How to Reduce Radiation from Your Cell Phone

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Have you ever felt weird when you arrive at work? Ever experience sheer exhaustion before you even get the day started? It is not uncommon to experience electromagnetic's just not commonly labeled as such. Symptoms of such are dizziness, headaches, nausea, pains throughout the mouth, teeth and jaw, looming cold or flu symptoms that never actually arrive, swelling in the nose, throat and sinus without infection, joint and muscle pain, concentration and memory loss and in some cases even a burning sensation similar to sunburn.

When learning how to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields it is important to understand the sources of EMFs, as well how to adjust your life to no longer be negatively impacted by these areas. Or at least to reduce the impact. That's because there is no way to escape EMF exposure in your life.

While man-made technology is benefiting us all in an big way, this progress comes with a price. The usage and reliance on the things we have grown accustomed to using for our survival (such as cell phones, computers, lighting, television, and many more) generate these invisible types of radiation. Electromagnetic fields are generally identified by frequency or wavelength into either non-ionizing or ionizing. Non-ionizing means that this level of radiation is usually seen as nontoxic to humans (at least that's what some say), while ionizing indicates higher levels of radiation that has the potential for DNA and cell damage.

Right now we'll focus on one of the biggest culprits for most people, as it's always on them. I'm talking about cell phones.

8 Most Effective Ways to Lessen Cell Phone Radiation

1.) One of the first and easiest tips is to use the “Airplane” mode. This will prevent your device from emitting microwave radiation. Along with this, you can turn off the antennas, even the cellular data, Bluetooth and WiFi. Of course, doing so it won't be able to make a call, message or do anything on the internet. But you really don't need your phone on all of the time. This can be a great option, for instance, if you sleep with your phone by you to use as an alarm clock.

2.) Avoid storing your phone close to the body. This means keeping it from laying in your pocket, next to your chest, or any other convenient carrying spots against your body. It is best to avoid placing it near your head or reproductive organs (genitals and breasts, especially for women). It's well proven that cell phones reduce sperm count in men, for instance. Keep it in a purse or in a pocket that is further away from the important areas.

3.) Opt for using the speakerphone for calls. At this time both iPhones and androids alike offer really great speaker quality built into their devices. Please use and keep far away from the body as you possibly can. You'll even notice in the warnings that come with the devices, if you read the small print, that they do NOT recommend holding the phone up to your head.

4.) Skip the Bluetooth headsets. These products are designed to make you more functional but there is a little bit of a price to pay with such devices. These products are simply dynamic transmitters, this is in addition to the radiation already released from your phone near the reproductive organs, where it is typically carried.

5.) Another option, when Bluetooth or speakerphone is not possible for calls is an Airtube headset. This AirTube headset works to reduce the radiation experienced during a call by removing the wire to in-ear speaker and replacing it with an air tube. The AirTube blocks the microwave signal from reaching your inner ear.

6.) Be aware that your mobile phone case can sometimes make your phone worse! And some can make it a bit safer. Find out more in this article.

7.) Want to go a step further? Substitute! Try using a corded landline device or wired internet via ethernet for Skype, Facetiming and other forms of video chatting, or going online. Do this instead of using your cell phone. Dr. Mercola mentions in this interview that using cords and wires is one of the best ways to minimize EMF exposure.

8.) For anyone who keeps their cell phone close, try the keeping the Blushield Disc also on your body. It is intended for use outside of the home. It is perfect for quick errands or outings. This device was crafted for protection from WiFi radiation by building a coherent field for your body to adapt too. It is best to reduce your cell phone exposure otherwise, but having something like the Disc gives you an added layer of protection. And when you're in your house the field of a Blushield Plugin can do the same.

Remember, distance is your friend when it comes to protection against WiFi or cell phone radiation. If you use your phone a lot, pick one or more of these tips to start following today.

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