Interview with Blushield Founder Mark Langdon

Interview with Blushield Founder Mark Langdon

In the above interview I had the pleasure to interview Mark Langdon, who is the founder and co-developer of Blushield EMF protection devices.

Mark has been developing and working with EMF protection devices for over 25 years, and has designed and created some of the most sophisticated and effective EMF protection devices utilizing modern microprocessing technology.

In this interview we cover:

  • How NASA originally figured out the importance of the Earth’s electromagnetic field in regards to human health
  • The evolution of Blushield technology and how the multi-waveform microprocessing technology came to be
  • Why it is impossible to physically block EMF (even though a meter may measure a decrease in field strength)
  • What scalar energy is, and the unique crystal photonic scalar method that Blushield pioneered
  • EMF and its epigenetic consequences
  • Why pendants, stickers, and stones don’t really work for EMF protection
  • Active EMF protection technology vs passive
  • How Blushield’s algorithms are programmed to follow natural laws
  • The development of 5G Wifi cities and why we need something that works long term at the cell level
  • Results of human blood and urine tests, as well as results from a 1-year study on factory farm chickens, and dairy cows grazing near a TV mast in New Zealand

Below is a transcript of the audio interview:



Brandon: My name is Brandon Amalani, and in this audio I’m going to be interviewing Mark Langdon, who is a co-developer and the founder of Blushield Global. Mark has created these very sophisticated and powerful EMF protection devices that help our body deal with the stress of electromagnetic fields that our body has not really had the chance to evolve and adapt to over the last 20 or 30 years.

I’m really excited to be interviewing Mark because I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him, and I feel like he has a lot of valuable information to share with everybody regarding EMFs and how to protect ourselves in a legitimate way, long term.

So without further ado, welcome Mark! Thanks for being here.

Mark: Thanks, Brandon, nice to be here.

Brandon: I was curious, I thought maybe you could introduce yourself and tell people a little bit about your background. I know you’ve been in this industry, and working with these types of devices for over 25 years, so I thought you might like to share a little bit of your background with people today.

Mark: It goes back a ways, it goes back to when I was about 16, and met up with this guy that’s a friend of mine, and he was the one who was originally looking into this technology in the beginning, and experimenting with electromagnetic fields, coils, et cetera, and actually had a working device. Way back in the ’80s… this would have been around about ’86, ’87. I became interested because it was something new, something exciting. I could see the potential for the use of the products.

Now initially, the idea came from NASA, and the way that when they send astronauts up above the Earth’s magnetic field, when the astronauts are out of the protective field of the Earth, they start going a little crazy. They start beating each other up in the spacecraft and getting all aggressive. So this is a real problem, as you can imagine.

Brandon: So would they experience anything else besides aggression? I mean, was there a negative health impact on the body, or anything of that nature?

Mark: Back in the ’60s and ’70s, and I don’t think they were really up there that long, I guess there were some Russian cosmonauts that were up there for quite a bit longer, and of course they did experience muscle wasting and bone loss, which is to be expected in a weightless environment. Obviously there were radiation effects from cosmic rays, which can cause people to feel nauseous, and affect their energy levels and immune system. NASA initially developed a small device which they called a Schumann resonance device, which was simply a magnetic field that was pulsing at around 7.8 hertz. This would cause the astronauts to return to normal behavior. This was quite well known in the scientific community at that point in time. There was nothing in the public domain as far as any device that would protect people from electromagnetic fields, Wifi… Wifi wasn’t in use so much then, obviously. Cell phone technologies, et cetera, are pretty new, so the jury was out on the effects of radiation in those days. There was some indication from Japan, who was probably the most advanced society and country at that time, and they found there was a correlation between increases in cancer rates and the proliferation of wireless technologies. Japan was one of the initial countries in the world which actually indicated that there was a problem there.

Going back to the idea of having this Schumann resonance going, or generating the field, an electromagnetic field, which is simply a pulsed electrical current going through a coil, which would then emit a magnetic field… we’ll go through later on, perhaps talk about the difference between magnetic fields and these current devices we have now, which are pure scalar.

There was a magnetic field that was purely physical. It could be read with a device, we can pick up the frequency, we can tell what it’s doing. In a lot of cases, people can feel the effects more easily. People sitting in front of the TV for a long period of time are going to feel tired, probably fall asleep. With the lower frequencies, of course, which were around 7.8 hertz, it’s an alpha frequency, so people are sort of relaxed but alert. That was in use by NASA initially.

Brandon: So just to stop you there and go back a little bit, for people that aren’t familiar with the term EMF or Schumann resonance, do you mind defining that for us?

Mark: EMF is referring to electromagnetic fields. It can also be referred to as EMR, or electromagnetic radiation, all the same thing. Radiofrequency is another type of electromagnetic field. So an electromagnetic field does not leave the source, so if it’s a coil, it’s emitted and it collapses back on itself, it’s emitted and it collapses back on itself, whereas radiofrequency, like Wifi, the electromagnetic field actually leaves the device and travels off into space until it actually dissipates. There are slight differences in different types of electromagnetic fields, but any electrical equipment will emit this kind of field, and any electrical equipment that emits a single frequency, which we’ll go into a little bit later, is going to be doing some kind of harm in the long term. We’re not talking about short term effects, we’re talking about the long term, 5-10 years down the track. What happens when we’re exposed to constant frequencies which do stress out our endocrine system and immune system.

Brandon: Right. So would it be accurate to say that there are beneficial EMFs, and non beneficial EMFs, then?

Mark: It all really boils down to frequencies and how they’re delivered. EMFs in general, it depends on what it is, sometimes exposure for short periods of time can be just as dangerous as someone exposed to the same thing for long periods of time, so it just really depends on how the field is generated, what you’re using to broadcast the information, or whatever is coming out from the device. It really boils down to what kind of modality you’re trying to use. Most of wireless technology is what they call narrow band devices. You’ve got different frequency ranges which you use specifically so they are actually single frequency, set at a single tuned frequency so that the receiver can pick up the actual signal.

Brandon: Interesting. You reference scalar energy. What exactly is scalar energy?

Mark: When we talk about electromagnetic fields, we’re talking about something fairly physical, which can be read using an instrument. Every single electromagnetic field has what we call a scalar component. So to each physical thing in the universe, there’s a non-physical counterpart, which is what we call the blueprint, or the information to do with that physical aspect of things. It could be a living thing, it can be considered to have a physical and a non-physical aspect to it. People have a body, which is the physical, and a spirit which is non-physical, right? Likewise, with electromagnetic fields, it has a readable field, and also a non-readable field. That non-readable field can be easily picked up by living systems, and generally that’s what affects the body. Not so much the magnetic field, but the actual scalar, or the information counterpart to the electromagnetic field. Let’s look at that a little bit later on, because it’s getting quite technical.

What are the differences with EMF? Well, EMF as we said is pretty physical. There’s another type of radiation called radiofrequency, which is your Wifi, your computer may be wireless, your iPad, your smart phone, et cetera. They’re all wireless devices using radiofrequency, so radiofrequency is merely a higher bandwidth at a higher frequency, and that is leaving the device, so the magnetic field isn’t contained only in the device itself. There will be a certain amount of radiation emitted from the device, but the actual signal is leaving and covering a large area. So all these manmade wireless devices are harmful, because the main thing is they’re set at a single frequency. A single frequency is like dripping water. Eventually, it’s going to get on your nerves, eventually it’s going to be a problem to your sympathetic nervous system. You’re going to get irritated, you’re going to feel aggressive, you’re going to get uptight, you’re going to feel stressed out because of the single frequency. Even though you don’t even know it’s there, even though you’re not even consciously aware that there’s actually this frequency there, because you can’t feel it. Most people can’t feel the effects of something, unless they’ve been sitting in front of the Wifi router for the last 20 minutes and they feel kind of wiped out, well that’s a side effect from it, but the actual field itself, most people can’t even feel that. So it’s something that’s just silent in the background, but it’s a constant thing. So it’s like this ticking, this dripping water, that really starts to irritate the sympathetic nervous system after some time, and it starts to cause the body to become out of balance.

Brandon: So, going back to the astronauts and that technology, it’s just fascinating that you would spend most of your adult life just refining this and creating a technology that’s just so next level, in my opinion, from everything I’ve experienced and talking with people that have used it over a long period of time. Just seeing how sophisticated this technology is. So how’s the evolution of that, like you saw these pulsed devices that seemed to have some benefit, but lose their benefit over the time because it’s repetitive and it’s not dynamic. Can you tell me a little bit about how the Blushield series evolved into the Tesla Gold Series?

Mark: Yeah, back in the ’80s where I met my friend, he was the one who’s an engineer who was initially developing and coming up with these ideas. I then had some input down the track, in suggesting that maybe he could do things in different ways. We looked at different ways, without using coils. I was very sensitive, you see, so I could actually feel the effects of what these machines are doing. To me, there were a few things about the device which I didn’t like. So I suggested making a few changes, and he made a few changes and he was quite surprised because it seemed that whatever I felt should be changed, it worked out really well in the electronics. I have no electronic background. I don’t have any education in electronics, but I have the ideas, which tend to come intuitively and seem to back up the design evolution of the product.

There’s actually three people involved in the current technology. We were playing around with this back in the ’80s, and back in about ’90-’96 I set up the company and started to produce a product called Bioshield. That was out there for a while, and it seemed to do okay, but the world wasn’t ready for it. It was too new of a technology, and we also hadn’t refined it to its best degree. So I went off to Asia and spent a bit of time over there, met my wife, had a family, came back here in 2009 to New Zealand and then decided that’s what I should do is start it up again. So in 2010, I set up to start manufacturing Blushield and started off with simply a portable, and at that point in time we had a microprocessor, which was necessary to produce the right frequencies and algorithms to actually be useful for EMF protection.

In the initial stages there was a little bit of tweaking, a little bit of development going on, and a few changes that I felt needed to happen to it, and yeah, we just got going. It took about 4 years, and I had a bit of a eureka moment where we had a breakthrough in the microprocessor technology and the programming, to enable the Blushield as it is now to be as good as it is now. So we had a really good EMF protection device initially, when I started doing this, but now it’s turned into a great EMF protection device, because of the slight alterations to the microprocessor programming.

Brandon: Yeah, absolutely. When I was first exposed to this technology, an acupuncturist colleague of mine said that one of his friends, who’s a licensed and practicing acupuncturist, had a patient that basically plugged, I think it was the Plugin, into their wall, and for the next few days they started having headaches. I just thought it was really strange that an EMF protection device could cause some sort of Herxheimer reaction or detox. So it got me curious about the technology, and that’s when I met you and started talking to you, and learning what was going on with these devices at the subtle energy levels and the physical levels.

During that evolution of the Blushield technology, when did you start doing the tests? The tests on the website are pretty profound. The chicken farm study, the cows, the urine analysis, the human blood analysis. There’s some pretty profound implications to that research. I was curious when you started testing these on people and animals.

Mark: Some of those tests were done on the previous models, which were back in the ’90s. So we did do some testing around about the year 1999-2000, on cows, as well as chickens. To counter any placebo effect, and to rule out the possibility that this is just psychosomatic, we decided to do some animal testing, just to be sure that this is no placebo effect, this is not wishful thinking. It’s not the magic box that makes you feel good just because you think it does. These are real scientific and validated results. We found that the chickens had less mortality, laid more eggs, bigger eggs. The most profound change in the chicken test was the noise in the chicken coop. Now, most chicken coops, you walk in there and the hens are clucking away. Most people don’t know this, but this is only because the hens are stressed out. They’re in a steel shed, so their environment is kind of cut off from the natural resonance of the Earth, or the Schumann resonance, or the magnetic field from the Earth, the scalar counterpart of the Earth. It’s a very very weak field that’s emitted from the Earth, and it causes our systems to maintain a good balance. But since the invention of wireless technologies, this Earth resonance is kind of drowned out. So mankind’s technology overrides everything. What we really needed to do was make something that could override that.

The most profound thing in there was just the noise. You walk in there, it’s really quiet. These chickens should be clucking away, but they’re just really quiet, and really settled. Proof is in the pudding, you know? You go into one chicken coop that doesn’t have the product, and you go into another one, the difference in noise is profound.

Brandon: It’s also interesting, as well, that they didn’t find any traces of parasites in the blood, when they did the blood analysis on them. Prior to that, they had, which is pretty substantial.

Mark: Yeah, everyone wants to see blood. That’s why we did the human blood test. There’s a decrease in oxidation, a decrease in crystallization, no parasitic action in the blood, the cell membranes of the red blood cells are a lot thicker because the cells are healthier, so the oxygen carrying capacity was better. You didn’t get the Rouleaux effect, which is the stacking of blood cells like the stacking of plates, which decreases the ability for oxygen uptake in the blood. All these effects that normally occur, in a normal environment… now, a normal environment, these days, entails wireless technologies. So people these days who are living without any kind of protection are always subject to wireless radiation of some kind. Now, this is an interesting fact, in America when they first released AM radio, there was a certain amount of the population that was susceptible to AM radio, and a lot of these people got brain tumors and died because of it. That was when AM radio was out.

We had a TV mast here in New Zealand that was put up in 1970 over the other side of the mountain range where it backed up against. Before that was put up, the cows were quite happy in their natural environment there. When the TV mast went up, that’s when the farmers needed to put out salt blocks. So these cows were stressed out, therefore they were going through their minerals, they needed extra minerals to maintain their balance. So it really upset everything. A lot more incidence of mastitis, high somatic cell count. We did actually do some studies on farms and found the somatic cell count, which is the white blood cell count in milk, actually came down to a normal level. That normally happened within about 10 days.

So we’ve looked at the dairy industry here in New Zealand. Frontier is a huge company, and they’re not even interested in looking at this technology because… for whatever reason. It improves the milk quality, the protein in the milk. We did testing on some farms and found out a few things. It takes about 10 days for the animal to come back to a normal level, and for the somatic cell count in the milk, which could be as high as 5,000, to come down to acceptable levels, down to about 300 and below. So there’s a lot of benefits, but somehow New Zealand is not ready for this technology. This is why we’re mainly selling it overseas, and to those more open minded people who have this idea of, well, we’ll at least give this a go, let’s try this out, got some evidence here that it works. Let’s get to it. Unfortunately, that’s just the way things are at the moment. Some people are slow to catch on.

Brandon: I think it’s important to point out that this isn’t blocking anything. Basically if you have any EMF readers, RF readers, anything that picks up electromagnetic frequencies in the environment, you’re not actually seeing the frequencies being erased or blocked, you’re actually strengthening the cellular biology so you’re more resistant to the stress of electromagnetic fields. Would that be fair to say?

Mark: Yeah, when anyone from any company that produces a so-called EMF protection device, when they say, “well this little sticker you stick on your phone blocks all the EMF, 99.9% of it.” Well, I don’t believe that’s possible. Most people really don’t stop to think, “Hey, if it blocks 99.9% of my radiation from my phone, then why have I still got a signal on my phone?” If it blocked the EMF from your phone, your phone shouldn’t have a signal. It shouldn’t work. Unfortunately, people are really being preyed on by marketing jargon, and it’s not responsible. If you put a sticker on the back of your phone and think you’re safe now, well then think again.

This is the responsibility that companies should be taking on. They’re selling a $30 sticker. Maybe the product, when subjected to tests, the 2 centimeter circle, probably that doesn’t let EMF through it. But it’s only a 2 centimeter circle that sticks on your phone. It’s only going to stop a 2 centimeter area of signal from being emitted. 9 times out of 10, it’s false protection. That’s really unfortunate that there’s a huge number of products out there, you’ve got pendants, you’ve got anything that’s a passive device. These things you wear around your neck, you’ve got these pyramids or stones or these little resin circles with iron shavings in them. If people had really any idea of what they’re gambling with, you’re risking your health just to use one of these so-called devices which are passive, which don’t have any battery, don’t have any power output, or any obvious output, you’re risking your health just by using something like that, for the sake of saving a few dollars. What is your health worth to you?

A lot of so-called EMF protection devices out there, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, we’ve got something that’s got a little plate, it’s got a coil in there, and you hang it around your neck and you’re okay. It’s unfortunate that there’s a lot of companies that aren’t actually taking responsibility for people’s health, when they should be.

Brandon: Right, and some of those devices actually amplify the EMF as well as the biofield of the body, so it’s amplifying both at the same time.

Mark: Yeah, there’s no control over that, so it could be amplifying whatever is around, you’re exactly right.

Brandon: That’s a great distinction to understand, passive versus active. I think that it really is an excellent solution, you see these 5G Wifi cities they’re trying to create, or in the works of creating. At some point, I know people that will basically cage their Smart meter, or try and do things around their house to block or actually physically shield, but we’re getting to a point where there are only going to be more cell towers built. People are only going to want more reception and more power in more places. So this offers a solution where you don’t really have to go to that extreme of remediating your house in that way, where it’s very very costly, but then you’re still exposed to those elements when you go outside your house.

Mark: Well, the thing is, Brandon, a lot of these so-called shielding devices only shield the electromagnetic field aspect of the actual signal. They don’t stop the scalar from penetrating. Scalar can penetrate through 6 meters of solid concrete, or 6 feet of solid steel. Scalar moves at the subatomic level, there’s a space between atoms where this field moves through, so you cannot protect yourself or shield yourself from EMF. It’s absolutely impossible. You may be able to see on your meter, “ah, it’s decreased a little bit”, you may have put out this expensive shielding fabric to try and minimize the amount of EMF, or the amount of radiofrequency getting into the room. Save money.

Brandon: What you’re talking about is really the subtle energy behind all electromagnetic waves and frequencies, right? The scalar is essentially part of all matter, but it exists at the subatomic particle, faster than the speed of light level, correct?

Mark: Yeah, a lot of people don’t understand the fact that the electromagnetic field is only one part of the problem. The real problem that affects the cells is the scalar component of that, so it’s the invisible counterpart which can’t be picked up on a meter, that’s actually doing the damage. The scalar field is actually 5 times more powerful than the EMF field. So if you’re picking up 100 milligauss on your EMF detector from a product, it’s probably 500 milligauss of scalar energy coming out. So you can’t detect that energy, but living systems pick it up. There’s evidence that this exists in nature. You just have to see how plants and animals communicate using scalar waves.

It’s becoming accepted in the mainstream that scalar energy, or some people refer to it as tachyon, orgone, information fields, biocompatible information frequencies, all these terminologies for the same thing. You can just call it scalar, or information field. It’s really ones and zeros. So that’s what you’re being affected by. It’s the way in which these fields are emitted that is doing the damage to people, and the consequences are far reaching. Within 5 generations from now, if we don’t do anything now to protect our DNA from damage from EMF, 5 generations down the track we’ll be seeing birth deformities, mutations in the human genome that can’t be reversed. So it’s really important that we deal with the situation that’s happening now, because now is the time that this technology is new, wireless devices are out there.

If you can protect yourself at a cell level, which is what the Blushield does, it stops these cells responding to any negative impact from EMF. So it’s like an antioxidant that’s covering you at a cell level. Don’t waste your time and money on these so-called passive products, shielding products, little stickers for your phone. Absolute waste of money, waste of time. Unfortunately, they’ve been marketed and people that have a fear of EMF are being preyed on, and led up a golden path where they think they’re protected, and they’re actually not. So it’s a real risk to peoples’ health. A little sticker will not protect your health. A little pendant around your neck will not prevent you from being affected by EMF. You need to produce a scalar field strong enough to penetrate every cell in the body, to give life enhancing frequencies to the body, and nurture the body so these cells are free to get rid of toxins, and free to uptake nutrients.

This is the basic, fundamental aspect of EMF which causes disease, when you’re exposed to EMF of a single frequency, and it could be anything, it could be 50 hertz, 60 hertz from the mains, it could be a cell phone. What happens is that because these EMF electrical waves are interfering with the electrical impulses in the body, all the cells in the body react and go into a “shut down” mode, so it interferes with cellular communication. The cells start to shut down. They don’t shut down completely, of course, but they do start to restrict the amount of toxins released from the cell, and also the amount of nutrients that can be uptaken, and oxygen into the cell. So the cell function is decreased quite substantially.

Now what happens when we introduce Blushield into the picture is that these communication gateways open up. The body no longer responds to EMF, or the negative effects from it. The nutrients are uptaken, there’s an increase in oxygen levels, and there’s also the release of toxins from cells. So a lot of these people that have these detox reactions, it’s because they’re being subjected to EMF for such a long time, their body is storing up all these toxins in the cells, and finally has a chance to release them. Initially when people use a Blushield, they will experience a detox effect, which will only be transient. Generally in most cases it will only last a few days to a week. If someone is very sick and they have cancer, or they have some immune system problem, or some immunodeficiency, they will probably experience a longer detox than most other people. Probably the longest I’ve heard of anyone experiencing anything is about six weeks, in an elderly person with cancer. After the six weeks, her life had changed. She became a new person, had a whole lot more energy and even though she was sick, she was able to deal with things a lot better than she was previously. It affects people on different levels. Some people say, “Ah, I can’t feel a thing,” but even if you can’t feel anything happening, there’s still an effect.

Brandon: Right, absolutely. We’re seeing all of what you’re saying with gene mutations, and certain forms of cancers and tumors, and not a lot of people know some of the cutting edge research about how the DNA communicates through photons, or light. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s not really far out to look at the body as an energetic, and a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual whole. So when we look at energy devices like this that kind of filter down from the subtle energy realm down into the energy systems, the organ systems, and then into the physical cells of the body. It seems, from what we’ve seen over and over with not only your research, but what we’ve seen in real time is that it’s really safe and balancing for people. It allows the body to heal itself, it doesn’t actually do any kind of healing, even though you could look at it like a “slow drip”, kind of like an IV, because it’s pulsing every 30 seconds and re-entraining and sweeping all the cells of the body. You see that it’s actually giving the body the potential to heal, balance itself and strengthen itself without the stress of… in my opinion, it’s not just the EMF stress, but any type of stress, from toxicity, overwork. It seems to be profound for people’s bodies on a lot of different levels, not just the electromagnetic.

Mark: Yeah, that’s right. The main thing we get asked is, “How do you know these frequencies aren’t actually doing harm?” Well, we found this out, that the body actually has a natural filter. The body is a very good aerial and picks up frequencies from nature. If you go down to the beach and you hear the waves crashing in, or the sound of the sea lapping the shore, and you hear that “swish swish” sound? Those are literally millions of frequencies that are being generated from the waves, so the sound that you hear, the “shhhh, shhhh”, the sound is many many frequencies combined together. The ebb and flow of the tide sometimes is a sound, and sometimes is not. There’s a rest, then there’s a sound again, then there’s a rest. Same goes if you’re walking in fall, the wind in the trees, occasionally there will be a gust of wind and you’ll hear the rustling of the trees. Those are all frequencies, and these are natural frequencies which exist in nature all the time. So it’s not only the frequencies of the actual Earth, not the 7.83 hertz we’re talking about here, there’s many many frequencies in the Schumann resonance of the Earth.

Brandon: A lot of people make it sound like the 7.83 hertz is just static, but it’s really dynamic. It’s actually oscillating and changing, and always moving.

Mark: Yes, it’s very dynamic. This just may be a predominant frequency in the alpha range, but there’s many many Schumann resonance frequencies of the Earth. In nature, there are millions and millions of frequencies going on all the time. So if you’re outside and you’re exposed to these frequencies, you feel great. The wind against your face, all these things are creating frequencies. What we found out initially is that these frequencies are only there spontaneously, and are there for a split second and gone. This is the same case for the Blushield, they’re there for a split second and they’re gone. Now, we found out that the body has a natural filter, so the body responds positively, and this is a very important thing to remember, the body responds positively to all frequencies, even those that are considered harmful long term, the body responds positively to all frequencies if they’re there spontaneously. The frequencies that may be negatively impacting the body, which may be there as well, do not affect the body unless they’re there for more than 15 seconds. If you have one particular frequency, such as 50 hertz, 60 hertz from the mains, if you’re there more than 15 seconds it will start to have a negative effect. But if it’s there spontaneously, it actually has a positive effect.

So this is why we know that Blushield, and the way we’ve designed the waveform to produce these millions of frequencies that are coming out of the device, every half minute you’ll get thousands and thousands of frequencies being emitted from the device. The ebb and the flow. The swishing of the leaves in the wind, or the ebb and flow of the tide and the sound of the waves. It’s a very similar thing to that, and this is just enough to keep the body at a relaxed but alert state. The body never gets used to these frequencies because they’re always changing. They are never the same set of frequencies, ever. The algorithm we use in there is changing the frequencies all the time, over the normal human range of frequencies. Also, you’ll get added harmonics, and there’s a few things we do with the frequencies which you probably won’t see if you saw it on a scope, if you saw the waveform on a scope you would think it’s only one waveform, but there’s a whole lot of waveforms going on inside the microchip, and the frequency output is actually quite different than what you would see on a scope. We’ve got a few tricks in there, and this makes the Blushield Tesla Gold Series the best possible EMF protection device that’s out there. Nothing really comes close.

A lot of people are dealing with Solfeggio frequencies, Schumann resonance frequencies. One machine for love, one machine for happiness, one machine for wealth, one machine for health. I mean, the list goes on. Why not just have one device that does it all? That’s what we’ve done here, we’ve got one device that’s in different models, different forms, to do one job, and to do it well. You don’t need to go and buy 5 or 6 different machines to get whatever you want. Frequencies have an effect on the body, they have an effect on your whole psyche, they have an effect on your mood, how you feel. If you feel happy, you’re going to attract happy people. So there’s a positive aspect to this whole thing.

We’ve got a portable that you can take anywhere with you, we’ve got a Plugin for the house, which protects the whole house, we’ve got the Cube, which does a larger area. If you’re in higher EMF areas where there are cell phone towers, you need the Cube. If you’re just in an area where you’ve got Wifi around you, probably a Plugin would be okay, and a Portable when you go outside your protected zone. So when you leave your office, or you leave your house, you’ve got your protection, you take your portable with you. It’s putting out all the same information, every device is the same, so there’s no need for the body to adjust. Once the body adjusts to the field from the Blushield, of course, and if you don’t have it, or you’re not exposed to the Blushield, what happens is when you’re outside that your body will start to react to these EMFs. So it’s best to take the protection with you. If you go out in the rain without a rain coat, you’re going to get wet. If you go out of the house and you don’t take your Blushield, you’re going to be affected by EMF.

In the initial stages, you’ll probably find that the effects will be more noticeable because this protection is new to the body, and the body needs to adjust to it. The body will strengthen over time and become more resilient to EMF, but it is always recommended that you take the protection with you everywhere you go. On a plane flight, on trains, cars, whatever you travel in. There’s a lot of electrical equipment out there, electric trains, electric cars these days, and people are affected by the fields whether they know it or not. It does affect their whole being.

Brandon: Well, it’s not just affecting their being, it’s affecting epigenetic health. How our cells communicate, divide, transfer information, code information in the body, that’s being passed down to our children and our children’s children. So who knows what the real long term effects are.

Mark: Also, DNA damage. DNA damage happens when you get a single frequency that knocks on one particular protein in the DNA, and when you take a hammer and bang on one point for a long enough time, it eventually breaks. So you get damage in the DNA, and of course if the body cannot repair that for whatever reason, then that DNA becomes a mutation. Then that mutation may or may not be passed on to the offspring, it just depends on when that happened and how that happened, and how early on in the life previous to this happening. There are a whole lot of factors you have to take into account. Ultimately, there is DNA damage, and there is scientific evidence out there to suggest that, with embryo chicks they’ve done testing on with the US government, with radar, and the effects radar has on embryos.

Brandon: I notice, too, that people I work with typically have a really healthy lifestyle. They’re eating a very mineral rich diet, getting a lot of variety of different herbs and foods in their diet. They’re often times practicing qigong or tai chi, some of these energy work practices, keeping their biofield and their physical body very strong. But even then, people are noticing better sleep patterns, they’re noticing they’re more relaxed and chill, and being able to focus on doing computer work and things that would normally zap and dry their eyes. It’s pretty amazing. I’m curious, what are some of the more interesting results you’ve seen with people that have written in to you, on Blushield?

Mark: So the people that you know are actually being affected in a positive way from Blushield, are you saying that?

Brandon: Yeah, and people that are healthy, don’t seem to have negative impacts from EMF or Wifi, because they’re generally healthy, they generally have a strong biofield. Again, some people aren’t really sensitive. But we see this in herbalism, and in energy work, bodywork and acupuncture, that some people just don’t really live in their bodies. They’re not completely present to their body, and the signals their body’s giving them. If you’re really silent and empty, your body will tell you what’s going on at any given moment.

So there’s all these degrees of people that are sensitive to EMF, and what I see a lot is people are almost getting an allergy to it. It’s kind of like eating the same food over and over. Eventually your body creates a histamine response, the lectins build up, which can generate a physical allergic reaction to a food. Likewise, if somebody’s not really exposed, lives in the country for instance, and then they go live in a city for a while, and they have all these symptoms and all these problems come up. Or, somebody is born around a cell tower, and later in life they might have a really hypersensitive, acute sensitivity to EMF. I was just curious about some things that you’ve come across from people, how it’s improved their life, all the way from really healthy people to very very electromagnetically sensitive people.

Mark: Well, you’ll find that most people that are electro sensitive… and the way to find that out is if you have any allergies, or food intolerances, then you are electrically hypersensitive. There’s no doubt about that. There’s definitely a correlation between allergies to certain allergens that cause food intolerances like for example, gluten, Celiac’s disease if you have Celiac’s, and you’re exposed to gluten you have a reaction. I can guarantee that you’ll be EHS. They go hand in hand. People that have chemical sensitivities are sensitive to EMFs. One way to really know that is, most people know themselves… people with asthma, people that get hayfever, even if it’s something that only happens in certain seasons. If you are allergic to some allergens, well then you are EHS, there’s no doubt about it, a definite correlation.

So what I see happening is that some of these people that have come to me and said, “look, I’ve got all these problems, can you help me?” Well, the body helps itself, if it’s given the right circumstances and the right environment to help itself. What Blushield is doing here is creating an environment where the body will actually start to release toxins, start to get rid of the built up stuff that’s been there for years and years, and enable the body to have this extra energy to be able to do that. If people are weighed down by their allergic reactions, for a start, they’re not going to be able to detox, you know? They may be on medications, which is another chemical thing, which is just going to add to the toxic environment of their body.

I’ve seen people come to me in a really bad state of health, and there’s a few things that maybe they’re not doing right, but mostly the effects I see from these people is from EMF. These people aren’t actually aware that this is a problem. So the people may be experiencing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sore eyes, generally feeling lethargic. Some of these people are actually affected to such a degree that they can’t live in their houses. I have dealt with people who live in their cars, because they can’t stand to be in the house.

Now, this one particular lady I remember in Canada, she was living in her car, she received the Blushield products and she plugged them into her house, and within about 3 days, she was able to go back into the house and live. This was incredible, this changed her whole life. Imagine not being able to live in your own house, because of the wires in the walls, or whatever it may be. Maybe it was a house that wasn’t earthed properly, whatever, stray voltage going on, I don’t really know, but what I do know is that this lady was living in her car because she was EHS, electrically hypersensitive. She could not live in her house. Then she went from living in her car to living in her house again. It just changed her life.

We’ve had people that have had heart problems. That’s a pretty bad thing to have. It’s not the device that causes any healing in the body. What the product does is relieve the stress on the body, so the body can actually heal itself. The body has the ability to do that, under the right circumstances. You can’t go and say, “this is a medical device and it heals people.” No, it doesn’t. It enables the right environment for the body to be stress free, and to actually have the energy to start to repair itself, because the body repairs itself. If you break your arm or your leg, it fixes itself over time. It doesn’t just fall off after a while, you know? The body repairs itself. The body is constantly replacing cells. So if the body doesn’t have the required energy and resources to do certain things, what happens is the body does things in order of priority. So if you had cancer and you cut yourself, the cancer wouldn’t heal first, the cut would heal first. The body deals with things in order of priority. It spends the energy it has on what it needs to do.

People that are generally very sick have been exposed to EMF for years and years, and obviously maybe dietary factors are a part of that, as well. There’s a whole lot of other environmental factors that could be contributing to that, but a huge amount of that is EMF. Stress from exposure to TV signals, radio signals. I mean, radio’s been around forever. We’ve got FM radio, AM radio, all these things everywhere all of the time, and they’re a constant stress. If you get a major power cut in the city, everything just goes real quiet, you know? Have you ever experienced that, having a power cut? So everything seems real quiet, and the noise of the ambient EMF is just gone. Wow, what a relief! Someone flipped the switch and everything just went down. The noise… there’s a very subtle noise coming from electrical appliances that is just out of the hearing range for most people, that buzzing sound. Some people can hear it in the main board, the buzzing sound of the frequencies. That’s there all the time, but when the power goes off, it’s gone. There’s just this tremendous peace.

In an effect, Blushield is creating more of a peaceful environment, so the body can return to a normal state of health. Your stress is relieved, cell communication is increased, oxygen uptake and nutrient uptake going back into the cell, the cell detoxes. People that are non-believers, who say, “this is just absolute rubbish, this is just make believe, psychosomatic, whatever,” If it wasn’t giving people a detox, well obviously it wouldn’t be working. So when we see detox symptoms happen virtually straight away from a person using the product, we know that it’s working. It’s obvious that it’s doing something, so you can’t dismiss that. It’s going to happen with almost everyone. You’re going to get the odd person that probably doesn’t even know what to look out for, you know? They might just get a very mild headache, or you may feel a little bit stiff in your joints one day, or wake up with a creaky back, or whatever it may be.

These subtle symptoms are detox symptoms, and it’s merely the cells dumping toxins into the bloodstream. You might feel a bit woozy. Just drink plenty of water, take some vitamin C. Do some jumping on a trampoline, try and get yourself active, help get rid of these toxins. That’s just the initial reaction. So you get a dumping of toxins, because all of the sudden there’s relief, the stress is gone, it’s like the power going off and you’re just going, “ahhhh yes, it’s great!”

Brandon: Right, absolutely. Until I found your products and your technology, I’ve always gone the natural path as much as possible, using certain minerals like shungite, getting out into nature and doing long hikes, and just immersing myself in nature as much as possible. Lots of herbs, lots of minerals, a good healthy clean diet. But when I started implementing your products, it’s noticeable. I like the fact that even though I’m going to still be doing qigong and eating well, and doing all these things to maintain a healthy body, it’s nice to know that that’s there, and it’s constantly improving your health because of what you said about how it’s dynamic, it’s always changing. You’re never exposed to the same combination of frequencies twice, and it’s always kind of sweeping the cells in that way.

That makes me think also, with other devices, I’m not going to name any companies or names, but it would seem that it’s almost kind of dangerous to always put out the same frequency, even if it’s a “beneficial” one, because like you were saying, you could take frequencies that would be considered to be harmful to the body, but in that split second of being exposed to it, it doesn’t actually harm the body, but helps the body. It’s kind of like what we have in herbal medicine as far as that saying that goes, “the only difference between a medicine and a poison is dosage,” and how you use it. It seems like a lot of these devices, even if they’re pumping out Schumann and it’s just a constant signal, it seems like that can be destructive to the body over time.

Mark: Yeah, we found out early in the ’90s that single frequency devices, or anything that’s fixed… so you’ve got these pendants, the frequency doesn’t change, the circuit doesn’t change, there’s no power to amplify anything anyway… some of these things are like a piece of brass with a coil and a capacitor in it, and there’s no way they can be powerful enough to combat any EMF, let alone do what they say it does. It could be Wifi hitting that and causing it to be amplified, well I doubt it would be amplified anyway, because there’s no power to it, there’s no circuit, there’s no electronic method of amplification. This is the thing with all these other products, people get swept away by the marketing. The marketing can be very clever and very precise at telling a story, but when it comes down to the actual product, it’s got nothing to do with the actual function of the product. This is where the danger lies, where people think they’re being protected, go and use their cell phone, day in day out, thinking, “Oh, great, I’m protected, I’ve got this sticker on my phone” or “I’ve got this hunk of pyramid, shungite in my pocket,” or this mineral, crystal, whatever it may be. They think they’re protected, and they’re not actually protected, and they’re exposing themselves to more and more wireless technologies because they think they are being protected. This is a problem.

Brandon: So some people would say that if you have something that, geometrically or otherwise, creates a scalar field, that the scalar doesn’t necessarily need to be amplified, because it’s working on the subtle energy levels. What are your thoughts on that?

Mark: Well you can’t actually amplify scalar, but you can cause the scalar to be transmitted using different techniques, and using power, over larger distances. This is why we can have large area protection devices, whereas a lot of products out there can only do a small area, like a room. Our products can cover a large area because we do know how to transmit the scalar component over a large distance. So there are mathematical principles, there are algorithms involved, there are natural laws involved. We have to follow natural law when we produce a product like this, because if you’re not looking at the natural laws, like Fibonacci and Golden rule, laws that are inherent in people, inherent in living beings, animals, plants, et cetera, you need to follow those natural laws when you’re making a product. If you don’t, the product is not going to be effective, for a start, but you’re going to come across some problems down the track, when it could be harmful to the user.

For example, when we’re looking at these pendant devices you hang around your neck that are not powered, that are passive, and they claim to pick up the EMF from your environment and transmute it into something else. That’s actually quite impossible to do. People get this idea in their mind that it’s being changed or converted. Yes, energy can be changed and to some degree light can be hitting an object and be converted into heat, and there is a change in the energy. There is also a loss in the energy when that happens, but there’s always a loss in most conversions of energy. To achieve the required protection capability of a product, you need quite high power. Low power, or passive devices, just don’t have the power to protect, and these companies that are producing products that are so-called protection from EMF, or other negative energies, however they explain it, how can they lie to people and outright fool them into thinking, this is deception.

Brandon: You’re right on the point that there is an energy loss anytime energy changes phase, or there’s a biological transmutation, like waves hit the body and the body converts it to heat, or some other form of energy. So obviously there’s nothing you can build that would be 100% effective, because you’re not really stopping it, it’s penetrating through your body most of the time. So what percent effectiveness would you say your devices are?

Mark: Well yeah, nothing is 100%, and there are products out there which I would imagine would be a certain amount effective for a certain period of time, but we’re looking at the long term picture here, we’re not just producing a product that will protect you today or tomorrow. We’re talking about a product that will keep protecting you for 5 years, 10 years, the rest of your life from now on. Our product, the body never gets used to it, and it never stops working for the body. So we have cracked the code, if you like, on how the body is affected from frequencies. This is very important to know if you’re going to produce a product that’s effective.

We’ve estimated mathematically that we should be getting about 93% efficiency for protection for the body. This is something which people need to know, as well, listeners out there. What happens when you use a protection product and you’re protected 93% of the time, that’s a great protection level, that’s excellent. I don’t think there’s anything else out there that would even come close to half of that. Yet, people think, “Well, now I can just use my phone all day, every day.” Well, that’s not really true. A protection product will protect you 93% of the time, but there’s that 7% that’s getting through.

Everyone has a tipping point. It’s like running. Everyone can only run a certain amount of miles a day, and if you push yourself any more than that, of course there might be dire consequences. If you can run 5 miles a day, every day, great! Some people can only run a mile. That’s their tipping point. If you go over that, you’re going to be exhausted, you’re going to be fatigued, drained, you’re going to feel not positive. So everyone has their tipping point. If you’ve got this protection device, great! I can use my phone? Yep, you can! But it doesn’t mean that you can sit on your phone all day and think that you’re going to get 100% protection, when the reality is that you’re getting 93%, and that’s great. Maybe if you use the phone an hour or two hours a day, you’d be okay. But if you push it over your tipping point, or what your body can handle, and people do do this, you might find there will be some consequences. But that’s the body’s way of saying hey, stop here, you’re overdoing it. I’m feeling tired. Stop doing what you’re doing, and that’s the body’s way of telling you that you’ve reached a tipping point, now it’s time to back off. It’s like running, if you run a mile, you can run a mile every day, great. If you go over a mile and a half, you feel the results, you feel really fatigued. Okay, after time, maybe you can run more than a mile, and it’s the same with EMF protection.

After use of the Blushield, you can probably handle more exposure to EMF over time. It’s something that has to be gauged by the individual. Just don’t go and be silly about it and go, I’m okay, now I can start using my devices all of the time. Well, in a lot of cases, we have people that use their products, iPads, cell phones, computers, all day, and feel a whole lot better, and that’s great. But there are people out there that are probably not as healthy, their constitution is not as good, and they do reach their tipping point. But it takes a lot longer to reach their tipping point than it used to. So the product will enable you to be more resilient, but you still have a limit. This is to be respected. If you ignore that warning signal from the body, down the track there may be health consequences from that. It’s just common sense. If you stick a sticker on your phone and think you’re protected and you can use it 5-6-7 hours a day, you’re probably going to end up with a brain tumor down the track. You thought you’re protected, but you’re not.

With Blushield, we do know through the blood testing that we did, and everyone wants to see blood, that there’s a high degree of protection to the user. But there is still that risk, you know? Nothing is a panacea. There’s no placebo effect, we’ve proved that, we’ve done it with the animals. We’ve proved that the animals respond positively to the product. Dogs that are sick, animals that are sick, will tend to hone in on the Blushield plugged into the home and sit under it for a while. This happens all the time, this is not coincidence, it’s something we see time and time again. Some animals are very sensitive to EMF, and they will vomit or feel low in energy, and they will gravitate towards the Blushield. We’ve tested this out, we move the Blushield, the dogs moved as well. They just hone in on it, and they feel better when they’re exposed to it. Animals, plants, and those sort of things are not subject to psychosomatic thinking, and they do benefit. So respect those tipping points, don’t go overdo it. If you’re EHS and you use a Blushield, and you’ve experienced that little detox.

So Brandon, did you get a detox from the Blushield?

Brandon: No, actually, what I noticed was my youngest daughter, she’s 1 year old, and she’s been teething a lot, so we get woken up multiple times in the night. I noticed my energy and my staying power with work and all the things I multitask in my life, it’s a lot easier because I have a lot more energy. I’m training in tai chi every day, I’m doing the work, I’m working with extracts, online running my business, and I definitely notice an energy increase. But I didn’t necessarily have any detoxification symptoms.

Mark: That’s cool, because if you’re living a clean lifestyle and you’re healthy, your so-called detox would be a minimum, and we find that out. A lot of people that get freaked out by the detox, and go, “Oh no, I don’t want to go through this,” it’s only transient. Like I said, mostly with people that are unhealthy, it would last a wee while, but for most people it doesn’t last longer than a few days or a week. The effects are really mild, so it’s nothing to be afraid of, but at the same time, it just really goes to prove that cell communication has opened up again and the body is detoxing, releasing from these cells, and therefore the nutrient uptake in the body is enhanced, as well as the oxygen levels. So that’s encouraging.

Brandon: Yeah, and one of the key principles in what I’ve been taught, and what I teach, is just balance in all things. It’s a pretty classic Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, but I think in a lot of ways, people don’t really even consider the impact of electromagnetic fields on their health. I think as more conscious awareness is cultivated, people do become more sensitive to that concept, or just by living an unhealthy lifestyle and living next to a cell tower, inevitably the body’s going to not respond well to that. With either path, we get to that point where we need to look at the whole picture, and how do we bring balance.

Like you’re saying, nothing’s a panacea. I mean, you can eat the best diet in the world, take the highest grade and highest quality herbs, drink the best quality fresh spring water, be out in nature all the time, and there’s still going to be acclimation. Life just works at you, and you basically learn to adapt and be stronger through that. The only technologies that I’ve personally seen and worked with, that seem to have beneficial long term effects, cumulative effects over time, it actually does something substantially beneficial for the body. I’ve played with lots of different pendants and things like that, like you referenced in the past, because I know, at least intellectually, that there’s something going on with electromagnetic fields. We are electromagnetic, we’re photonic, we’re flesh and blood, we have all these different levels and dynamics to our body and our body’s pattern and systems.

This device, because it replicates nature, I think that’s one of the key things I want to hit home, is the respect for nature that’s built into this product is really great, because you’re actually obeying natural laws, rather than trying to force the body into a singular direction of being well. You’re basically giving the body the option to repair and heal itself by creating a field that’s harmonious to the human organism on all levels. Not just the physical or subtle energy bodies.

Mark: You’re absolutely right, I mean all natural laws of the universe have to be obeyed in order to have benefit to living things. It’s not that these laws here in nature were there in the beginning and everything follows that, and if you follow these natural laws… what we’re talking about here is Fibonacci sequences, Golden rule, ratios, all sorts of different aspects which exist in nature. Probably some of these people have seen a snail shell, how it starts off small and gets bigger and bigger. That’s Fibonacci. It’s right throughout nature, it’s right throughout our bodies, and if we follow those built-in laws, we’re going to end up with a product that is going to come as close to a natural thing as it can. It’s very effective, we just don’t normally have people that aren’t affected, everyone that has tried Blushield is affected in a positive way.

Now some people, and very very few, that I have dealt with, some people just don’t like change, they don’t want to go through this detox, they don’t want to change. Ah, you know, I’ll be better off, but I don’t really want to go through this. It seems like for some people, it’s just too much. Maybe they’re already under a huge amount of stress, and for some anxious people, just the thought of change makes them sick, you know? I respect that, and there are people out there that are going to say, “Ah, well, it’s going to make me healthier. I don’t really know if I want to be healthier, I get a lot of sympathy from my people and friends around me. Maybe if I’m healthier I won’t get that sympathy anymore.” So there is a mindset with some people that have these problems, that sets them up for not being able to progress forward. That’s okay, if that’s where they’re at, that’s okay.

Brandon: I also want to point out that it’s still very gentle, like if we were to look at somebody and treat somebody that had a chronic illness, that’s been accumulating over a long time, we check the body and we figure out how much energy the body has to work with. If the body doesn’t have enough physical energy to go through these processes of detoxification, repair, renewal, then you’ve got to raise the energy level of the body, and maybe work on the kidneys and work on these systems, so the body can actually have energy to work with, to repair. What I find interesting about Blushield is that it’s so gentle that it allows people in really bad states to go through, it might be uncomfortable for a while, but it doesn’t push them past the point of what their body can handle in most cases. At least from what I’ve seen so far, in my experience.

Mark: Yeah, well over the last 30-odd years, I haven’t seen anyone that has had any negative long term effects from this technology. The effects have always been positive, and the results have always been positive. But some people would look at it, thinking oh, well it’s a detox effect, some people would think that’s a negative thing, but actually it’s a positive thing, because once you’re free of those toxins, your body has all this extra energy to start to repair and renew things, and that’s great for anyone.

Brandon: Absolutely. Well, thanks so much for hanging out, and sharing your knowledge and wisdom that you’ve gained over the years, and this awesome technology. I feel really fortunate to have come across it. I know it’s getting late there in New Zealand, you’re coming to us live from New Zealand, so is there anything else you want to touch on? Any last comments or thoughts about what Blushield has to offer people?

Mark: I have dealt with a lot of Americans over the course of the years, and they’re very open minded people. Sometimes it’s just worth giving something a go, and trying something. You might be surprised at what this does for your overall health. Most practitioners are finding out these days that they have to treat the EMF issues before they treat the problem with the patient, because quite often the EMF issues are holding the patient’s health back. So deal with the EMF, get the environmental stress in your life sorted out. Your emotional well being will be a lot better, your physical and mental well being will be a lot better. You’ll just have that extra energy to take that step forward and live life to a higher degree. We have a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s really no risk to the consumer. We don’t generally get returns, because the product is delivering what it says it does, and we stand by the product fully. If there’s anyone out there that wants to contact Brandon and ask about Blushield, by all means please do so.

Brandon: Yeah, and if you’re listening to this and want to read more, go to There’s a testing page that goes over what we’ve talked about with the blood analysis, the chicken study, the cow study, urine analysis, various forms of testing that we see biological results of this scalar field that Mark has come up with.

I really appreciate it, man! Good info, and thanks for taking your time to share your knowledge with us.

Mark: Good, thanks Brandon!

Brandon: Take care! Thank you.

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