Tesla Coils, Copper Toxicity, and Blushield’s Revolutionary Scalar Microprocessors

Image of a copper coil|Image depicting a Tesla coil producing a high voltage electromagnetic field|Image of the bare coils of a coil spring mattress|Image illustrating how a copper coil produces a magnetic field
Let’s talk a little bit about coils.

Metal coils are used in a wide variety of common, everyday machines and devices that function through the interaction of electric and magnetic fields.

Is there something special about the coil shape that makes it so advantageous for this purpose?

What about Tesla coils – what exactly are they, why are they special and how can they be used?

An even more pressing question for many of our readers: can they harness and utilize scalar / longitudinal waves?

Lastly, are there any disadvantages of using coils as transmitters and receivers?

We will unpack all of that in this article.

First, let’s examine the coil shape, and what makes it so valuable as a component of electromagnetic devices. Metal coils are used in many different types of machines, including generators, motors, transformers, inductors, sensors and antennas. The coil has a wire (called a “winding”) made from a conductive material (such as copper or another metal), which spirals upward/downward or inward/outward. The wire is usually insulated with a non-conductive material like rubber, so that the loops can all touch each other without the metal touching, which makes the coil as small and compact as possible while harnessing the most power possible.

When an electric current runs through the wire, it creates a circular magnetic field that extends a ways outward from the wire, perpendicular to the direction of the current. When the coil loops around again (each loop is called a “turn”), the magnetic field produced by that part of the wire overlaps with the magnetic field produced by all the other turns, therefore concentrating the magnetic field. The more turns a coil has, the stronger the magnetic field will be. That’s why the coil shape is so powerful for concentrating electromagnetism in a device. It concentrates even more if the coil is wrapped around a conductive core (also called a magnetic axis), often made of iron or ceramic, which can increase the magnetic field of a coil by hundreds or thousands of times.
Drawing of copper coil  

Why sleeping on a box spring mattress is not ideal

Coils can also be used as transmitting or receiving antennas. An example is the loop antenna, which is used to convert radio waves to electric currents. One way antennas work is because their circumference is often the same size as the frequency wavelength they are designed to transmit or receive. They will also work if they are certain fractions of the size of the wavelength, like one-half or one-fourth of a wavelength, and these smaller antennas are usually more practical, especially as receiving antennas.

Any conductive material of the right size will amplify various wavelengths that may be present in the airspace around it. Receiving antennas are designed to pick up a specific signal, which is then amplified by a receiver connected to the antenna. The antenna itself picks up the somewhat weak radio waves, and if it’s not connected to a receiver to channel and amplify the signal, most of the waves will be re-radiated into the space nearby.

Photo of mattress coils

 Most mattresses used for sleeping in the Western world have an internal structure that’s a grid of metal springs. The size of these metal coil grids also happens to be around one-half the size of the wavelength of FM and TV broadcast waves that are used in Western countries. This size, combined with this mass of springs that are all coil-shaped and connected to one another (which increases their conductivity), makes it a perfect passive receiver of ambient FM and TV broadcast signals. Since there is no receiver connected to these unwitting “antennas”, the waves attracted by the springs re-radiate outward, and these reflected waves combine with the incoming waves, the strongest effect being had about 30 inches from the springs.

This means that when you sleep on a metal spring mattress, any appropriately sized radio signals that may be in the room are being amplified right where your body is. This produces weak magnetic fields, and even though they are weak, if you are exposed to them every time you sleep (which is a third of your life!), you are bathing in unnecessary and avoidable EMFs.

We recommend sleeping on a natural latex or foam mattress instead of metal spring and box spring mattresses, as one way to reduce your cumulative EMF exposure. We love the Swiss Dream Beds.

They help with spinal alignment due to their original slat system design, contain no metal, and they use natural organic materials that are hypoallergenic. Call or email them and use the code: EMF and they will give you a nice discount if you are wanting to upgrade to a coil-free bed.

Photo of tesla coil

The history & uses of Tesla coils

One of the most well known and powerful coils is the Tesla coil, invented by Serbian-American electrical engineer Nikola Tesla in 1891, to wirelessly transmit electricity. It uses two copper coils, called the primary and secondary coils, that each have their own capacitor (which stores electrical energy until enough energy has built up to produce the desired voltage). The two coils are connected by a spark gap.

The energy has to be very high-voltage to produce the desired effect, which is achieved by using a transformer to turn a low-voltage power source (like main power) into high-voltage. The high-voltage electricity then flows into the primary coil and its capacitor, building up until it reaches the threshold where it can jump across the air space in the spark gap into the secondary coil. The two coils then achieve a frequency resonance and the electricity will “jump” back and forth across the spark gap, building up the charge in the secondary coil and capacitor.

Eventually, the charge builds up so much in the secondary capacitor (which is a large “top load”, torus-shaped capacitor at the top of the whole unit) that it breaks free and the electric current shoots through the air. That current can then be received wirelessly by other devices. Florescent light bulbs nearby can light up wirelessly from the current.

Radios and televisions still use variations of the Tesla coil, but the model was largely abandoned by conventional engineering practices, because the depth of Tesla’s discoveries were not comprehended.

Through his experiments with Tesla coils, he accidentally harnessed and utilized scalar energy. He called it “radiant energy”, and witnessed and identified it while experimenting with violently abrupt direct current (DC) electrical charges. Up until that point in the engineering world, scalar/longitudinal waves were part of James Clerk Maxwell’s original electromagnetic theory, but had not yet been proven through experiments.

Tesla then became preoccupied by scalar waves in his research and experiments, because their mysterious nature and the implications for their use fascinated him.

Read more about the history and uses of scalar energy here.  

Scalar devices & copper toxicity

So in the first experiments with scalar energy in recorded history, copper coils were a prominent component of scalar transmitting technology. That was over a century ago, but even today, many engineers who want to produce devices that utilize scalar fields (mainly for health effects) still use copper coils. This method can effectively produce scalar, but there are certain disadvantages to using copper coils that, over time and cumulative exposure, can actually create negative effects on health.

The transverse component of an electromagnetic wave is the physical, measurable frequency, but the longitudinal component is what carries the information about the structure and contents of that wave. So for example, the longitudinal component of an EMF radiating from a cell phone tower, is what carries the information of the repetitive, oscillating frequency, and that is mainly what harms our bodies. This is why we say the scalar component is 5 times more powerful than the transverse component – because the information fields affect us significantly more than the physical frequencies. Our bodies do not like continuous, repetitive frequencies, because it stimulates cells in the same way repeatedly, with no end in sight.

This is why using copper coils to transmit scalar is not a good idea in the long run. The scalar wave is carrying the information of the mineral copper, picked up from the coils, and it is permeating our environment whenever we use that device. The scalar frequency of copper can affect our body chemistry similarly to the physical substance of copper. Copper is an essential mineral but also a heavy metal, and too much copper can displace other minerals (like zinc) and create health problems.

Symptoms of copper toxicity include headaches, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, jaundice, anxiety, poor attention span, depression, mood changes, and hyperactivity. From what we know about how scalar waves carry information, it’s possible that long term use of scalar devices that use copper coils can eventually create health problems.

Blushield’s revolutionary scalar microprocessors

Since Tesla’s time, technology has advanced to an astonishing degree. Tesla himself would be in awe of our modern day computers, smart phones, and what technology is now capable of in regards to communications, medical devices, and virtually everything else in our modern society.

During his lifetime well over a century ago, in his experiments he could only use materials that were available at that time. A lot of advances have been made in technology as a whole, and new methods to harness and utilize scalar energy have been invented.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are a semiconductor light source that releases photons, and photons can produce scalar fields. These can be connected to a special microprocessor that has biologically harmonious, nature-mimicking patterns programmed into it, and the LEDs will then deliver the information field of these patterns into the environment around the device.

This is how Blushield works. Unlike many other passive devices, Blushield uses an external power source (like main power or a battery) to amplify the signal so these biologically coherent patterns can override the incoherent, harmful EMFs that now permeate our lives 24/7. Like tuning into a different radio station, our body recognizes the new set of harmonious patterns and entrains to the Blushield field. The body then stops wasting immune power by fighting the harmful EMFs, and our immune system can restore itself and all our body’s systems normalize to a more healthful state.

Blushield does all this with the clean signal from LEDs, instead of copper coils like more primitive scalar devices. Coils certainly have positive uses in a wide variety of machinery, but we wouldn’t recommend using them in a health device because of possible unintended side effects.

Over 30 years of research and development, Blushield’s cutting-edge scalar microprocessing technology is revolutionizing the playing field of scalar health devices.

Browse the Blushield store and find the right device for you, for home and portable use.

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