Fighting the Washington DC 5G Small Cell Rollout

Screenshot of a video recording of the Council of the District of Columbia Committee on Transportation and the Environment

"This is the greatest environmental and safety threat of our time."
-Kevin Mottus

The question is can we actually fight to stop EMF pollution from getting worse on a political and industry level?

Well, there are many people that are aiming to do just that, specifically fighting to stop 5G from rolling out with many more small cells being added to our cities.

What you'll see in the video is an example of that from just a couple months ago.

(And because the industry is so powerful, able to subject "science" to it's whims, there's a real good chance that doesn't happen. That's why we believe Blushield technology is going to become even more essential in the coming years.)

Kevin Mottus, of the CA Brain Tumor Association spends his time educating legislators regarding the biological health effects of wireless radiation. His team includes cancer epidemiologists, toxicologists, and cellular biologists. He presents the following information:

  • FCC doesn’t not have a Health Department that studies the health effects from wireless technology
  • New Verizon Wireless TV ad advertises 5G where wavelengths can travel 3,000 feet. He calls for caution to make sure human beings and other living things won’t be affected.
  • The brochure from the Verizon Wireless insurance says they do not cover emissions or pollutants emitted by their wireless technology. They define wireless radiation as a pollutant in their printed language.
  • Calls for wireless companies to go on record about their devices being safe with no known health effects, because their printed material suggests otherwise.
  • He suggests the community be involved in legislature regarding wireless technology because it is bothersome for some California residents as more wireless technologies are being installed in very short distances from their residences.
  • No wireless device is required to have safety tests on antennas or any other wireless emissions for health effects. They only test and have a thermal guideline which only guarantees a person doesn’t get burned by the phone or antenna.
  • He points out that wired fiber-optics are a safe alternative.
  • Calls for State Representatives to speak on behalf of residents to require better solutions from wireless companies.
  • A report from the Army on millimeter waves with 350 studies, shows clear biological effects below our thermal safety guidelines. Some of the subjects of the reports were aware of the effects because it effects the skin, nerves and eyes.

Delores Bushong, Public Witness:

  • The radiation also effects the health of trees
  • Trees can not be planted with wireless towers and poles because they compete for space. Cell towers will continue to take up more space for trees.
  • What is the point of putting up more towers if these can transmit over 2,000 feet?

Linnea Warren, Public Witness:

  • Suggests 5G is a buzzword and that companies do not know how the technology will be implemented yet, despite already advertising for it.
  • "Insider's always joke that the first generation technology is only for suckers."
  • 5G will allow lots of data to be transmitted over high-frequency radio waves that have been used for weapons but not for communications because the signals are easily corrupted by walls, trees, rain, etc.
  • Antennas will need to have direct access which could mean more towers needing to be built.

Kevin Mottus comes back at the end:

  • The only ones that want 5G is the industry itself. 4G may be a better option for the "internet of things".
  • Other countries have acknowledged that wireless signals cause cancer and other serious diseases by setting more restrictive exposure laws than the U.S. has.
  • 5G and its millimeter waves may have more limitations than 4G. 5G also requires greater power than 4G, and as you increase power it can increase the amount of biological effects.
  • The 5G transmitters could collect info on consumers wirelessly, because wireless transmissions are easily hacked. So cybersecurity is a concern.
  • Dr. Beatrice Golomb from California, who's an expert in electromagnetic radiation health effects wrote a letter regarding the rollout of small cells and she cited 360 scientific citations pointing to the biological and health effects. Dr. Beatrice is a current professor expert in the field.

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