Starlink 5G Satellite Service Fully Activates in August, Radiation Dangers Denied

Graphic depicting the network of 5G satellites orbiting the Earth
It was recently announced that the Starlink 5G satellite internet service by SpaceX will begin full, global commercial service next month (August 2021). The Starlink satellites have been consistently deployed into low Earth orbit since May of 2019, when the first 60 operational satellites were launched. Sixty satellites are being launched at a time, about every two weeks, with the goal being over 1,500 satellites in low Earth orbit by the time full service begins in August.

They aren’t nearly finished, however. The FCC already approved the launch and operation of 12,000 Starlink satellites, and just recently approved an additional 30,000! This is on top of one million Earth-based satellite uplinks (ground hubs) to connect the radiation beams from the spacecraft to ground users!

All of these antennas combined will result in a massive increase in radiation, mainly focused towards areas with “poor internet service”, a.k.a. rural areas, wilderness, and remote islands and forests. These remote, pristine reaches of the Earth have become rare in their purity and beauty, and soon even these sanctuaries will become infused with manmade, biologically harmful frequencies.

Ironically, the target clientele for this satellite service are those with poor internet access who live in rural areas. Many of these people have specifically chosen to live away from cities because they do NOT want to live in a radiation soup, and moved to a rural area with no coverage or poor coverage specifically to find peace of mind and heal their bodies.

The Starlink satellite service has been in the beta test phase for ground users interested in receiving high-speed satellite internet service for almost a year now. There are currently over 70,000 active beta testers in 12 countries. More than half a million people have already put down a deposit for the full service when it’s officially activated next month.  

Will satellite service activation greatly increase EMF related symptoms?

The question we need to be asking now, is will the activation of 5G satellite service from space greatly increase EMF related symptoms in sensitive individuals, and possibly even cause symptoms in others who weren’t previously sensitive to EMFs?

Based on the level of magnitude of service coverage planned, with more than 5 megawatts of combined power focused into millions of powerful beams, it is likely that this occurrence will amplify EMF and 5G related symptoms of illness.

Just like ground based 5G service, these 5G satellites will use phased array antennas and beamforming, allowing a multitude of focused beams to strategically bounce off objects to quickly reach their destination devices. The 5G satellites will operate in a higher frequency spectrum than the currently operational ground 5G antennas. Most ground based antennas do not currently exceed 28 GHz (gigahertz), with most being half that or even lower (6-18 GHz seems common). The satellites will operate between 12 GHz and 75 GHz, which is moving into the true millimeter wave range.

For a greater understanding of how 5G works and what risks it poses to our health, you can read our previous article focused specifically on 5G:

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A primary concern is how millimeter waves have a particular affinity for sweat ducts on human skin. It has been shown that these sweat ducts actually act as helical antennas for millimeter wave radiation, channeling it deep into the body. With the way the radiation from these phased array antennas will bounce off objects en route to the receiving antennas, the more devices that begin to utilize the satellite service, the more it is possible that these powerful beams will unintentionally cross paths with unsuspecting human bystanders.

Depending on one’s sensitivity level and the power of the beam, it may even cause a slight burning sensation of the skin, because the skin contains a large concentration of nerve endings. The military owns a Directed Energy Weapon for crowd control which utilizes 95 GHz millimeter waves to cause an intense burning sensation on the skin, causing rioters and protesters to disperse reflexively. This weapon uses much higher power than 5G antenna beams, but the frequencies themselves are close to the same, so the antenna beams could cause remnants of the same type of symptoms. The antennas may even have worse effects over time than the weapon, due to more continuous or repeated exposure.

Even more significantly than direct contact with a 5G satellite beam is the way all these frequency beams are going to affect the ionosphere of the Earth itself. The ionosphere of the Earth holds a very specific and delicate electrical charge, which holds the balance of all life on Earth. In ways we are just starting to understand, humans and all other life forms rely on this natural electromagnetism to hold and maintain the complex symphony of life on Earth.

What needs to happen is close and detailed monitoring of the electrical properties of the ionosphere as this satellite service begins, to see how it changes, and how all life on Earth is subsequently affected. If this is being monitored and something goes awry, these satellite "constellation" companies should be held accountable.

Due to serious concerns about the brightness and reflectivity of the satellites and how this may considerably impact astronomy, SpaceX is reportedly now working with astronomical organizations to make changes to the satellites that will hopefully lessen the impact on the night sky. Also, due to the concerns many scientists have about adding tens of thousands of satellites into low Earth orbit causing collisions that result in innumerable levels of space debris, there are changes being made to decrease this possibility, as well.

If all the companies launching these satellites are willing to take these concerns into consideration, the monitoring of the ionosphere of the Earth absolutely needs to be considered, as well!

The truth is, this is a brand new experiment, and all living organisms on Earth are the test subjects. We do not currently know how extensively the addition of these high powered, high frequency satellite antennas will affect humans, animals, insects and plant life.  

SpaceX/Starlink CEO fully denies radiofrequency radiation harms

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX (which controls the Starlink satellites), recently publicly denied any harm from radiofrequency radiation, in an absurd and fantastical statement.

On a podcast where he was a guest, he was asked for his thoughts about the widespread concerns about the harms of cell phone and radiofrequency radiation. Regarding 5G, he says, “don’t worry about it.” Then he literally states that if he had “… a helmet of cell phones strapped around my head, and around my nuts, I would not worry.” Then, “phones are not causing cancer, it’s not a problem.”

He goes on to explain that the people who are concerned that cell phones are harmful are thinking of “nuclear bombs”, and confusing these ionizing radiation sources with cell phones. This is a diversionary tactic, as almost everyone who is concerned about cell phone radiation already knows the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The thousands of studies on the harms of cell phones were all done specifically on non-ionizing radiation, which contrary to mainstream belief, results in its own type of cell damage through distinct mechanisms that are related to, but not the same as, the damage from ionizing radiation sources like nuclear bombs.

These tactics sound exactly like the ones the FCC and telecommunications companies have been using for decades. They never admit that there’s “possible” harm, they never say (in the spirit of inquiry and objective truth seeking) “we will explore the possibility”. In fact, the more incriminating studies that are published, the more they deny any harm at all, in an absolute and grandiose fashion. They are now literally denying thousands of studies showing harm from RF radiation, including DNA damage and cancer, and dismissing the over 70 active lawsuits against the FCC and telecoms alleging that their technology caused brain cancer in the lawsuits’ plaintiffs and their loved ones.

What do all of these staunch deniers of radiation harm have in common? They all make very large amounts of money (millions or even billions of dollars) off of the technology causing the harm. There is no way they will admit that their own products are harmful, no matter how much evidence indicates with certainty that it is. Meanwhile, thousands of scientists and doctors who have no skin in the game financially are alarmed by the results of the ever growing body of science showing a wide range of biological harms, and just want to see the truth publicly admitted so that people sick from radiation can seek solutions and become well again.  

What can we do now?

These satellites have already been launched into space, and it seems that this high speed internet-from-space will be unleashed on a large scale, whether we want it or not. The 5G ground antennas have already been built, and are already providing service to 5G enabled phones, and other devices. It is already happening.

What can we do? We need to seek peace of mind, find an inner wellspring of hope and faith in an eventual positive outcome, and to protect ourselves and our families during this time of extreme level experiments on humanity and the Earth.

Keep as much distance as you can from unnecessary sources of radiation, and use your Blushield. If you are specifically concerned about the higher frequency range of high band 5G (above 40 GHz), the Premium devices are designed to help the body (and other living organisms) regenerate from the intense effect of high band and close range 5G exposure. Know that your Blushield protected area is also a sanctuary for your pets, and the wildlife around your home, including migratory birds, bees, butterflies, and healthy soil bacteria.

Spread the word about what is happening to everyone you know, including local politicians, so that they can become aware of the seriousness of this issue and begin to shape policy in a way that could eventually change humanity’s path for the better.

The most important thing of all is to focus on strengthening your own biofield, through heart-centered spiritual/religious practice, laughter, love, friendship, high quality healthy food and water, and by surrounding yourself with coherent frequencies from Blushield, uplifting music, and taking frequent trips into nature!

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