EMF's Damaging Your Children's Children

EMF's Damaging Your Children's Children

Watch this stunning short clip of an interview with Barrie Trower, a former microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy and British Secret Service, where he discusses how wireless technologies may not just damage you, but your grandchildren as well, through insidious means.


Interviewer: What do you think about wireless technologies used in schools and kindergartens, and the children using cell phones?

Barrie Trower: It is incredibly dangerous, incredibly stupid, and I think the people who authorize it should be locked away for the rest of their lives because they shouldn't be walking around the planet.

And the reason is that if I can use you as a young girl. If you are a young girl or a young teacher, the microwaves are affecting the eggs or the the immature eggs, the follicles in your ovaries, 400,000 of them. The radiation is 10 times more dangerous to this DNA than any other DNA in the body and nobody knows why. It just is so you, your eggs are already irradiated and could produce a genetically damaged child if you have one.

The biggest danger comes when you become pregnant because your fetus has your damage, if it is damaged by it. But in the fetus for the first 100 days it is forming, if it's a girl, it's own immature eggs because they're born with all of them. Unlike boys who make sperms, they're born with all of the eggs.

So what you are not doing is you are having a fetus inside you and the eggs as they are forming, have no protection, absolutely no cellular protection. They haven't developed it. So you are now irradiating what would be your grandchild and because your baby in your fetus would be your child, and the eggs inside the fetus will be when this child grows up and has her child. Does that make sense?

So it says your grandchild, and this is where the biggest danger is. It is in the grandchildren, which won't be born for another 30 to 40 years. That is where the big problem, and this has already been shown with animals who reproduce every few years. We already know this is going to happen. So the people putting Wifi in schools today, I think they should be sent to jail. I really do. Because they are going to cause this and we don't know how many people it's going to affect what we do know it's going to affect quite a few. They are going to affect the children to be born in 30 years time, 30, 40 years time.

There has also been an experiment that shows microwaves affect the, it's called the P300 complex of the brain. In other words, and there are a couple of papers on this, a child will have delayed thinking. So if a child is sitting an exam, they won't be able to think of the answer straightaway. It's delayed and now almost like a little bit like Dyslexia. They won't be able to think of an answer straight away or if there's an emergency in their life, there's just a slight delay and, and it could affect their examinations that could affect the whole of our lives. And this has also been shown.

Interviewer: What would your message be to parents and to schools and kindergartens concerning wireless technologies?

Barrie Trower: Get rid of them, get rid of them straight away. There is a solution. The solution is just to use a piece of wire about that long and use a fiber optic cable or a telephone line. And the problem is solved.


Yowza! That's not fun to think about but that doesn't mean it's not true. We do see things like chronic illness on the rise, fertility dropping and people who won't outlive their parents. While there is certainly more to it than this, it is likely this is one causative factor, and one that doesn't bode well for future generations.

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