forgot about it because of the holiday commotion. After a few days, I started thinking my husband is so different! He’s getting up earlier, not so fatigued, helping more than ever, and THEN IT HIT ME! Our new Blushield plugin has to be the reason. We’ve been together for 10 years and have two children. This is a new guy: he’s energetic and happy; and I freaking love it! He says it’s a coincidence, but I know it’s not. Also, my headaches have subsided and haven’t had any ringing in my ears, my cat hasn’t been running through the house like she’s being chased by a ghost, and my 2 year old is sleeping longer hours during the night. I can’t wait to get portables!

Sarah Scherr

This is thing is a live saver for me. WORTH EVERY PENNY. I am very sensitive to EMFs experiencing brain fry/fog, concentration problems, nervous tension and the like. I purchased this Premium Ultra a little over 2 months ago, and a few weeks after getting it I am wondering if they turned the waves off because I can finally think clearly. My brain power has normalized itself to where I feel human again. Thank you so much for creating this product, and also all the help I received when I called! On a side note: Even though this unit is small enough to take anywhere, I leave it at home. So effectively I am in the safe zone for about 14 or less hours per day. Can't wait for the premium portable to be in stock again, so I can get that one for on the go!!

Daniela Heindl

Dear Blushield-USA, my life has not been kind to me as I have been my disabled mother's care taker since the age of 10 and later becoming ill myself when I turned 16. I am now 30 years old and the suffering has not stopped. The cause or condition is still not clear for my illness but I have made dramatic changes everywhere in my life to fight the pain. Most of the suffering happens during reading where excruciating pain radiates from behind my eyes due to an unknown form of intense pressure. My most recent change was moving my WiFi router far away from me and purchasing a Ultra. Within a few days, my eyes began to feel lighter and I noticed that I was experiencing the pressure, especially when I wasn't using my reading glasses. It has been a couple of months now and my sleep has improved giving me energy during the day. I used to drink two cups of coffee and now one is more than enough to keep me going. The changes have been nothing but positive and my eyes are constantly improving which is nothing short of a miracle. For anyone who wants to improve their quality of life this is not just a good place to start, it is a necessity. Thank you to Blushield-USA for all the help and great information answering my many questions. You have a faithful customer in me and I wish you all nothing but the best.

Zhora Pogosyan

My name is Michele. I am 69 years old. I purchased an Office Pak from BluShield 8 weeks ago. My health has never been the best. I have had Adrenal Fatigue all my life, fibromyalgia, autoimmune issues, severe Restless Leg Syndrome that needs constant pharmaceutical drug (Pramipexole) every day, and the many related problems that come with or result from these conditions. I am very sensitive and also have many genetic mutations that have caused me a lot of trouble till I found out -recently- how to somewhat abate them with supplements and stay away from some things. I have been on natural adrenal steroidal hormones, and natural neurotransmitters aids amino acids(from my Naturopath) for these conditions and many other supplements besides. I am seeing MDs, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Reiki Energy Health provider too. It has been a life-long search, many illnesses and ovarian cancer (followed by chemo) bringing me to this point. I have always had a better diet then most, and am on a strict Autoimmune (AI) Paleo diet now. All my efforts have been like dragging an iron ball chained ankle through the thickest molasses and the darkest pit you can imagine. I have tried so many health modalities and seen no truly concrete result for most of my life. Recently things have been starting to turn around, but oh so slowly... Then working with opting out of Smart Meters for our house, I was introduced to BluShield and after some study of this product, ordered the Office Pak. I set the unit up 7 weeks ago and have been going through intense detox. I also had brain fog that was very disorienting. I persevered. It is a bit difficult to know what to attribute my progress to. All the health modalities I am undergoing really help. But what is remarkable is the ease and speed of improvement that I am FINALLY seeing occurring. I finally “FEEL” my body cells relaxing, somehow now able to relate and open up to healing like never before. I could not tell right away about the benefits of BluShield except for the detox going on, but feeling my body finally responding to treatments is amazing. This new environment, that BluShield helps create is AMAZING. My body is finally able to heal on a level never attained most of my life (even with smart meters close all around the neighborhood). I always seemed to be on edge before, fighting some invisible force that prevented my physical body to be receptive to healing, in a constant state of frustration and anxiety, waiting for the next ill shoe to drop so to speak. Even my husband who does not believe…has been doing better. More ready and willing to take on new cognitive tasks, more active and ready to initiate things, and much less edgy and frustrated. Shh…don’t tell him…! I see the difference… I cannot say that I am now cured…No, I have issues that are of my own constitution. But I now have a chance to heal as much as I can… for me. I feel that with all the other health modalities I am undergoing I may be getting healthier than ever before. It is a process and with the help of BluShield I may improve beyond my dreams. Thanks BluShield!


In February 2019, a new power pole was installed across the street from our house. I was leery because I knew a little bit about harmful EMF’s. Little did I know that over the next four months, my health would be in a speedy decline. It involved eyesight decline, ringing in my ears, fatigue, insomnia, foggy brain, body and joint pain. It was weird how it happened so fast. But I didn’t realize why this was happening at first until it got so intense that I started researching EMF symptoms. First, hair loss increased dramatically. Scary. Interestingly, when I would go to bed at night, I would immediately experience pressure on the top, back, and front of my head, behind my eyes, and it would eventually hurt. Also I would experience weird “sensations” in random places such as a throb in my little toe joint, then a quick pain on my calf, my shoulder, my was crazy and nothing like I had ever experienced. I couldn’t sleep in my bed so I tried the middle bedroom. less than ten minutes, I experienced symptoms similar to above along with anxiety and nervousness. So I tried the couch in our living room.....same thing. Sooooo I put a yoga mat on the floor in my laundry room and tried to sleep thinking if I got as far away from the pole as possible, I could sleep. Nope. It was horrible. I would lie down at 9pm and wake up at 11 several nights in a row, not being able to sleep all night. There was no place in my home I could sleep. So I began to research more and more. I prayed for an answer because I literally felt I was dying. That’s how bad this was. I would leave my house as much as possible. Exhausting. This affected my energy level to the degree that I was exhausted all the time. It affected every part of my life. I didn’t think I would make it to the end of the year because the decline was happening at breakneck speed. One night I prayed for help, and decided to search for “shielding” harmful EMF’s. Up popped Blushield. Since I couldn’t sleep, I listened to the 1 hr 15 minute interview Brandon did with Mark. I listened to it over and over and over again as many as ten times. I knew I had found my answer. I was grateful and excited. We ordered The Cube and two portable wireless units. I plugged in The Cube immediately after receiving it. In less than ten minutes, I noticed a feeling of calm come over my body starting at my head. I didn’t mention it to my husband because I wanted to make sure about it. I mentioned it to him the next day and he confessed he had felt it too. And that is amazing because he is my best skeptic. Fast forward to today, about two weeks of use, I have experienced better sleep, strengthening of legs, decrease in back pain and stiffness, less ear ringing, less exhaustion, decrease in hair loss, and feeling better overall. I take my Portable Wireless Blushield with me when I leave my house. Oh I forgot to mention that in June we got away for three days to a country cabin. I had no problem sleeping, no exhaustion, no weird symptoms, no energy I knew I was on the right track!!!!! I hope this helps someone. I will post again as more time passes. I want to help whoever I can because this is a hidden danger that kills. It was a brutal four months. We called the power company and were told the power pole was 4G technology. I was mortified. But now, thanks to Mark and Blushield, I have hope again. That is a big deal.

Pam Vance

I am so grateful for my Blushield! My friend recommended it to me and my life has totally transformed! I tried my friend's out for a few hours and after that I knew without a doubt I had to get myself one. Now I have had mine for 3 months and I have a portable one for taking with me on runs, to work, and shopping or wherever I am outside of my house. My life is completely different now: I have way better energy, I sleep so much better when I am tired, and my body has been able to heal so many things. I have been able to process a number of things from my past and let them go, so now I feel a lot better and can move forward with my life! The Blushield has helped me separate out a bunch of stuff so I could deal with issues one at a time and I wasn't so confused all the time! The Blushield has helped my brain heal from fatigue and process way faster! I am able to be more and more present and my high anxiety has almost completely evaporated! I have been so blessed to be able to grow so quickly now and that has hugely encouraged me and helped me to work on myself and make good progress! I feel a lot more balanced and my energy flows way better and feels way better. I am very grateful for you guys and for the people who invented Blueshield technology. I am recommending it to a lot of my friends because I can't help but excitedly tell people how much it has helped me! I am grateful to God for providing this healing for me and I look forward to the future of getting "younger" every day.

Anna Bottcher

As a Nutritionist and GAPS practitioner I am very aware of doing everything right for our family’s wellbeing, in terms of diet, exercise and avoiding toxic chemicals. We get plenty of good fats, no trans-fats, no processed foods, no processed sugar, and nutrient-dense home cooked meals. We use no toxic chemicals in hygiene products and no chlorinated tap water. Our food is home-grown and organic. We were doing everything right but some of us still had some nagging health problems. Why? Because man made electromagnetic fields (EMF) was something I had not paid much attention to. So I did my research in this area and came to realise that EMF could be affecting our health. The health challenges we were still experiencing were insomnia, anxiety, kids coming home from school grumpy and unmotivated. Also working on healing family members’ leaky gut with the GAPS protocol was slower than the expected time frame. After reading that a growing number of the population is experiencing a range of subtle to serious symptoms, which they attribute to EMF often termed “electrical sensitivity.” Frequently reported symptoms included headaches, nausea, exhaustion, “burning” skin, dizziness, inability to concentrate, agitation, heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, joint pain, swelling of face and neck, eye problems, rashes, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, psoriasis, insomnia, cancer, leukaemia and ADHD. I became more aware that I needed to protect our family from EMF exposure as best I could. My husband Lincoln met Sally Thompson though our common interested in nutrition and children’s health. From Sally we purchased a Blushield Tesla Gold plugin for home, and Tesla Gold portables for us and our children while they were at school, as well as the Air-tube headsets for use on our mobile phones. It took about 2 weeks for us to notice some differences; my insomnia disappeared from one day to the next. We all felt a lot calmer, the kids come home ready to play outside and happy to do their homework. We have used the protection devices now for 2 months and I have noticed more positive changes in our digestion. I believe this is due to our healthy gut bacteria having a better chance of surviving when it is not constantly exposed to radiation. - Working with the most health challenged people, I know that the Blushield devices are a must for their recovery. Australia now being the third country to roll out 5G has given me the determination to offer protection for my clients.

Esther Willson

I have been EMF hypersensitive for years. I cannot go to major cities and even when I stay overnight in small cities I often wind up becoming totally de-vitalized, emotionally unstable experiencing extreme vulnerability, wanting to avoid connection with others, and cognitive issues such as brain fog. The moment I turned on the premium portable while in an area with high EMF I felt an immediate relief. It was as though I was in a wooded glade in the wilderness. The feeling of joy and relief is hard to express. It was as though I was let out of a prison of limitation, that I have had to live with for decades, having to avoid towns and cities even though I enjoy much they offer. I recently went to a small city with community wide WIFI and had the same experience. I felt absolutely wonderful, even as I do at home which is remote and near no cell service. Thank you Blushield! You have changed my life.

Barry Snyder

Purchased portable and noticed a huge relief right away. Better than I ever hoped, and with across-the-board improvements for a whole host of problems I've been dealing with for a long time. Calmer, happier, more relaxed, less pain in body and joints, and better sleep. It's like being on vacation, and having that feeling with you all the time. This proves what a toxic situation we live in these days, and the need for such protection.


Last year I purchased the cube for our business, my parents home and our home as well as two portables for our travels outside of home and business. Initially we had slight detox symptoms which gave us confidence it was doing something. We had slight fatigue but slept well for a couple of days. After we had deeper more sound sleep. Felt more restful and had vibrant good dreams. Since it’s a part or our new normal but we feel healthier in general. And this last flu season we had very strong immune systems. My husband marveled on how well we did this year which makes me wonder if the healthier frequency this technology emits strengthened our immune system. It also provides a peace of mind which is incredible because we can’t control our outside environment. I also love the studies they did to prove efficacy of the product which gave me more confidence in their products. In addition to when I was researching other products I liked the science and origin of this product as well as it was more cost effective than other products on the market. I liked it so much I’ve told friends about them and one of them bought the ultra home and portables. She has Lyme disease and feels a physical improvement when she is at home or has a portable compared to when she is out and about without the portable.


I was experiencing a serious heat building up in my body, especially my organs, well before the supposed roll out of the new wireless technology we are being cooked with. As a Taoist internal arts cultivator for over 20 years I knew this feeling was real and immediate as I left our 3g area at the retreat to go into the city of Asheville, nearby. After a few months I noticed heat in my tongue which in Chinese medicine reflects the state of the organs... I was desperate for a fix.

Immediately upon taking the portable with me the intensity dropped by 80-90%. I look forward to getting the new upgraded version asap.

Along with proper structured water and properly cleaned air we now recommend this tech to all our friends and family at the retreat.


Jeffrey Godfrey