Health Effects of Geopathic Stress, Geological Faults & Ley Lines

Health Effects of Geopathic Stress, Geological Faults & Ley Lines

Have you ever lived or visited somewhere in the world that just had “good vibes”, for no obvious or discernible reason?  Likewise, have you ever been somewhere that just made you feel bad, and you couldn’t pinpoint why you felt that way?  Do you sometimes sleep deeply in some places, and toss and turn all night in other places?

Although there are many easily discernible reasons a certain area could feel good or bad – air quality, manmade electromagnetic field density, the type of lighting in a home, or the overall harmony or disharmony of society at large in that area – a lesser known aspect that may considerably affect how you feel in any given area is the quality of the emanations from the Earth itself.

Just like us, the Earth is a living organism that emits its own low frequency, low intensity electromagnetic field.  The EM field of the Earth emits specific frequencies at specific intensities, which also affects the Schumann resonances that are produced between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

From our perspective living on the surface, the Earth just looks like an expanse of solid ground, with varying terrain and occasional water.  What’s not so obvious, since it’s hidden underneath this mostly solid surface, is that there is an entire network of underground channels and veins underneath this solid surface, very much like the veins and arteries in our own bodies.  If an uneducated observer were to look at a human body, at first glance they may assume that its form is simple and solid, while in truth, under the surface there’s an extremely intricate network of not just veins and arteries, but also the neural circuits that make up our central and peripheral nervous systems, which are the channels of our body’s own endogenous electromagnetic fields.

The living body of the Earth has its own underground network that allows the movement and channeling of nutrients, electricity and magnetism, to ensure the optimal flow of life force energy. These channels mainly take the form of underground waterways and caverns.  The ancient Chinese knew about these subterranean courses, and of their incredible importance, even further back than 2,000 BC. The Chinese called these channels “the veins of the Dragon”, and the smooth and unobstructed flow of these underground channels was considered to be of vital importance to removing impurities and depositing essential minerals into the body of the Earth.

This subterranean circulatory system, the bloodstream of the Earth, was thought to be mirrored above ground by the atmospheric currents that constantly travel through the air, distributing essential oxygen across the Earth, which has been said to be the Qi (chi) of the Earth.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states that blood and qi are interconnected, yet have different qualities.  Qi is associated with air (which is yang) and blood is associated with water (which is yin).  Blood is known as the “mother of Qi” (feeding and physically supporting it), while Qi directs the movement of blood through the body.

The microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm:  It makes sense that if a primary aspect of our living bodies is the interconnected dance of blood and qi that keeps all life animated and flowing smoothly, that the living body of the Earth would have its own version of this same system.

In fact, one of the main purposes of the tools used in TCM (notably herbs, diet and acupuncture) is to clear obstructions from these energy channels in the body, to keep the blood and qi flowing smoothly so the body will thrive.

What happens if the vital energy meridians of the Earth become blocked or obstructed?  How does that happen, and what are the effects this may have on OUR health, as the interconnected residents living on the surface of the Earth?


Geopathic stress, black streams and human health

Geobiology (“earth life”) or geomancy (derived from Greek, meaning “study of earth energy”) has its roots in the ancient cultures of the Chinese, Incan and Celtic peoples, among others.  However, the term geopathy (meaning earth pathology) was coined in the 1930s by Georges Lakhovsky, who suggested that geopathic stress can cause the body to vibrate at much higher frequencies than what is normal and healthy, putting significant stress on the immune system.  Over time, this can result in immune exhaustion and dysfunction, making one much more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, parasites, and unchecked abnormal cell growth.

Why do certain spots on the Earth negatively affect our health in this way?  A large part of this phenomenon is thought to be connected to underground waterways that have become obstructed or traumatized in some way, usually due to harmful human activity.  These are referred to as “black streams”.  Alterations to the flow of subterranean streams can be caused by cutting deeply into the earth to build highways, railways and tunnels, quarries and mines, and building foundations with steel footings.  It can also be caused by the presence of heavy industry sites, power stations, steel pilings (buildings heavily reinforced with long steel poles and walls), and even old battlegrounds and historical sites that involved trauma to the earth and/or humans.

If the Earth is viewed as a living body, you may be able to see how any of the above activities could result in a type of energetic trauma that could alter the quality of the natural electromagnetic field.  This can cause the Qi, or energy, flow to stagnate in a certain area, which will change the frequency emanation at that point on the Earth.

The base natural frequency range we constantly bathe in as living organisms on the surface of the earth is centered around the Schumann range of 7.8-8.2 hertz, which is close to the alpha waves our brains produce when we’re in a calm and relaxed state.  However, zones of strong geopathic stress can create emanations anywhere up to a consistent 250 hertz!  These higher frequencies can be beneficial when encountered periodically, as they are in nature, but this should not be the base frequency of where we live.  The fastest frequencies our own brains produce (when we’re intensely focused on solving a problem), known as gamma waves, usually only reach around 100 hertz, maximum.

The health of humans and all life forms that inhabit the Earth is dependent upon being constantly bathed in the healthy emanation of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  If this field is distorted and becomes sickly, the emanation that rises up from the ground in that area can cause sickness in a living organism that spends a lot of time in that spot.  This is especially the case if a person is regularly sleeping in a geopathic stress zone, since these unhealthy emanations are thought to be stronger at night, and also because sleep is the time when our bodies are supposed to heal and regenerate from stresses encountered during the day

Even at this time, with all of our advanced modern scientific instruments, the ancient practice of dowsing is still thought to be the most reliable way to locate underground streams and geopathic stress zones. Dowsing is done using simple instruments (like a forked stick or a pair of L-shaped rods), and although the instruments have no power in themselves, they are designed to amplify the extremely subtle bodily responses of a good dowser that indicate a change in the subterranean landscape, so the change can be noticed and verified.  Dowsers are regularly hired to locate the best areas to dig a well on a property, but a lesser known use for their skills is to locate underground black streams that may be negatively affecting the health of a resident.

In 1929, German dowser Baron Gustav von Pohl was asked to dowse a small town in Bavaria that had exceptionally high rates of cancer.  Without being given any pertinent information about the town or the health of the residents in various parts of the town, he drew a map of all the geopathic stress lines he could locate through dowsing.  Afterward, a doctor produced information on all the cancer patients, and the map was overlaid onto the living spaces (and especially the bed locations) of all the residents who had died of cancer.  To everyone’s amazement, 100% of those who died from cancer had slept for at least some time over geopathic stress lines!

Figure1: Baron von Pohl's geo-attic stress line map of Vilsbiburg, Germany 

Figure 1: Baron von Pohl's geo-attic street line map of Vilsbiburg, Germany 


Baron von Pohl then investigated another town with a lower cancer incidence, and once again found a 100% correlation between cancer cases and geopathic stress locations.  He then returned to the original town, where 11 more people had since died of cancer, and found that all of them had also slept on geopathic stress zones.

At that time (around 1930), von Pohl estimated that about 2.5% (or 1/40th) of the Earth’s surface consisted of geopathic stress zones.  Now in 2023, with all of the additional Earth disturbance that has been done in the 93 years since, who knows what percentage of stress zones we are dealing with now!

It’s important to note that underground streams aren’t inherently an unhealthy influence, and if they are flowing smoothly and without obstructions, they are referred to as “white streams”.  They only become black streams when some kind of trauma has occurred nearby or across where that stream flows.  Usually this is due to manmade causes and events, but sometimes the innate natural topography can obstruct a stream, particularly underground concentrations of iron ore, or geological fault lines.  


Geological faults, ley lines and geomagnetic grids

Although black streams (stagnant or polluted underground waterways) are said to be the cause of most geopathic stress, there are other earthly attributes and phenomena that may cause magnetic field abnormalities that could negatively affect human health, as well.

Geological fault lines are fractures, or fracture zones, between two areas of rock that allow each section or plate to move independent of the other.  Areas of the Earth with a lot of geological faults will have more earthquakes than other places.  The Western US (coastal and interior mountain ranges) and the Rocky Mountains contain the highest concentration of fault lines in the United States, with other fault areas showing up around the Gulf coast, small sections of the Atlantic coast and around the Mississippi river basin.  The movement of the plates on either side of a fault line can disturb underground waterways and caverns, distorting the Earth’s electromagnetic field in that location, which can be a cause of geopathic stress.  The United States Geological Survey website has a very interesting map of fault lines and fault areas in the U.S.

Ley lines (so named by the Celtic peoples) are larger, stronger pathways of energy, often correlated with large, wide underground waterways.  They are more rare than underground streams, but are still found all over the world, and ley line areas were considered sacred by all ancient cultures, due to the high “spiritual” energy of these zones.  A large number of sacred structures, temples, ceremonial sites, palaces and cathedrals, as well as the processional routes to these places, have been constructed upon ley lines.

The Chinese called them “veins of the Dragon”, and the ancient Incas left evidence of a similar system they called the ‘seques’ which connected the center of their empire in Cuzco to the four corners, and they invested a large amount of time and energy into caring for and maintaining these sacred pathways.  Likewise, in Europe, most of the ancient temples and holy sites, as well as Christian churches up to the 18th century, have been sited on ley lines.  The sites of Avalon in England and the temples of Delphos in Greece are said to be connected by a ley line.

However, these high energy zones are usually not considered suitable for living spaces. Homes constructed on these lines can be a site of various disturbances, and are considered a type of geopathic stress.  This is especially the case at points where two ley lines cross, which are thought of as very potent energy zones, too strong for daily living.

One more potential source of geopathic stress are areas along the geomagnetic grids where the grid lines cross black streams or ley lines.  These grids mark pathways where the Earth’s magnetic field is stronger, and are alternately known as Hartmann lines, Curry lines and by other names.  The grid lines are usually considered mostly neutral in their effect on living organisms, except where these stronger magnetic fields cross areas of disturbance, which potentiates the distortion effect and amplifies negative symptoms.  Besides changing the strength of the magnetic field in those areas, grid lines can alter the electrical conductivity of the ground, increase the concentration of positive ions, and sometimes even increase gamma radiation.  These grid lines are considered to be 6-10 inches wide, and occur approximately every 4-7 feet, throughout the world.  Areas where two grid lines cross may also be considered stress zones under certain circumstances.

Geopathic stress zones can also be areas where radon gas (a type of ionizing alpha radiation) is emitted at higher levels, which has many deleterious health effects.


What are the negative health effects of geopathic stress, and how can we negate it?

Although the modern, materialistic scientific community is often dismissive of the existence of geopathic stress, this topic has been surprisingly well studied over the past century.  Various symptoms, disorders and serious diseases have been linked to the effects of geopathic stress.  These include insomnia, nightmares, infertility, miscarriage, migraines, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, eczema, rheumatism, hyperactivity in children, and various conditions of a chronically depleted immune system.  It has also been linked in studies to multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s disease, mental disorders (including addiction, depression and schizophrenia), and even cancer.

It is widely thought that geopathic stress primarily affects the immune system, putting it under considerable stress.  It seems likely to us that geopathic stress affects the immune system in a very similar way as manmade electromagnetic fields, as the body perceives the distorted frequencies of both types of fields as foreign, unfamiliar and unsafe, and mounts an immune response against them.  The constant battle and overactive immune response eventually depletes the immune system, rendering it less capable of fighting off pathogens and misaligned cells.

We get asked fairly often if Blushield will protect against geopathic stress, which is the reason we decided to do a deep dive into this topic!  Blushield produces an alternative, nature-based, biologically coherent frequency field that the body can entrain with preferentially.  Whether the stress is due to manmade electromagnetic fields from cell phones, Wifi and home electricity, or distorted electromagnetic fields in geopathic zones, Blushield’s nature-based frequency field gives your body an alternative “radio station” to tune into, removing the majority of the stress from these harmful, discordant frequencies.

There are other methods one can utilize to minimize geopathic stress, but these methods all depend on locating and pinpointing the exact areas of stress, so they can be neutralized with techniques such as “earth acupuncture” or other devices like copper wire shaped in specific ways.  If you suspect that you regularly interact with a geopathic stress zone, you can find a dowser to pinpoint the exact locations and help you remedy it.  You can also use a Blushield in your home, which can solve the issue in a much simpler way for most people who don’t have access to these other services, as the large coverage area of the Blushield home units will “blanket” all the areas of stress without you having to determine their specific location.


Chinese Emperor Kuang Yu (2205-2197 BC) proclaimed an edict, effective to this day, which reads: “No dwelling shall be built until the earth diviners have confirmed the intended building site to be free of earth demons.”

Likewise, all the way to this current day, after a broad and extensive study done in Vienna, Austria in the 1980s, there are now parts of Austria where permission will not be granted for many types of buildings unless the site has been dowsed and determined to be free of distorted earth radiation and geopathic stress.

From ancient to modern times, in many parts of the world this subject is considered very important, and we think that it’s worthy of consideration.





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