You Are a Carrier of Coherent Frequencies

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When you first decided to invest in a Blushield device, your most likely motivation was to protect yourself and your family from harmful EMFs. With the large coverage area of protection that all of our stationary home units have, one home device will more than cover the area of your entire home (even if your home is larger than average), as well as your front and back yards. Then add a Portable to the mix so you can bring this field of beneficial frequencies wherever you go, and you are golden!

Going beyond the protection that Blushield offers directly to its users and their families, have you ever thought about the influence your Blushield is having on others around you? You are actually doing more than just protecting yourself and your family from EMFs. You have literally become a carrier of biologically beneficial, coherent frequencies!

Whether other people in your life are aware of it or not, they are likely being benefited in some way by their exposure to your Blushield. Many people these days have an “out of sight, out of mind” sort of mindset, and the invisible frequencies their body is being constantly bathed in do not even cross their mind. Or they assume that if it's not ionizing radiation (like x-rays and gamma rays), then it's not bioactive and can't possibly affect them.

Even if they never think about it or don't believe they're affected, and whether or not they are sensitive enough to feel it tangibly, those people are still being affected by the EMFs that are all around us. Our physical bodies are highly complex electrochemical organisms. We emit our own electromagnetic fields, mainly in scalar form (often called “bio-scalar”), and these fractal, implosive, self-generated frequencies interact with and initiate the chemical processes our bodies undergo to remain alive and vital. Even a tiny fluctuation in our personal “energy field” can significantly alter a number of cellular processes.

Just as we are highly responsive to our self-generated electromagnetic fields, we are also extremely receptive to external ones! This includes the natural electromagnetic fields that we have evolved with, such as the Schumann resonances (standing waves occurring between the Earth and the ionosphere that are excited by lightning strikes) and the multi-layered frequency patterns emitted by natural elements like the air we breathe (which has different compositions depending on your climate and altitude), the ocean and other bodies of water, as well as trees, other plant life, and even natural bacterial and mycelial colonies that predominate in any given area!

Likewise, our electrochemical bodies are highly responsive to the manmade frequencies that are now all around us, 24/7. One important and well studied example of this is how our voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) are affected by external pulse modulated frequencies, overstimulating them and causing them to dump calcium into the insides of our cells, which in itself triggers a cascade of other unintended and inappropriate biological actions. If you want to know more about this, you can read more about Dr. Martin Pall's work on EMFs & VGCCs here.

Due to our innate sensitivity, anyone who knowingly or unknowingly enters a field of biologically beneficial frequencies, such as those emitted by Blushield's nature-based multiple waveform scalar field, will be positively affected in some way.

We have had customers report that their house guests will mention that it “feels peaceful” in their home, or express passing comments reporting increased general well being without attributing it to a known source.

When driving a car while carrying one of the larger coverage range Portables, the behavior of other drivers in your vicinity can be subtly improved, and you may notice less crazy/erratic driving happening around you.

When you're carrying a Portable while out and about, and interacting with any number of people in passing, you may even notice generally improved moods, and a more peaceful and rational demeanor in those around you. In most cases it will be subtle, since their body is just beginning to pick up on the coherent frequencies of Blushield, and hasn't had enough time to go through the full entrainment process that comes with sustained, consistent exposure, like you have. However, even if it's just a subtle and brief influence in someone's day, you never know how this will affect them in the long run. Sometimes even small and brief events can become catalysts for positive change in someone's life!  

You Are Protecting Wildlife

One particular “side effect” of using Blushield devices that we are especially passionate about is how Blushield protected zones can create a type of sanctuary for wildlife. In this day and age, when manmade radiofrequency radiation is coming close to blanketing the whole Earth (and will be even more soon when 5G satellite services become fully active), some of the most important life forms on Earth have become unintended casualties.

Bee and bird populations are declining in EMF-heavy areas, especially since 5G has been launched, and trees suddenly become diseased or die when 5G repeaters are installed on or near them. When bees start to die, the majority of our food crops are no longer being adequately pollinated, which results in crop decline or failure. A decline in the bird population can create imbalances in the insect population, which the birds would normally keep in check. A decline in smaller birds starves the larger predator birds like eagles, owls and hawks, and forces them to relocate.

Incoherent, manmade EMFs even affect the bacterial composition of the soil, decreasing beneficial bacteria species and promoting the growth of opportunistic (“bad”) bacteria. This can result in bacterial imbalances in the soil and even in the “internal soil” of our bodies. The effects on soil can negatively influence plant growth, and the effects on our bodies can cause gut problems and affect nutrient absorption and utilization, cause mood/attention/memory issues (via the gut/brain connection), as well as a variety of other systemic issues. After all, our bodies are composed 90% of a large variety of bacteria, and only 10% actual human cells!

When you have a Blushield stationary home unit plugged into your home, especially the larger coverage area Cube and Ultra (or their Premium counterparts), you have a scalar field of coherent frequencies of an almost 600 foot diameter! This very large field will provide coverage quite a ways past the walls of your home, and any living organism residing within this 600-foot sphere will be positively affected. Birds, bees and other important species can take refuge and make their homes in these coherent spaces, raising babies and rebuilding their populations.

Animals and insects are especially sensitive to Blushield's coherent scalar field, since they don't have the deeply ingrained mental programs that humans have that override pure perception and instinct. We have heard many reports of house pets like dogs and cats' health issues, behavior and sleep patterns improving once their owner introduces a Blushield into the home. One of our customers has a small dog that was having seizures, and just a few days after plugging in her first Blushield, her dog stopped having seizures and hasn't had one since!  We have heard about horses that suddenly express interest and curiosity when their handlers have a Blushield Portable in their pocket. We have also heard of house plant growth increasing, and a reduction in mold growth in houses that introduced a Blushield.

We cannot say with certainty that any of these results will be seen in all cases, as there are many unrelated factors that strongly influence these circumstances, but we absolutely think Blushield is a helpful influence on all biological life forms! Our Poultry Farm Chicken Study and Dairy Cow Study are great examples of how Blushield positively affects animals. The best thing about witnessing results on animals is that they are not susceptible to psychosomatic factors, i.e. having varied results depending on belief or disbelief.  


We still strongly believe in EMF related activism to help save the health of humans and other biological life forms, as there are currently only small pockets of Blushield protected spaces, and the irradiation of the rest of the Earth needs to stop for true global health and healing to occur.

We see Blushield as a tool that each of us can use NOW, while we are fighting the bigger fight. We want to protect ourselves and our families' health and energy levels as well as we can, while we are all working towards positive change on a worldwide scale.

It is one simple action step that each of us can choose to take, and we know that small actions can, over time, ripple out into the greater world and create cascading effects of great change!

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