Former President of Microsoft Canada Testifies on Wireless Health Risk

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This video features Frank Clegg, the former longtime president of Microsoft Canada. Now, he is co-founder and CEO of the non-profit organization, Canadians for Safe Technology.

His purpose of speaking to Royal Society panel is to make a public request to hold Health Canada accountable to a more open and transparent process of scientific research and evaluation on its current update of Safety Code 6. Some of the key points made in this video include:

  • As president of Microsoft Canada, he witnessed the potentially harmful effects of technology
  • Code 6 deals with smart meters in homes and business, Wifi in schools, placement of cell towers and antennas, baby monitors, game consoles, and cell phones/tablets
  • There are no studies that prove conclusively that the current limits of Safety Code 6 is safe for 24/7 exposure
  • It is suggested that manufacturers need to ensure the safety of the products
  • There are peer-reviewed studies that show harm to humans of wireless radiation that are significantly below Health Canada’s Safety Code 6
  • Swedish researchers published a study in the International Journal of Oncology that correlates wireless technology use to malignant brain tumors
  • American Association of Environmental Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics, International Society of Doctors and the Irish Doctor Environmental have spoken out against updated safety limits in Safety Code 6
  • This exposure is compared to the harmful nature of tobacco, asbestos, some prescribed medications
  • Wireless radiation can cause electro-sensitivity with symptoms: increased headaches, insomnia, pain, rashes, memory lapses, and dizziness
  • Some people are more affected by wireless microwave exposure than others
  • Because of the potential harm of radiation, Belgium banned children’s mobile phones
  • Safety Code 6 allows cell towers and devices to emit radiation at levels that are 100 times more than allowed in China, Russia, Switzerland and elsewhere

The scientific evidence that there is harm from electromagnetic radiation is overwhelming. Those that don't see that are either ignorant, meaning they just haven't looked, or are being paid by industry insiders, as was the case of many of the people behind these Safety Code 6 changes.

As the president of Microsoft Canada, Frank obviously wasn't against technology. But there is good technology, bad technology and many that are somewhere in the middle. Much of our modern technology has the downside of emitting harmful non-ionizing radiation.

But other technology, such as found in Blushield devices can help to mitigate this. Unlike other supposed EMF protection products, they do not block EMF. Instead they emit their own signal, one that is created in a way that supports human health and cellular communication, that mitigate the negative frequencies these other devices emit.

And if you want more, here's another short clip with Frank Clegg where he shares how little of this modern day technology actually makes its way into his home.

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