Scalar Energy, Biology, and Consciousness

Artistic depiction of a scalar field

What we know of as electromagnetic waves, with their measurable frequencies and properties that are considered to be widely known in modern science, are just the tip of the iceberg. What the vast majority of sources refer to as electromagnetic fields are acknowledging only one part of the field, known as the transverse component.

Transverse refers to the up-and-down, oscillating motion of the wave, and if we could see it with our eyes, it would look “wavy”. Transverse waves contain an electric field that moves up and down, and each up/down cycle moves at a certain speed, depending on the frequency (cycles per second, or hertz). For example, a 60 hertz frequency (like mains electricity in our houses) would contain 60 of these up/down cycles per second. This oscillating electric field always produces a resulting magnetic field, which occurs perpendicular to the electric field – moving side to side, instead of up and down. Transverse waves, as the materially manifest motion of photons (a form of light), move at the speed of light.

These transverse waves are not the only energy that makes up each electromagnetic field. There is also a part of the field called the scalar component, also called a longitudinal wave.

For a basic primer on scalar energy, including the history of its discovery and use, potential future uses, and especially how it relates to electromagnetic fields and EMF protection, please read our first article on the subject: Scalar Energy & EMFs – What You Need To Know

If you already have a basic understanding about scalar, and are curious to take a deeper dive into this fascinating subject, then this article is for you. We will be covering more detailed mechanics and behavior of scalar fields, and then go into how it relates to our own biology, and even consciousness and awareness itself.


The nature and behavior of scalar fields

The most peculiar thing about longitudinal waves is they do not exist in a “normal”, physically manifest sense, in what we know as 3D space. Although our modern EMF meters cannot measure scalar energy, the phenomenon can be documented in other ways, through the effects it has in the material world.

Let’s compare longitudinal waves to transverse waves, to see how they’re different. First of all, some scientists and engineers who study scalar do not like using the term “wave” for this energy field, because it does not act like what we think of as a wave. However, based on the standard physics definition of a wave, it definitely is one: “A disturbance traveling through a medium by which energy is transferred from one particle of the medium to another without causing any permanent displacement of the medium itself.”

There are other scientists and engineers who do not agree with using the term scalar for this energy field. However, we think this term is acceptable, and can be correctly used because a scalar (in physics) is a quantity that is fully described by magnitude alone, versus a vector quantity, which includes both a magnitude and a direction.

Since scalar waves do not move in a specific direction in 3D space, they cannot be a quantified as a vector, like transverse waves can. This is why they’re also sometimes called standing waves – because they appear to “stand” in the same space, without moving in any direction.

However, scalar waves DO move, in a very unique way. Beyond our three dimensional, material world, time itself is referred to as the 4th dimension. Obviously, as we all know instinctively, time has a profound effect on three dimensional space. Time is not part of 3D space, even though 3D space couldn’t exist without it, which we could call spacetime: “the concepts of time and three-dimensional space regarded as fused in a four-dimensional continuum.”

Scalar/longitudinal waves move along the axis of time itself, which you can understand intuitively by the fact that the field persists as time goes on.

These “waves” do not move in the same up/down motion as transverse waves. As the term longitudinal suggests, they move parallel to the direction of propagation, not perpendicular to it. There are variations in the energy density as the wave moves through time, which can be defined as compressions (when the energy becomes denser and closer together) and rarefactions (when the energy becomes less dense and further apart).

You could think of these compressions and rarefactions, moving through time, like the beating of a heart (with its contractions and dilatations) or the rhythm of our breath. A longitudinal wave can be described as a pulse perturbation (a small disturbance), referring to the rhythmic compression and expansion of the energy as it persists through time.

There are ways to generate scalar fields intentionally for specific purposes. A pure scalar field without the transverse component is automatically created anytime two electromagnetic waves that are in exactly the opposite phase (but same frequency and amplitude) meet, thereby canceling each other out. This creates a vortex effect, imploding the charge into its longitudinal orientation. This process of combining two exact mirror image waves (that are 180 degrees out of phase with each other) can be called phase conjugation.  


Scalar energy and living biology

All life forms produce their own electromagnetic energy, which couples with (and guides) the chemical messengers in the nervous system, in what could be considered a living electrochemical system. This system runs every single function of our bodies, including growth, healing, and even regeneration in certain instances. This bioelectricity can be measured with extremely sensitive instruments, at levels millions of times more subtle than what a conventional EMF reading tool could pick up.

Robert O. Becker’s revolutionary book, The Body Electric, documents the fascinating discovery process and the many experiments that were done in the ‘60s and ‘70s to dig deeper into living biology and its ever present electromagnetism, establishing with certainty that we are electrical beings.

Even with all the questions that are answered, and the many ‘aha!’ moments, the book leaves readers with a sense of wonder and mystery at the complexity of life, and Becker often marveled at the mysteries that still remained. Interestingly, with his focus on measurable frequencies (even with extremely sensitive instruments), it’s very likely he was not at all aware of the scalar aspect of electromagnetism. It’s not a long stretch to postulate that most (or all) of the questions he left unanswered could be answered somewhere in scalar science.

According to Patrick Flanagan (a scientist and inventor), “the living system is infinitely more responsive to scalar signals.” This is likely due to the predominance of scalar in our own biology, compared to the extremely small emissions of measurable, transverse fields. Scalar emitted by biological organisms is called bioscalar, and occurs widely throughout nature. Just as scalar fields can be generated intentionally by devices producing opposite phase EM waves that meet and cancel each other out, this also occurs naturally when similar frequency waves in the environment meet from two different vectors.

Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, one of the most well known scalar scientists of our time, believed that the scalar energy in living organisms resides in the nucleus of the atom, and is a repository for information. Human thought emits various complex frequencies that alter the electrical signals in the brain and body. Our thoughts and intentions may be working directly with the scalar energy inside our atomic nuclei, by changing the information frequencies that our scalar fields hold, which ripples out to affect our body as a whole. There are many examples of healers doing “impossible” things (according to the modern medical system), just by directing their thoughts and intentions in skillful ways.

A study that was done that applied longitudinal fields to plants, designed by scalar energy expert Konstantin Meyl, found that the ones exposed to the field showed increased ATP levels and extended lifespans, compared to the control group.  


The nervous system, electricity, and human regeneration

The body’s electrochemical system is extremely sensitive. As you already know if you have read our educational material about the harms of manmade repetitive EMF sources, one notable harmful effect of EMFs is increased incidence of certain types of cancer. These aren’t just any types of cancer – by far the most common cancers that have been found from excessive, prolonged use of cell phones is gliomas of the brain, and Schwannomas of the heart.

As Becker found through experimentation, and detailed in his book, all nerve cells are surrounded by protective sheaths. It was previously believed that these sheaths only provided insulation and protection, but it turns out that the sheath cells that surround the nerve cells are the exact location of the electrical currents that move through the nervous system. These nerve sheath cells are called glial cells in the brain and central nervous system, and Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system. Therefore, it’s no surprise, and certainly not a coincidence, that most of the cancers from overexposure to EM radiation specifically arise in the cells where the body’s own electricity moves.

Becker’s most pressing unanswered question seems to be how to induce considerable regenerative capability in the human body. Some animals naturally have pretty extraordinary regenerative abilities, such as salamanders, newts and zebrafish, but in all experiments so far, humans don’t seem to have this capability in more than very limited circumstances.

Scalar energy and human consciousness

Although much of modern science wants to view the body as a machine, with many separate parts, and consciousness itself as an unknown (or as a random occurrence), it is clear that biology and consciousness are intricately linked, and even one and the same: the bodymind.

Patrick Flanagan found that IQ is a measure of neural efficiency, which is reflected by the phase difference between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The higher the IQ, the less of a phase difference.

Meditation, which is known to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain, is said to increase wisdom, discernment, full spectrum intelligence (meaning logical as well as emotional), and other noble human qualities. It may be that the synchronization of the brain hemispheres creating a scalar field is the underlying mechanism of how meditation “works”!


Semiconductor properties of biology

There are three known types of electrical conduction: metallic (electrons traveling along a wire), ionic (movement of charged atoms in an electrolyte solution), and semiconduction. Semiconduction is the most recently discovered, and by far the most complex and versatile. It involves lattices made of certain crystals/minerals. The lattices contain either an excess of electrons (for N-type) or an excess of holes in the lattice (for P-type), and if these materials are combined with other substances to increase efficiency and versatility, they will conduct electricity by exchanging electrons through the lattices in an organized, intelligent way.

Our modern electronics would not exist without solid state (semiconducting) technology, including modern computers, cell phones, and any technology that utilizes transistors or integrated circuits. Silicon and germanium are two examples of semiconducting minerals – hence, the name Silicon Valley as the U.S. mecca of modern computing technology.

According to Becker, nearly all organic matter exhibits all the hallmarks of semiconduction: piezoelectricity (converts mechanical stress into electrical energy), organization, information processing, regeneration and rhythm. In nature, there are species of bacteria which act as semiconductors, like filamentous cable bacteria. In animals like salamanders with strong regenerative capabilities, the site of regeneration, called the neuroepidermal junction, produces healing electrical currents in the same manner as the P/N junction of a semiconductor.

Since our bodies are composed of many different minerals (among many other components), and we require continuous replenishing of our mineral reserves through our diet to stay healthy, it makes sense that a mineral-rich system as complex as our own biology would utilize an electrical system far more versatile and sensitive than the more simplistic metallic or ionic forms of electrical transmission.

Indeed, biological systems are so complex, and capable of functions we are just beginning to become aware of; it has also been discovered that a variety of living matter has exhibited properties of superconduction at room temperature. This is interesting and extraordinary, as superconductive processes are almost always found to require near zero (extreme cold) temperatures. Superconduction is when a specific material conducts an electric current with no resistance/impedance, and therefore can continue indefinitely, as long as the proper conditions are maintained. This leads one to wonder about the role of bioscalar in the instances of superconduction in living matter, since scalar longitudinal waves are characterized by not being hindered by physical matter, and not losing power over distance – which can result in overunity processes, a.k.a. “free” energy.

In the past, almost all intentionally generated scalar fields were produced using metallic antenna and coil devices. This certainly works, and there are several working models available to reproduce for anyone interested and willing to put in the work. However, semiconductor type devices can also be used to create scalar fields, although this is a much newer type of technology.

Blushield scalar EMF protection devices use semiconductor light-emitting diodes to produce the biologically active scalar field. This method is more sophisticated, versatile, and efficient than the past methods using high voltage and coils. It may also be a lot more similar to our own biologically produced scalar fields than the older scalar generating devices, as well.

One thing we know for sure is that scalar science is a field full of vast potential, and will very likely be explored in much more depth as humans continue to seek out novel, efficient, sustainable solutions to our modern problems. We certainly find it fascinating, and are really looking forward to seeing how this field of study evolves over the next few years and decades.  




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