New EMF Interview with Mark Langdon, Blushield Founder

New EMF Interview with Mark Langdon, Blushield Founder


Brandon Amalani of Blushield Global USA interviews Mark Langdon, Blushield Founder.

Transcript of interview:

Brandon: Hey everyone, my name is Brandon Amalani, and welcome to another Blushield podcast discussing the dangers and solutions to electromagnetic radiation. Blushield is the world leader in EMF protection technology. Blushield has been developing EMF protection devices for over 30 years, and is still one of the only EMF protection products available that has been proven to work at the cell level on both humans, and in animal studies.

Here on the podcast with me today is Mark Langdon, who is the founder and co-developer of the Blushield EMF protection technology. If you are new to Blushield or how Blushield works, check out our first interview with Mark on the blog at, where we discuss a bit more about the history of Blushield, and how their sophisticated microprocessing technology works.

So without further ado, thank you Mark for being on the show and answering these questions that our listeners have had for a while, and taking the time to personally explain some of these complex ideas and break it down for people.

Mark: It's good to be here, Brandon.

Brandon: Cool. So one thing that has been on everybody's mind that I want to talk about, and kind of personally affects me because they're rolling it out in the city I live in, is the huge 5G rollout, where they're switching to a much more powerful Wifi system. So I wanted to get your input on that and just figure out what's going on with 5G, how will this affect people's health, and is it even possible to get away from it or remediate that type of pollution in the environment?

Mark:There's a few differences between the current 4G and what is rolling out to be the 5G, and one of the major differences there, Brandon, is that 5G is millimeter wavelength, and you'll find that 5G doesn't really enter buildings as much as 4G did. So you won't get that penetration into buildings. A lot of the 5G will basically bounce off items. So it's very antenna intensive. You really need to be in direct line with the antenna to receive the data effectively. It is a higher rate of data, that is the whole idea behind 5G. But 4G did penetrate homes and building surfaces a lot easier than the 5G does.

So this is probably one of the problems they'll find with 5G, is that they don't get that penetration into buildings. Therefore the actual data availability to wireless devices should be a lot less. Unless they actually have set up means of coming around that problem. I don't really know what they're doing, as far as getting around that issue of not being in direct line of an antenna and having trouble getting any data link with the antenna.

Brandon: And that's part of why they have to set these things up on every block, essentially, because the wavelength is so short that it doesn't really travel very far, is that correct?

Mark: It's not the travel, radio frequency can be boosted to travel 4 kilometers. It's really to be in direct line with an antenna, the antennas have to be everywhere. So it's more intensive than 4G as far as getting the antennas out. But then again it's just another EMF, electromagnetic field problem out there. I guess if they're doing away with 4G completely it'll be replaced by 5G. There's pros and cons to each system.

We're still faced with a similar problem as we were with 4G. Just in some cases, it may be more intense if you're in direct line with an antenna, and we do have some solutions for that. Currently our product range will still give you protection from 5G, but if you are in direct range of an antenna, we do have something else which we can deliver to the public to help them negate the effects from 5G.

Brandon:That's awesome, and yeah that prototype, I played with an early version of that, and have been playing with it recently. That's definitely a powerful unit. So we'll get into that a little bit later.

I was just really curious about the 5G thing because there's experts saying it can cause infertility, and basically these erratic microwave pulses really have the potential to wreak havoc at the cell level. Meaning this isn't something that might affect you right away, but years down the road, how the cells communicate is massively interrupted by these types of frequencies. Would you say that's a true statement?

Mark:Well the main problem there, Brandon, is that these microwave radiations are affecting the ovum, the eggs of the woman in the ovary before the egg is mature. So before the egg is mature, released, the DNA inside those ovums are actually affected from microwave radiation, and appear to be very very sensitive to that. And they still don't know why they are sensitive to that, but they are. Not so much as for the male, because sperm are produced pretty much on demand if you'd like, whereas the ovum and all the eggs of the female are inside the ovary since birth.

So even when the woman is pregnant with a child, who is a female, the unborn eggs or the ovums in the ovaries of the unborn child are being affected from microwave radiation right from the word go. So it's not until their child grows up and has children that down the track, maybe 20, 30 years down the track, that these children are probably born with defects because of the DNA corruption in the past. This is quite alarming, and this is something which a lot of people aren't really aware of, and really what you're doing, protecting yourself now, if you are thinking of having children or you are thinking about having a family and wanting to best protect you, is to get yourself protected now before the damage is done, because microwave radiation is just everywhere. You've got a phone, you're sticking that in your pocket, maybe not far from your ovaries, if you are female, same goes for males, it's a bad thing. Overall microwave radiation is a bad thing for fertility as a whole.

Brandon:Yeah, and it's just shocking to me that that's being put out without really rigorous testing. I remember listening to an interview with Dr. Devra Davis, who's becoming more of a figurehead in helping the public understand better about electromagnetic radiation, the potential hazards there. And she was saying that a lot of the FCC regulations are 20 years old. They haven't really updated how we vet this stuff out before we put it out in a massive way, and we amplify these frequencies, which could have potentially epigenetic ramifications from what you're saying. It's just crazy to me.

Mark:Yeah, well 5G hasn't been tested as far as we know, and people come to me and say, "What about your technology, the Blushield technology? Has that been tested against 5G? 5G hasn't been around."

Well, we do understand what makes up 5G and we do know the consequences that 5G can cause. Therefore we can produce an item or a product that will protect from it, because we know the ins and outs of this technology and how to enhance it, and how to make it more effective, and how to combat any situation.

So electromagnetic radiation is electromagnetic radiation, no matter what form it comes in. It may have different physical effects on some people as to the frequency range, but overall the same effect with this microwave radiation, or any kind of EMF, it's basically a similar thing. So you will get the same sort of symptoms that you would with 4G as you will with 5G. There seems to be a lot awareness around, 5G is coming out, it's bad, or it's this or it's that. Maybe people are waking up and actually seeing, wow, microwave radiation is a problem. It's always been a problem.

Brandon:Even since the AM radio days.

Mark:3G, 4G, it's always been a problem.

Brandon:Yeah exactly.

Mark:4G is quite convenient, I can't see some countries actually moving up to 5G because the 4G infrastructure is in place right now and they got what they call 4G+ also out there. But as I've said, 4G, 5G, 3G whatever is it, we're just getting more intense radiation. Therefore we can come up with a solution that is more intense and combats the effects of it at a cell level. Blushield is doing that at a cell level so it's preventing the body from responding to that microwave radiation, and the body is responding to the Blushield.

It's always the strongest influence near the body. So if you're sitting right on top of a 5G antenna, and you have a Blushield in your pocket, whatever's the strongest your body's going to respond to that. In most cases the antennas will be far enough away that the Blushield technology the way we have it, is gonna be equally up to protecting you from that 5G or whatever it may be; Smart meter, 4G antenna or whatever. So we basically have future proofed the technology. and if we coded 6G, 7G, 8G, who knows. We're always on top of whatever's happening around the advances and this microwave radiation technology that's out there.

There's not huge changes as far as the actual effects from this sort of thing. So we can probably see more people getting affected, because there's more saturation, if you'd like, of the microwave radiation in the environment. So there's gonna be a problem. That's probably the main concern most people have, this increased saturation. When you get increased saturation, you get more people affected.

But at the end of the day, we do have a solution for whatever may come our way, and we're constantly testing stuff, as you see, you got a prototype there for the new one. Which is gonna be for people that are really close to 5G areas, they can implement the new one that's coming out. We haven't yet released it, but we're gonna be releasing it pretty soon. We've been testing that now probably for the last 11 months, so we're very confident that it's gonna do the job that we set it out to do.

Brandon:That's awesome. As far as testing on the cell level, one of the questions that I've received in the past is pretty interesting, is that a gentleman once asked me, if the Blushield is ... for those of you who haven't been to the website and read the animal research and literature, go check that out at, because we have animal studies and human blood analysis, human urine analysis, that shows that the body stops responding to EMF when it's in the influence of the Blushield. So the Blushield is directly communicating with the cells, and the body sympathetically entrains or resonates with the device. And what tends to happen, and what we've seen from this research is that the body stops attacking or fighting the EMF, it harmonizes you with the environment. We can see this with inflammation markers and white blood cells.

So this gentleman asks me, "Okay well, you can prove that it removes these markers and the body doesn't have the inflammation response and the immune response to EMF, but does that mean that the body is still being harmed by the EMF, but just not fighting it?" I thought that was an interesting question and I wanted to ask you about that.

Mark:Well that's quite an obvious thing to me that if the body is still being affected by something, it will naturally put up a defense to it. Like most people react to EMF as though there's a virus attacking the body and produce more T cells. As a result, we see an increase in those white blood cells, which are the T cells, the immune cells.

For someone to sort of think, maybe they don't have much of an understanding of the body and how it really works, but if there was something we had to fight, the body would put up a response. The body has an intelligence which is innate to the body, and it will respond to something harming it.

Obviously we see a change when the Blushield comes in, and we see, now the body is not responding to the radiation. Is it still being affected? No, it's not being affected at all.

Brandon:Right, because you can't really trick the biology, right? You would have an immune response if it was still having a negative impact on the body, or if the body perceived it as something that it needed to fight against.

Mark:Well you know, you can't trick the body into believing certain things. The body has an innate intelligence which switches on the appropriate responses, and you'll get a positive response with the Blushield present, where the body stops responding to the negative effects from EMF, because it's no longer being affected. It doesn't stop doing that because it's still being affected. If it's still being affected, there wouldn't be a different response. So it's obvious really. It's quite straightforward there. The body, if there's something actually causing a problem there, it will still keep on fighting. The only situation you may get the body not responding, is if the person was very very sick. But 99% of all cases, even people with cancer and bad illnesses, they still respond to the Blushield, and the body still responds by normalizing and no longer responds to the EMF.

So we've had people that have been in a very bad state of health that have taken time, probably six to eight weeks to normalize, if you'd like, and for the immune system to come back online and start responding properly to the situation of the person's health. But those people that are very sick do take longer to respond to anything.

Brandon:And that's with any modality; diet, therapy, exercise, anything really. It would take longer.

Mark:Yeah. It's fair enough that people are skeptical and they wanna quiz the biology. If someone has an understanding of the biology of the body, which probably most people don't have, like you said, what we have to explain is that you've got an outside influence affecting the body. We bring something into the equation which is Blushield in this case, it's putting out a different field that the body responds to because it's a natural thing to the body. The body then responds to that, and then we get a normalization, which means there's basically no reaction to that other stimuli that was there. Which is in that case radio frequency radiation is doing the harm.

We're no longer being harmed by it. If we're still being harmed by it, it'll be still some marker in the blood, or there will be still some kind of response from the body in the way of a symptom that would show that. So it's very clear cut.

Brandon:Yeah, absolutely. We've seen not just in the immune system response, or these inflammation markers, we've also seen neuropsychiatric effects. In particular the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy has cited over 26 studies that have associations with EMF with neuropsychiatric effects. Five of those criteria in a lot of those studies show causality. This is becoming more of a well known phenomenon that this microwave radiation really does wreak havoc in not just the immune system, but the brain, our mood, how we feel, sleep cycles. A lot of different factors.

Mark:This is why we looked at animal brains, because animals don't have any psychosomatic response, what they call a placebo effect. We can really rule that out because we're seeing plants as well as animals respond positively to the Blushield field. We had Blushield on cows, we saw somatic cell counts in the milk, which is the white blood cells in the milk drop from dangerously high levels which would cause mastitis in a cow, to normal levels. So for example, a cell count of 5000, which is very high, the acceptable level being 300, we've seen that 5000 count go down to a level of 300 within about 10 days.

So if there was any negative effects from anything outside of the body affecting the cow, the somatic cell count wouldn't have dropped down to that level, because it's still reacting. There's still something irritating the cow's body. You can't fool the biological markers there. Somatic cell count is what it is, and that's what's showing up in the milk. The less somatic cell count you have in the milk, generally the better quality of the milk. Animals are pretty fool proof. They don't really have skeptical thinking, as we know. They don't have to turn around and start analyzing stuff, they're animals and they don't have that intelligence that we have to analyze everything.

What happens is really just what happens, and we can see it very clearly with the studies we did. I saw some comment a while back on one of these online things, that the results of the animal testing, someone said that it killed the animals. I had to have a little laugh there, because it's never killed any animal. The mortality rate in the chickens that we studied, they had quite a high mortality rate because chickens are in distress in their chicken coop. Actually the stress on the chickens went down, therefore the mortality rate or the amount of chickens that died in that test was substantially less. So the chickens were living longer. To me that's not killing any chickens. No chickens were harmed in that test by the way. These chickens had a great life, they had a long life, and they produced bigger eggs with thicker shells, better quality eggs. The parasites that we tested from the blood tended to disappear in these chickens. So these chickens had a happy life.

I see a few people out there that probably haven't read the testing, probably haven't gone through it and had a decent look. They just made their own opinion. Even probably they've made their own opinion on what basis, I don't know, but people really need to go and have a look, read it properly, read it through, get the background there and what was going on with the testing, et cetera, to really know what was happening.

Brandon: Yeah, man. That's the reality of the situation is there's a lot of people out there that post stuff. A lot of people, even so called experts, just make stuff up and say stuff just to create controversy. I've seen posts of people calling this scalar energy pseudoscience. In fact, a scalar wave is really well known in astrophysics as well as geology and hydrodynamics. So it's a pretty well known phenomenon in the sciences as well.

A lot of people will just say, "This and that, and this is all made up, and this is pseudoscience." Because they're kind of tapped into that meme. But it's just really interesting that if you observe natural phenomenon, if you plug something in to a wall, and then you have a death rate go down to zero for the first couple weeks when normally you would have several dozen chickens die just naturally in that environment because they're crammed in together ... it's factory farming, so that's well known in those conditions. And the death toll goes down because everything becomes harmonized. Then obviously that comes up a little bit because there's a normalization and adaptation. But the fact that you can get 93% protection and get the death rate from 60 to 120 chickens a month down to 4 to 16 a month, it's pretty phenomenal, by just plugging a device in that's pseudo scientific.

Mark:Yeah well, unfortunately some people don't have the capacity to understand something. So we've got to make allowances for that kind of person, and unfortunately there are a few of those around. So we generally go through and explain things in probably a simpler way, so people can understand. There are people out there that haven't even tried the product, and wanna debunk or cause some skepticism or some mistrust around a product. Even though they didn't even know it, or haven't even tried it. There's plenty of that in the world.

Brandon:That's inevitable. But I just think it's irresponsible in a lot of ways. You have a technology that can profoundly help thousands and thousands of people, and without doing any due diligence research or claiming that you've done tests on it. Scalar, it's not linear, it's not Hertzian, so most people don't have the tech that it takes to really quantify and measure the output on these devices in an appropriate way.

A lot of people that say they've done testing on it really haven't, most of the time, done testing, from what I've seen and experienced.

Mark:Well, scalar can be picked up by biological systems. So the person, a body of a person, a body of an animal, a plant. Biological systems respond to scalar, and people kind of can't get their head around that sometimes, and what scalar is. Scalar is present everywhere. Scalar is the energy behind all living matter, and it's everywhere in nature. Different plants give off different vibrations, which is scalar. Different people give off different vibes, obviously you come across it and you might think, "Oh, I wonder how I'm receiving this vibe." Well the body's a scalar receiver.

You just have to take a little look outside in nature and see what's going on. Different flowers have different scents, it's all based on frequencies and vibrations and it's all scalar. It's all information. Now information, when you break it down into its basic pieces, it's just 0s and 1s. It's information.

Brandon: Very binary, right? So in that level with scalar, it's part of electromagnetism, but it can be created without an electromagnetic field, correct?

Mark:Yeah, and that's what we have done. We're using pure scalar to produce the fields, that we do with Blushield. Scalar, let's just go back here, take your mobile phone for example. Most people got one these days. Mobile phone puts out radio frequency as one form of ... could be multiple forms, you got your data, your cell data, you've got Wifi, you've got Bluetooth, and you've got the normal cell phone calling on there as well, and you've got GPS. These are all different frequencies of radio frequency, and those frequencies are generally set at a certain frequency. So they are what we call fixed frequencies.

So you've got an electromagnetic field with a radio frequency coming out of that device. But what's also coming out and that's part of it, which you can't detect, is information. Information to do with those frequencies, because that's what's affecting our body. Not so much the electromagnetic field itself, though there are some physical effect, maybe thermal, but the scalar effect is what is damaging the DNA. So that in a sense, people look at things in the ways of positives and negatives, well it's not a positive and it's not a negative, because what can be a bad frequency for someone may be a good frequency for someone else. But what it is, it's a single frequency scalar that is coming out of this device, right?

Now, single frequencies are what's causing the damage. If you imagine your DNA like a ladder, they've got rungs on the ladder, and each rung is a group of proteins that's joined together, right? So each rung has a different vibratory rate, or a different frequency. So when microwave radiation comes along, it may hit a particular rung, and it keeps hitting it and hitting it for lengths of time. So after time, what happens is that DNA chain will break, or get damaged. Because it's like you're taking a hammer and you're hitting one rung constantly. Sooner or later, there's going to be a breakage, or something's gotta give, right?

So that's a single frequency beating on a single rung on the DNA. This is what's doing the damage. If your cell phone happened to put out millions and billions of frequencies like Blushield did, it would be strumming up and down those ladder rungs, and it'll probably be playing a nice music and it wouldn't harm the DNA because it's probably hitting the DNA at an equal amount of energy, and it's not really hitting one area at any one time.

So the more frequencies you have, the better it is basically. Because you're not hitting any one area of the DNA, therefore the likelihood of damage is virtually zero, well it is zero.

Brandon:That's why a lot of these band-aid solutions, like caging a smart meter, or sleeping with this fabric on you, or doing these kind of things, it's not necessarily getting rid of the informational field, which is still transmitting the information from those frequencies that are harmful and repetitive. Is that right?

Mark:Yeah. If that information field will penetrate six feet of concrete, six feet of lead. You could put your mobile phone in a box with six feet of lead and six feet of concrete on it, and the scalar field will still penetrate. So the scalar field and the information penetrate the space between atoms, and what they call a quanta or the atom is 99.99% pure space. There's nothing there. So this is where the information travels through. It can easily get through all matter, because it's subatomic.


Mark:That's why it's so dangerous.

Brandon:Right, and that's why I think a lot of people don't really realize when they're playing with PEMF devices or any of these other single frequency energy devices for healing, beneficial frequencies, is that those can cause problems being repetitive, because they don't move in a way that we experience frequencies in nature. So that can actually be problematic long term if somebody's not really careful with the frequency range that they're using, the amplitude. There's obviously thousands of ways to manipulate a signal, but I think a lot of these "healing" devices can actually be problematic from an EMF perspective, wouldn't you say?

Mark:A lot of these PEMF devices out there are very dangerous because what happens when a cell divides, mitosis, it has a magnetic field, right? So when that cell divides, if that magnetic field is interfered with, with some kind of PEMF, and it can be a healing device, PEMF is very dangerous because it can corrupt the DNA at the point of separation of the dividing of the cell from one into two.

So if that point in time where it divides straight away and then that magnetic field that is surrounding a chromosome in that cell, you've got big problems, you've got a cancer cell. I do believe that PEMF can cause cancer, and I've seen it in use and I've seen people that have had compromised immune systems use PEMF and have what we call a runaway cancer case, and they've died in a very short period of time because the cancer had just gone rampant all of a sudden. They may not have the mineral balance within the body, they may have the wrong acid-alkaline balance within the body at the time, and then they used the PEMF device and these cells start dividing and going out of control, and next minute you know you've got a problem.

PEMF in the form of scalar, well, you take away the electromagnetic field, a whole lot safer. There are some PEMF devices out there I've seen which you put under a bed and it puts out a frequency, which may be the Schumann resonance frequency, around about 7.83 hertz, 8 hertz, 10 hertz, it's not gonna matter. But it's still a single frequency, in a pulsed electromagnetic field, is damaging. Especially if it's a single frequency, it doesn't matter if it's a healing frequency. It may be healing for a period of time, but then you're gonna get a reverse effect when the body becomes accustomed to it, because, "Oh, this is here all the time. This is starting to annoy me."

Mark:And the body locks down and doesn't respond to it anymore, and you get the opposite effect where it starts to stress. Then all of a sudden you got a problem, and it could be a big problem for some people.

Brandon:If somebody was creating a pulsed magnetic field, but sweeping the frequency or randomizing it in some way using biofeedback, do you think that would help improve the efficacy and safety of a PEMF device? Or do you just think the pulsed magnetic fields in the charge that it imposes onto the cell is harmful in general, long term?

Mark:The pulsed electromagnetic fields are very coarse and very physical, and therefore they have more damaging effects at a physical level. So scalar or the information part of that signal, if you took away the magnetic field and used pure scalar, it would probably be a lot more beneficial to the body because the electromagnetic field for some people it's just too harsh. It's like using, if you wanna put a tack in the wall, it's like using a mallet to do it instead of a little hammer. It's just too hard hitting on the body, and you get some negative effects in some cases, yeah, sure.

Brandon:Right. What's interesting about scalar, when I was looking into the bloodwork and talking to you early on, is that you still get that charge in the cells with scalar that you do with a PEMF device. You get into that 70 to 90 millivolt range just with pure scalar, which I thought was really fascinating. But we've also seen the EEG brain scan tests, and as far as how scalar will help to balance the hemispheres of the brain. A lot of people are using the device you mentioned where you sleep on the magnetic field for a long period of time, like eight hours a night or whatever, that will actually just start to synchronize the brain waves. So parts of the brain, obviously the whole brain won't do it all the time because the brain's very complex, but parts of the brain will start to entrain to a certain theta or delta brainwave state, or alpha brainwave state depending on the frequency setting.

I just think it's interesting that you can control your biology through meditation, breath work, through doing all these things that put you in a different brainwave state. But that scalar, a pure informational field, connected on the subatomic level, will actually create a lot of the physical effects that a PEMF device will. I thought that was pretty fascinating.

Mark:Yeah, I really would stay away from PEMF if I was anyone. Because even though it has healing effects with some people, with some people it has the opposite effect and can cause what we call a runaway cancer effect, where the cancer grows out of control and just proliferates through the body.

Electromagnetic fields can also perforate cell membranes, which they call electrophoresis, and that can cause the migration of certain ions through into cells, and then you're harming the whole mitochondria as well. Affecting the mitochondria in a negative way. It's a lot of detail and the biology of the cell that is really upset by pulsed electromagnetic fields. So I would just stay away from it.

Brandon: That's really important for people to know.

Mark:But scalar fields have to be implemented in the right way, too, Brandon, you can't just take any old frequency and just make a scalar field out of it. You've got to really know what you're doing, because the body is a complex machine and you don't really wanna ... see, what the Blushield is really doing here is changing your environment and getting the body to normalize, but at the end of the day, the body is actually doing the work. So the machine is the catalyst, if you'd like. It's involved in the equation, so there's some kind of biological process going on in the body. The Blushield in this case is involved in it. It's more like the catalyst if you'd like. It's involved in it, but it's not used up.

So anything which causes the body to normalize, the body is doing the work, but the Blushield is creating the right environment for the body to do its own work. So at the end of the day the machine was involved but not used up. You still have the machine at the end of the day. So it's a catalyst. It's reducing the amount of energy the body needs to take to normalize. So that's great.

Brandon:So yeah, it has to be done in a certain way because a lot of people are creating scalar type devices using radio frequencies, magnetic fields, they'll just use orgonite, which goes back to Wilhelm Reich's work as far as orgone accumulators. Which are all just names for the same thing. Tachyon, orgone, all these are kind of concentrating scalar energy in some form or fashion. But those don't necessarily, from what I've seen, have the power output to be able to really affect the biology in the way that I've see with Blushield.

Mark:You take shungite for an example, it's a mineral, it may have a frequency, it may help from EMF... Maybe in the past, maybe in the '70s, maybe in the '60s when everyone was into all that stuff. I'm not gonna knock crystals, because I think crystals have an important part in certain things. But in order for anything to be of any value you have to amplify the actual frequency or the vibration of the material probably at least 150 thousand times if we can actually use it to do anything for the body.

So people wear these crystals on their body, that may have some effect, but that effect is very very low. It's almost like a homeopathic effect. But if you take that crystal, that mineral, and you put it through an electronic device that amplifies the effects of that, well then you're talking. You're getting some effects on the body pretty much instantly.

What these minerals that they make into little pyramids and stuff, they're all really quite gimmicky, and they're not gonna have the power output to protect someone from the things we have today, 4G, 5G, whatever it may be. So really by using these things and probably wasting your money on something that isn't gonna really do anything for you.

Brandon:When you think about what, if you're aware of what 5G is actually doing or even 4G for that matter, any of this radiation that's pervasive in our current environment, you need something that has some kind of power to really compete with that. Because that's really what it is, it's getting your body to not focus on that. It's like all the frequencies are available, all the channels on your TV are available, but if you dial into channel nine, you're gonna be seeing the audio and light frequencies from channel nine, even though all the other frequencies are still available, that's dialed in.

So it seems like what Blushield is able to do is amplify the scalar to a degree where it actually creates a crystal clear, perfect picture on the television right? It's just really able to compete to where your body doesn't perceive any of the electromagnetic radiation that's otherwise doing harm in the same way.

Mark:Well that's right. We have designed it so that it has maximum effect. Nothing is 100% perfect as you probably know. There is some energy losses. Blushield is around about 93% effective, from what we have ascertained.

Brandon:I think that's important for people to know.

Mark:People have used their devices for a certain amount of time, and then when they use the Blushield they can probably use it for a longer amount of time. But people are still affected at a very low level from something. So nothing is really 100% effective, but 93% effectivity is pretty good.

So people think, "Okay, well I got a Blushield, I can use my devices for longer." Well you can, but there will be a point where you get to, where you might exhaust your body to some degree if you overdo things. That's what we call a tipping point. So for someone that may not have a Blushield, that might spend an hour on the phone, half an hour on the phone, they start to feel an effect right? Fine. With the Blushield it might be 2 hours, might be 3 hrs until they feel an effect.

But what it's actually doing is lessening the amount of harm that EMF is doing to your body in the first place. Therefore you feel that you can extend that time that you're exposed to things, and that's great. But everyone has a tipping point.

So the worse off your health is, the shorter the time it's going to take for you to be exposed to something before you're going to start feeling bad, right? So if your health is really great and you're a super healthy person, you can probably, may not even feel any effects. But you still are affected from it, but you just may not feel it. It may take you five hours to feel something, but eventually everyone feels some effect from this, whether they really know what they're looking from as far as the effect goes or not.

It is down to basically the status of your health. Where your health is at, as to how much you can stand of something. People that are really sensitive tend to be not necessarily unhealthy, but just sensitive, people can be sensitive and healthy as well. People have different sensitivities, some people don't feel anything. But everyone is affected, no matter what you feel. Maybe you feel nothing. Maybe when you use a Blushield you feel nothing. But you just have to do some blood tests before and after to see that actually something is going on. So some of these people out there might say, "I used Blushield, I felt nothing." I've seen that a lot. They've used Blushield, they feel nothing. But actually what happens is that they become acclimatized to that Blushield. They become acclimatized to the Blushield and that becomes the new normal.

So now the new normal goes on, they go, "I don't feel anything." Well they can unplug it for a few days and you'll see, you'd go back to the old normal, and you feel pretty bad. So this is what happens all the time. Someone doesn't feel anything and they're pretty unsensitive, and feel no effects from anything or don't realize there's any effects going on in the initial phase of using the Blushield. They can soon unplug it and your body would go back to the old normal, and you see the comparison there is quite clear cut.

Most people are gonna find that, "Oh yeah, that is a problem. My concentration, I just can't concentrate. I can't type on the computer today. Everything has gone haywire." That's because what's happening is that now the EMF is affecting you and you're not coping.

We've seen some people also who are very sensitive that have used a Blushield, and after a period of time, well especially in the early stages, they seem to become more sensitive when they don't have it. Well yeah, the body's still adjusting. So you don't wanna go without it for a period of six weeks or so, while your body adjusts and changes and adapts to that.

Brandon:Right, and I think its 93% effectiveness rate is awesome considering there's always gonna be a biological transmutation. Like you said, energy loss. But at the same time, I think based on what I've seen, last 7% or so is really just kind of acute. Holding your phone onto your body, getting the localized tissue to heat up because of the microwaves. But it seems to be really protective on the genetic level.

So people that are concerned about their children and their children's children. That's where this technology really shines, because it is worth it is working on the information, and cells, how they divide and pass down information from an old cell to a new cell, is really part of the aging process, and how those copies of copies become degraded over time. So the fact that you can get something that's working on the cell level that's protecting your DNA, but also your children's DNA as you pass that down, it's just huge with 5G coming out.

We just really can't know the long term effects of 5G currently, and there's a lot of experts that they're making it sound pretty scary. So I think 93% protection is pretty damn good, considering there's nothing else that I've really seen on the market that really can demonstrate substantial, non-placebo based effects.

Mark:Yeah, there's nothing out there, Brandon. I mean, we are really ahead of the game, this whole EMF protection thing. I've seen some devices out there that are using one machine for this, one machine for that, and they tend to be single frequency device machines. What that does, really once the body becomes used to it, that machine then becomes useless and has no effect.

Brandon: So even though it's scalar and single frequency, it won't really do harm, it'll just become ineffective or the body will ignore it, because it's not moving in a natural way that we would experience in nature, right?

Mark:Yeah, well, I've just seen these machines and they're single frequencies. They don't tend to be scalar, although they are using that marketing term. But obviously there's some kind of coil in the device, which means there has has to be an electromagnetic field. They're fairly large portable devices, which is not really ideal to carry around with you. Plus, they sell each device for certain things. It may be emotional things, it may be something to do with love or money or wealth or whatever it may be, attracting this or attracting that, using this frequency for that, this frequency for that.

It's marketing something which may have some effect, it may not. But from what I've seen it's an electromagnetic field, it's not scalar based. It's kind of like what we were experimenting with in the '80s and '90s, it's really going way back to our initial first work with magnetic fields, and finding out that it was just too harsh for a lot of people. You get results with some people and not with others, whereas with Blushield, we get results with everyone. That's the neat thing about it. It's a field which is in motion all the time and forever changing. Therefore the body never gets used to any single frequency output. Because there is no single frequency output.

There is a multitude of different waveforms going on at the same time, as well, which just adds to the complexity of the unit, but also adds to the effectiveness, probably tenfold. A bunch of other stuff which is, mathematics - it's based on natural frequencies that are existing in nature, and frequencies that are inherent to the human body. So there's a whole lot of things that come together to produce an excellent EMF protection device.

You've got the scalar field emitted from the device hitting the body, so there is a little bit of energy loss in that, which is what we call that 7%. But yeah, the protectiveness, the protective effectiveness, up to 93% is really out there, because a lot of these other EMF devices probably won't be protecting you anywhere over 60% and some cases I've seen some devices claim that it deals with 30% of the EMF in the home. But I'm wondering, what about the other 70%?

There's also these other machines that claim to take EMF and convert it into something else. Well that's not really possible.

Brandon:Just convert it, yup.

Mark:Yeah, just convert it into something ... just convert something harmful into something non-harmful, which doesn't make electronic sense. But it may make perfect marketing sense to someone who doesn't really understand this sort of thing. We're not really here to take advantage of people and sell them something they think they're getting but they're not, whereas a lot of people are doing that, and that's really irresponsible.

Brandon: Yeah, seriously.

Mark:We really are amazed at how many devices are out there that are being totally irresponsible, they just wanted to make money and prey on people with the marketing, and really the product isn't really delivering what it says it does. This is where we come in, we have a product, we are accurately promoting this thing in an honest and responsible way, and getting people to get their protection, and they truly do. A lot of people have tried a lot of different things that have come across us later on down the track, and they said, "Well I wish I came across you people sooner, because yours was the only one that works for me."

Brandon:Yeah, I hear that all the time.

Mark:The proof is in the pudding.

Brandon:I remember you talking to me about opening up a device that you found on the market that is basically a plug that had this clay and a coil mold injected, and that was all that was in it. You broke it open, and I think that's just so crazy that people could expect all these miraculous things from something that's not even powered. There's no microchip, there's no circuit board or anything. It's just crazy, man. We're not here to talk badly about other companies, but people need to be aware that that stuff exists, and that it's complete nonsense in a lot of respects.

Mark:Yeah, if it's not powered, if it's a sticker or a pendant, or something that's not powered by a battery or electricity of some kind, then you can probably almost guarantee it's not gonna work. This placebo effect thing, there must be something in there. But the long term effects, it won't have any effect and basically people are gonna be wasting their money on stuff that's not gonna do what it says it should do for them, and that's just a shame that there's a lot of companies out there that aren't being responsible and aren't taking up the job of EMF protection in a positive and responsible way, and basically preying on people to make money out of them. These people are believing that they're protected but they're not, and then it's just irresponsible.

We can't be seen to be doing that kind of thing. We're here to responsibly protect people from EMF and people get what they ask for, and they do get protection. The proof is in their blood test, or the proof is in the way they feel, and Blushield has really helped a lot of people, thousands of people already.

Brandon:Well, Mark, a lot of people really appreciate all the work and time and energy you've put into developing these products over the last 30 years. I hear success stories all the time. So I really appreciate you taking the time to really get back with people's questions. I have one last question before we wrap things up. In circling back to the whole 5G thing, questions that I get about the strength really come up when people are becoming aware that 5G is rolling out in their city, and they're wondering, "If I have a Cube, should I upgrade to an Ultra?"

Do you feel like everybody will need Ultra strengths at some point? Or how do you feel about the strength? I know this new device you're working on is close to completion as far as people that live in line of sight of 5G. But I'm just wondering for everybody else that might not have a repeater in their neighborhood, do you think most people will need to upgrade to an Ultra? Or do you think the Cube will suffice in protection against the 5G rollout?

Mark:Yeah, the Cube will suffice for most people. If they are within line of sight of a 5G arrow and if that's less than a kilometer, well then we recommend the new device, which is probably around the same power as the Ultra. But it's doing the other special protection to assist with the 5G at closer ranges. But in most situations, in probably 80% of situations, the Cube still would suffice in protecting against 5G.

So unless it's right outside your door, well then I really wouldn't think that you'd need to upgrade to the model, unless it was outside your front door. Out on the street, within 100 meters of your home. Well, then I would consider looking at the 5G model that we're gonna roll out, specifically for those situations. Where people are gonna be in that situation. So not everyone is in that situation.

Brandon:So if people wanted to get this new device with the ... because this one has two circuit boards, this has two different microprocessors, it's two things going on simultaneously to help mitigate the EMF but also to help to create repair and rejuvenation at the cell level for constantly experiencing low dose radiation. Can people contact us direct and get those custom made now? Or when can we expect those to be available for people?

Mark:They are available right now. They have yet to go up on the website, but we are just producing them in small quantities right now, because we don't have the production setup fully for those yet. But they'll be coming soon. People probably should look out for them on your website, because we'll be putting them up there pretty soon.

Brandon:Sure thing, and if you are interested in getting one of these custom built for you, until we get them up on the website, just email us through the Blushield website and we'll be happy to get one of those rolling for you. I think they're critical, again, it affects me because I know it's rolling out in my city in 2019, it's already been said and done and they're doing it. So we're one of the test cities. I'm gonna do everything in my power to protect myself and my family, and be prepared for that.

Hopefully like you said in the beginning, it could be a flop, it's a major infrastructure. So I guess a lot of people would make some major profits for building these transmitters, putting them up everywhere. But if it doesn't make a lot of financial sense they might move onto the next thing, and if they don't get good penetration into the buildings, that's another thing that might cause it to flop as well.

Mark:Yeah, we just don't know yet, Brandon, but Blushield is geared up for 5G protection, and we do know it does protect from 5G. So we've got the answer there, and we are also looking into the future if there are changes, to protect people from higher intensity radiation in the future. We're on the top of our game, so we just got to have our eye on the eight ball and keep it going.

Brandon:Right on, that sounds awesome. Well, thanks so much. I know we're over a little bit on time, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to hang out with us, have a good conversation, answer people's questions, and yeah man, I look forward to chatting with you on the next call.

Mark:Great, Brandon, thanks for having me.

Brandon:Yup, thanks Mark, take care.


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