Can You Actually Block EMF?

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EMF is dangerous, that is certain. If you still have any doubts about that, please read our other blog posts, like this one or this one. What do we do about it though? Shouldn’t we block EMF? We get this question from time to time, and we think it is time to publicly address it.

There are many people in the EMF protection community who say that the only way to protect ourselves from EMF is by blocking it. There are multitudes of products on the market designed to do just that. You can drop tens of thousands of dollars making your home a Fort Knox against EMF. There is special metal you can put around your electrical wiring in the walls, there is sheetrock lined with lead, special windows, there are faraday cages, paints, powders, fabrics and more, all designed to block EMF. Do these things work? The short answer is no.

Starting with the simple no...

Whether we realize it or not, we are always in community with others. We go to work, the store, gas station, bank, school, etc. While it is possible to do most of these things online at home, it is not likely that most people do. We leave our homes to do things, to socialize, to engage with our community. All the money you can put into blocking within your home cannot protect you when you are outside your home. There is no EMF blocking technology that can protect you while you are out in the world. You drive in and out of range of innumerable cell phone towers and WiFi signals, as well as others’ cell phones, radio waves and constant satellite signals. And if you have a relatively new car, you are riding in an EMF box. There is no way you can block all of this. It is coming at you from every angle and at different strengths and waveforms. Even if you a chainmail suit while you run your errands, it will not block the harmful effects of EMF.

On to the more complex no…

If you know anything at all about Blushield, you know that our EMF protection works using complex, multi waveform, native frequencies embedded in scalar fields. The scalar energy field is the basic blueprint of the universe. Scalar fields can be produced intentionally or unintentionally. Blushield produces intentional scalar fields that resonate with the sympathetic nervous system of the organism. Mankind produces scalar fields unintentionally as a component of EMF. These don’t resonate and are therefore harmful. The intentional scalar field of Blushield allows the organisms’ sympathetic nervous systems to function normally in any EMF environment.

Standard methods of shielding will not protect you from the ambient EMF. In some cases they even work as an amplifier and can be dangerous in areas of high EMF. Even within a faraday cage, the scalar component of the harmful EMFs penetrate. There is no metal or concrete that can block the scalar field. So as much as we try to block EMFs, they will always come through on the scalar field and this nonthermal aspect of EMF is what makes them harmful to your DNA. This is why it is important to protect yourself on the cellular level with Blushield.

Blushield provides deep, cellular protection from all types of EMF, even 5G. It is the only form of EMF protection that mitigates 93% of all EMF, both in humans and animals. Our animal studies prove that the effects of Blushield are not psychosomatic. There are other things you can do to further protect yourself, like turning off WiFi when not in use, not putting your cell phone up to your head, refraining from putting your iPad or laptop directly on your lap, etc.. There is no such thing as competition when it comes to EMF protection, only what works and what doesn’t. Get EMF protection that puts a blanket of protection over your cells, your home, your family.

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