All About Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Image with a yellow heart and grassy field background that says World EHS Day, Thursday June 16, 2022 -- Let's make the invisible visible!
All living organisms are bioelectric in nature. Humans, animals, insects, plants and even microscopic organisms generate weak electric and magnetic fields that are essential to performing the constant tasks that keep the organism alive and responding intelligently to its environment. We are electromagnetic because the Earth itself is electromagnetic, and our bodies are composed entirely from Earth materials. The rhythms, melodies and harmonies of life can be seen as an electromagnetic interaction between all living things.

If this “Divine design” is interfered with, it can disorient and even put a halt to these intricate biological processes, and create chaos on a microscopic and macroscopic level. “Disorient” is a good word for this, because many species literally rely on the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field for daily and seasonal navigation. This is especially the case for bees and migrating birds, for whom natural magnetism is the primary force that informs their movement.

Even humans, who rarely think of themselves as electric or magnetic, are influenced by external electromagnetism. There have been fascinating studies done by blindfolding humans and keeping them in a dark room on a swivel chair, spinning the chair around and then asking them to point in the direction of north. If the room was shielded (blocking out the Earth’s magnetic field), they were unable to reliably determine direction. If it was a normal room with no shielding (though completely dark to remove light cues), astonishingly, a statistically significant percentage were able to accurately point towards magnetic north.

As humans, our minds and beliefs often get in the way of instincts and “innocent perception”, and we lose the ability to directly perceive subtle energies in the way that animals can. There is a small but significant subset of humans who can still perceive these things. Their bodies are more sensitive, and speak loudly over any mental interference that may be present, to deliver a message that needs to be heard. These people are the “canaries in the coal mine”, so to speak. We would do well to pay attention to them – because their stories need to be heard and believed, for one thing, but just as importantly, because they may be informing us about something that is harming every single one of us even if we aren’t aware of it!


What is electromagnetic hypersensitivity?  

“All over the world, electro-hypersensitive people are hiding in the most remote, isolated, forgotten and desperate places. It is towards these sensitive human beings that I will ask you on June 16, 2022 to show solidarity and to carry the voice of those who can no longer do so by showing your support for this cause that concerns us all!”

This is a statement on the website for the World EHS Day, which is being recognized for the 5th year in a row this June 16th, 2022.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is also known as microwave syndrome, or radiation sickness. There is no set of specific, definite symptoms that all EHS sufferers will experience. This is because EMFs affect the body as a whole, and the symptoms generally show up where any individual body has a genetic weakness or injury. Common symptoms include headaches, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep, tinnitus, heart irregularities, brain fog and digestive issues. It may be very difficult to determine that these symptoms are caused by EMFs and not something else, since any one of these symptoms could have a variety of causes. The main telling factor for EHS sufferers is that they feel worse, and their symptoms increase, in the presence of higher levels of EMFs, or around specific EMF sources with fields that may be especially triggering for that individual, like Wifi, smart meters or high voltage power lines.

A conservative estimate is that 5-10% of the world population suffers from mild to extreme EHS. Some speculate that it may be closer to 20% of the population, especially considering everyone who has a multitude of chronic “mystery” symptoms who do not know about the dangers of electromagnetic fields, and therefore could not even consider that as the root cause.

Most of the time, EHS sufferers have other health issues and are sensitive to other environmental exposures as well. Many of them have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), which means they are sensitive to substances that contain chemicals, including cleaning products, personal care products, pesticides, herbicides, air pollution, smoke, and more. They may also have a chronic health issue like Lyme disease or a chronic viral infection, and likely heavy metal toxicity. These issues will increase sensitivity and vulnerability to electromagnetic fields. EHS and its combination of co-factors results in severely limiting what that person can do in the world, as so many things set them off.

Although the creators of World EHS Day strongly encourage informing as many people as possible about the harms of electromagnetic fields, the day was not intended to be an EMF awareness activism day, but specifically to raise awareness about electro hypersensitivity. This is because many of these sensitive people have had to remove themselves from society, so can’t speak about their experience. They can’t spend time in population dense areas, and many of them have little to no tolerance for computer or online activity, even limiting their ability to share on online platforms.



What can you do to raise awareness?

The World EHS Day website has some great suggestions for raising awareness in the general public about something that’s affecting all of us, even though it’s invisible. Although these people feel extreme effects from this harmful environmental element, that doesn’t mean that everyone who feels nothing is immune. Electromagnetic fields have detrimental effects on ALL life forms! As EMF sources and levels increase over time, which is definitely happening all throughout the developed world in an exponential way, more and more people are going to start to feel it, and some will even become debilitated by it.

Now is the time to become aware of the issue, so we can begin reducing our exposure by cultivating good “EMF hygiene”, strengthening our resilience with nutrition and lifestyle changes, and using high quality devices like Blushield to give the body a healthier frequency field to anchor to, reducing the effects of the EMFs.

Here are some ways you can increase awareness in the general public on World EHS Day:

• placing a yellow chair (or a mannequin with a yellow t-shirt) in the middle of populated areas with a sign indicating the ambient EMF levels (which you can test with an EMF meter), symbolizing the absence of the EMF sensitive person who would otherwise be present
• carrying yellow signs at social and cultural gatherings that explain what happened to them and why they are not there
• posting these actions on social media

The goal is to make the invisible visible. Most people have no clue that they are surrounded by manmade, incoherent electromagnetic fields. These frequency fields weaken ALL living organisms in a general way, and are one of the triggering factors of multiple pathologies.



How can EHS sufferers heal and recover?

Although the healing process can be complex and prolonged, many EHS sufferers have found relief by minimizing exposure while simultaneously increasing resilience through nutrition and lifestyle changes, and introducing Blushield home and portable devices into their lives.

Cultivating “EMF hygiene”, such as never talking with a cell phone up to your head or keeping your phone against your body, turning off Wifi when you’re not using it, or having your smart meter replaced with an analog or older digital meter, can go a long way. Many EMF sensitive people find ways to replace their Wifi with a wired connection, and their cell phone with a land line, which are ways to considerably reduce your EMF exposure.

Gentle but effective heavy metal detox will remove toxic concentrations of heavy metals from the body. Excess metals that are not being used by the body, and are stuck in the tissues in a state of positive charge (rather than the neutral salt form of the minerals the body is utilizing), act as an antenna for ambient EMF. Reducing metal loads makes you a weaker antenna, which is what you want.

Improving overall organ and mitochondrial function with nutrition, targeted supplementation and healthy lifestyle changes is a powerful element in the healing process. Ensuring adequate magnesium status (to act as a natural calcium channel blocker, decreasing EMF reactivity), as well as overall body mineralization is essential to keeping the cells and mitochondria functioning optimally. This can be achieved through a nutrient rich diet and targeted supplementation. On top of that, adding in adaptogenic herbs like chaga (and other medicinal mushrooms), schizandra and many others are a powerful way to increase resilience to all of life’s stressors, natural and artificial.

Introducing a high quality active scalar device like Blushield, to give the body a healthy, biologically coherent frequency field to anchor to, can significantly reduce the harmful effects of EMFs. Our bodies are accustomed to the infinitely varied coherent fields that exist in nature, and this external frequency field keeps our own bodies regulated and functioning optimally. The problem is that the harmful EMFs are considerably stronger in amplitude than the natural background EMFs, drowning them out.

Blushield produces an infinitely varied (never repeating the same frequencies at the same amplitude more than once) frequency field based on the known patterns of nature, but at a higher amplitude, so the body can perceive the field and anchor to it. Blushield home and portable devices can be used as a powerful tool for healing EHS. We have many customers who suffer from EHS, who have been desperate for answers, whose lives have changed once they started using Blushield. Please see our Testimonials page for a few of these amazing stories!

Let’s take a day this week to raise awareness about electromagnetic hypersensitivity, its insidious and all-pervasive cause, and the helpful solutions that are now available to relieve the suffering of so many!


Read more about EHS here.


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