Getting Started with Blushield

Getting Started with Blushield

You might be brand new to Blushield technology, and wondering what it even is, and how to get started.  You may already have your own Blushield devices, but perhaps have some lingering questions that you haven’t found answers to.  You may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information and education available on our website, and throughout the internet, about electromagnetic fields and EMF protection.

If you relate to any of the above, this article is for you!  We are going to cover all the bases and answer the most common practical questions to help you understand this technology, why it’s so important for living in the modern world, and how to get started once you’ve chosen your own Blushield EMF protection devices!


What is Blushield, why do I need it, and how does it work?

Blushield is a unique and cutting edge answer to the widespread problem of electromagnetic field exposure, and the harm it causes to biological organisms – including humans, animals, and plants.  Most EMF protection options available on the market utilize blocking or shielding technology, or are objects or devices that are placed near a person to passively absorb or “harmonize” the EMFs themselves.  These methods have significant limitations, and we believe that they shouldn’t be relied on as primary EMF protection strategies.

Instead of interacting with and attempting to modify or block the EMFs, Blushield produces its own field, independent of the other EMFs, which the body creates a direct relationship with.  This field, which is highly complex, infinitely varied, and based on the known patterns of nature that the body responds to in a healthy way, is a pure scalar field.  Scalar is considerably more bioactive and biocompatible than the “transverse” field that cell phones, Wifi and other modern electronics use as their carrier signal.

Since the Blushield field utilizes a power source (from your home electricity, or a battery in the case of the portables), it is considerably amplified compared to passive, inert devices, which enables this biologically coherent field to match or exceed the strength of the harmful EMFs.  This will ensure that your body’s cells continually notice this new field, and since it’s so similar to the natural patterns we have lived alongside harmoniously for our entire existence, our cells preferentially entrain with (respond to) this field instead of the EMFs around us.  Like a radio signal, our bodies “tune into” the natural frequency signature, and although the other EMFs are still present in the same space, our bodies are no longer “listening” and reacting to those incoherent frequencies.

Our cells are designed to tune into nature’s subtly varied and complex patterns, and they perceive the repetitive frequencies from modern EMFs as foreign, unknown, and therefore potentially dangerous. Interpreting it as an actual physical invader, the body’s immune system tries to attack the EMFs, but since there is nothing physically there to attack and defeat, the fight continues 24/7 until the body’s immune power is exhausted.

An excessive immune response that continues unabated for days, months and even many years will eventually exhaust the body’s deep energy reserves, leaving very little energy left to carry out functions essential to life, health and longevity.  Also, the immune response itself produces oxidative stress, which is fine if it’s short lived and the invader is defeated, and the body has a chance to recover afterward and heal from the damage from the oxidation itself.  Prolonged oxidative stress from our own overactive immune response is dangerous, and will eventually lead to DNA damage, which can then result in many types of chronic degenerative disease.

Blushield protects the body from the known harms of electromagnetic fields by producing a competing field that the body preferentially entrains with, giving it a healthier option to resonate with, which removes the majority of the biological harm from the other EMFs.

If you want to learn more about the inner workings of Blushield tech, and how it compares to other types of EMF protection devices and methods, click here!

How do I know which home and portable devices I need?

The home and portable devices you choose should be mainly dependent on the overall EMF density of where you live and travel to often -- whether rural, small town, suburban area, medium or large city, or dense metropolitan area.  We have different strength devices for areas of lesser or greater EMF density.

Our Phi Series models are perfect for rural areas and small towns (the Phi 2) and suburban areas and medium sized cities (the Phi 3).  If you are in a low to moderate population density area, you are likely exposed to low to moderate levels of EMFs, and will do well with the Phi Series.

Our Premium and Ultimate Series models are designed for higher population densities, which almost always equate to higher EMFs.  The B1 Premium Cube is great for moderate to high EMF levels in medium sized cities.  The Premium Ultra and C1 Ultimate Cube are designed for large cities and dense metropolitan areas with high to extreme EMFs, including numerous nearby 5G antennas.

Our EVO Cube is in a league of its own, with more than 4 times stronger protection than the C1, and a completely new Phi-based frequency algorithm that's optimized for sleep support, relaxation, and mental agility.  It is ideal for use while living or working in the most EMF dense metropolitan areas, or for anyone who wants the absolute strongest protection available.

If you still aren’t sure which one you need, please go to the Antenna Search website and plug in your home address, and take note of the results it gives you for the number of cell towers and antennas within 3 miles of you.  This will give you a snapshot of the overall EMF exposure you’re living with, so you can determine the best Blushield model for your needs.

Our Blushield Product Guide goes into much more detail about the similarities and differences between each model, but here’s the cheat sheet version if you need an answer more quickly!

These numbers are just a guideline, so choose the one that most accurately describes your exposure level!  Also, there is no harm in having more protection than you currently need, so a way to “future proof” your Blushield investment is to get a home unit that protects from a higher EMF density than where you currently live, just in case your area increases in EMFs in the near or longer term future.  That way, you won’t have to upgrade your Blushield device!

If you leave your home often, you will be away from the protective field generated by your home Blushield, and you will want to have a portable device to bring with you, to make sure you’re still protected during short outings.  The simplest answer to which portable you’ll want is if you have the Phi 2 or 3 home unit, choose the Phi 1 Portable, and if you have a Premium or Ultimate home unit, choose one of the stronger portables like the T1 Portable or W1 Watch.  However, it’s totally fine to match a Phi home device with an Ultimate portable, and vice versa!


Do I really need a home unit, or can I get away with just using a portable?

Someone may assume that they can just buy a portable device, carry it with them everywhere and use it in place of a home unit, but there are several reasons why this is not ideal.

A portable only protects a small personal area, and it needs to be carried everywhere.  It also needs to be recharged fairly often, and will not emit a protective field while charging. Generally, the portables are not strong enough to initially entrain the body to the Blushield field, but they are strong enough to maintain the resonance your body has previously established with a stronger home device, for shorter periods of time when you’re out and about.

Recognizing and entraining with the Blushield field is a lot like learning a new skill.  At first, you will have to put effort and focus into developing the skill, but after you learn the skill, it’s much easier and almost automatic to repeat the skill once your body has the “muscle memory”!  Likewise, your body’s cells will require a strong field to initially recognize and entrain with the Blushield field.  Once it begins consistently resonating with this field, it will begin to expect the field’s presence everywhere you go.  Although your portable’s field strength is just a fraction of the strength of your home unit, your body is already seeking out those field patterns specifically, so it will seek out and resonate with your portable’s field even if the other EMFs around you are comparably much stronger overall. You’ll just want to make sure you consistently “revisit” the strong field of your home unit, especially at night when you sleep, since sleep is when your body does most of its repair and regeneration.

A stationary device offers a larger area of protection, so one device will protect everyone in the house all of the time, and your front and back yards, as well. It does not require down time for recharging, and should last many years. It is a little more expensive than a portable, but only one is needed for each home or office. Remember, portables are designed to be used outside your plugin protected area, and are useful for traveling.

If you can only afford one device at first, it’s best to invest in a home unit to start, then think about portable protection later.  If you can afford a bundle pack, you can save some money buying a home and portable device at the same time!


Now that I’ve placed my order, how does shipping work, and how do I get started when I get my order?

When you have placed your order on our website, it will usually ship within 1-2 business days (although it generally takes longer during holidays and sales/promotions), and usually arrives within 2-3 more business days using our standard shipping options.  If you want to get your package quicker, you can choose the Expedited option.  You will receive an email with your tracking number, and we recommend following your tracking updates so you will know when to expect the delivery of your package, since you will need to sign for the package.  If you aren’t home to sign for it, usually the post office will hold onto it until you come pick it up in person.  You can read our full Shipping Policy here.

Once you have received your order, you will want to get your devices plugged in and protecting you as soon as possible!  Fortunately, this is a simple process.  With your home device, you will just want to plug it into a standard wall outlet, and you will see a light on the device turn on, which means it’s now emitting its protective field!

Many people will place their home Blushield near the center of their home, but since the coverage radius is so large that it will protect your entire house anyway, you can put it wherever you want.  Your main consideration should be making sure it's in a safe location where it won't get bumped or knocked over, tampered with by animals or children, or get wet or exposed to excessive humidity.

The home devices emit a spherical protective field that’s very large, and will easily cover the entirety of even a large house, including multiple stories, your front and back yards, and beyond!  Also, the strength of the field is not diminished by walls, ceilings and floors, so it will be giving you the same level of protection if you’re right next to it as if you’re several rooms away.

To get started with your portable device, you will want to use the USB-C charger cord that comes with the device to fully charge it before your first use.  This usually takes 1-3 hours, depending on the model.  You will know it’s charging if you see a red light blinking on the device.  This light will turn solid green when it’s fully charged, if you have a portable with no power button (the U1 or X1).  If you have a portable that has a power button (like the T1, W1 Watch or U1 Limited Edition), the light will turn off once it’s fully charged.

If your portable has a power button, you will need to hold down the button for a couple seconds to turn the device on, and then you will see the light come on.  If your portable has no power button, it will always be on and emitting a signal whenever the battery has some charge!


How do I care for my devices to ensure their maximum lifespan?

Blushield home and portables are designed to last!  The stationary home units are designed to last many years, as long as they are well cared for.  Make sure they are kept in a protected area, don't get wet or exposed to excessive humidity, and are protected from being bumped or knocked over.

Portable units should also ideally last several years, but due to the nature of portable devices, they are more likely to get damaged, just like a cell phone.  You will want to keep your portable protected (our Blushield portable pouches can really help!), clean, and dry.  Keeping it in a protected area in your purse, pocket or bag is ideal, and not mixed in with other items, where the charger port and power button could accumulate dirt and debris.  The most common causes of damage are dropping it on a hard surface or submerging it in water, which our warranty doesn’t cover.

To protect the charging components inside your portable, you will want to avoid using “fast charger” cables and plugs to charge your portable.  Be sure to only use the USB-C cable that comes with your portable device, or if you need to use a different one, make sure it has the same specifications (a 1 amp, 5 volt charger).  Fast chargers can damage the device’s charging clip over time, as it protects the battery from excess voltage, which can overheat the clip and damage it over time.  Also, it’s ideal to remove the portable from the charger soon after it’s fully charged, rather than letting it sit connected to the charger longer than it needs to.

If you have a portable with a power button, keep it turned off whenever you’re not using it to save battery life, ultimately increasing battery longevity.  If your portable has no power button, the inherently fast charge time allows you to give it a quick 1-2 hour charge before you need to use it, and you can let the battery rest when you don’t need it.


How do I know that my home and portable devices are working properly?

All our newer models are considered “dual band” devices, while our older models are “mono band”.  The mono band devices emit a frequency field for a couple of seconds at a time, repeating every 30 seconds, with an "on and off" rhythm.

With the dual band devices, we kept this original frequency algorithm, but added a second one as well, which works in tandem with the first one.  The second frequency field is constantly on, except that every half minute it's interrupted by the original field.  The dual band devices are designed to protect the body from more intense forms of EMF, like close range 5G, and also to help it regenerate more quickly from any exposure that may still be affecting the body.

Since 5G has become widespread, all of the stationary home devices we carry on our website now are dual band, as we are anticipating a continued increase in 5G exposure for most people, so we want to make sure that what we are providing now and into the future will give optimal protection!  The only product in our store currently that still uses the mono band signal is the Auto unit.

Please note that the mono band devices do protect from general 5G exposure, but the dual band gives much better protection from close range 5G exposure, such as if you’re in direct line of sight or less than a quarter mile from one or more 5G antennas.

When you plug your dual band stationary home device into a power outlet, you should see a light come on close to where the power cord plugs into the device.  That light should be solidly lit most of the time, but every half minute or so you will notice that it flickers for a couple of seconds.  This is evidence of the dual band nature of the device – the flickering is when the standard Blushield algorithm is being emitted into the environment, and the solid light is the additional algorithm we added to the new models to give better protection against 5G.

To make sure your portable device is working properly, you will also want to look for the steady light that occasionally flickers, when the device is turned on.  Remember that to turn it on, you will need to hold down the power button for a couple of seconds until the light comes on (unless your portable has no power button).  Beyond that, please reference the Quick Start Guide that came with your portable device to learn about the slight differences in the behavior of each portable model.


What should I expect to feel when I first start using my Blushield, and what are the longer term effects?

Many people feel a difference immediately, or within the first couple of weeks.  The differences can be subtle, or more dramatic in some cases.  Some people feel nothing at all, because the changes are happening at the cell level and many people can't feel that tangibly, similar to how most people can't tangibly feel the harmful effects of EMFs.

Your experience will be unique to you, but the most commonly reported benefits we hear about are deeper sleep, more energy, improved mood and feeling of well being, and a reduction of various symptoms that may be attributable to EMF exposure like chronic headaches, body pain and inflammation, and even the alleviation of more serious symptoms and health issues.  Many people who were previously unable to leave their house due to extreme EMF sensitivity find that they can comfortably go out again!

Even though most people don't experience detox symptoms, it's totally normal to experience some discomfort during the first couple of weeks.  It's all dependent on each person's body and how they respond to the new frequencies. If the body has been spending a lot of energy "fighting" the harmful EMFs for a long time, and this stressor is suddenly removed, the body will go through a process where it reallocates immune power and energy to deeper processes in the body that need attention.  This can sometimes result in a temporary increase in symptoms, before they taper off and resolve, if given the opportunity by continued exposure to coherent frequencies.

Nutrient dense foods, extra hydration with pure water, extra rest and naps, gentle movement, adaptogenic herbs like schizandra berry and chaga mushroom, and meditation or healthy stress relieving activities can really help to ease and speed up the acclimation process.

Commonly experienced longer term benefits of using Blushield are an improvement in overall resilience and vitality, and a decreased sensitivity to EMFs over time, even if one occasionally forgets their portable when they leave the house, or travels for several days without their stronger home device. It seems that over time, the body becomes better at “holding” the coherent frequency field for a longer period, and also simply has more vital energy available to deal with all kinds of modern stressors.


Will Blushield interfere with my cell phone service or Wifi signal?

No, not at all.  Since Blushield is not a blocking or shielding device, it won't interfere with the signal from other devices like your cell phone.  Blushield provides protection directly at the cell level of living organisms.  It exists alongside the EMFs emitted by your other devices (including cell phones and Wifi), but the Blushield gives your body a healthier option to resonate with, which removes the majority of the biological harm from the other EMFs. 


How can I travel with my Blushield devices?

We highly recommend traveling with your Blushield!  You can safely bring your portable on airplanes, and that may be enough to protect you during short trips.  If you are traveling for two or more nights, it’s best to take your home device with you as well, for optimal protection.  Please read the article we wrote on traveling with Blushield if you want to learn more tips and tricks! 



By this point, you should know a lot more about Blushield and how it works, and feel ready to use your Blushield devices with confidence!  If there are any additional questions you have that were not covered by this article, our customer service team is always happy to assist you.

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