Do You Have EMF Related Symptoms? Dr. Magda Havas Wants To Hear From You!

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Do you consider yourself to be sensitive to EMFs, or do you know your health has been negatively impacted by exposure to EMFs? If you have (or have had in the past) symptoms related to electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, top EMF scientist Magda Havas wants to hear from you!

Dr. Magda Havas, a Professor at Trent University in Canada, is an environmental toxicologist who has studied the effects of chemical pollutants in the environment and more recently the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, from extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields to ultraviolet radiation. She works with people who have developed electro hypersensitivity and is advising the health care/medical community on how to objectively assess this condition and how to help people heal. She also works on the beneficial effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), vibrational therapy and light therapy.

She recently put out a call to her contacts about two projects she is doing. First, she is creating a questionnaire to distribute to medical practices and individuals about electromagnetic illness (EMI), and how likely it is that any given person has it. She wants to hear from experts in this subject, as well as anyone who believes that they personally suffer from EMI.

Electromagnetic illness is a term she uses that she feels is more accurate than the one that’s currently in common use, electro hypersensitivity (EHS), because these individuals are literally becoming ill (in one way or another) from exposure to EMFs. Using the term “hypersensitive” in the diagnosis implies that there is something wrong with the affected individual, rather than there being an inherent danger to the external stimulus that’s affecting that person.

She wants to hear specifically what questions you feel should be included in this questionnaire to make it as powerful and accurate as possible in gauging EMF illness in an individual.  

Second, if you have (or have had) electromagnetic illness, she wants to hear about interventions that have helped you alleviate or fully resolve your symptoms. This can include lifestyle changes, supplements, various kinds of detox, removing EMF sources from your environment, healing/therapeutic devices, etc.

If you are a healthcare provider who wants to contribute, she would love to hear about any success you have had in treating patients who are damaged or ill from electromagnetic fields/radiation. What treatments work for a large group of people?

Many individuals with electromagnetic illness have contacted us here at Blushield USA and shared with us that Blushield devices have significantly reduced or alleviated their symptoms. If you are one of these individuals who has found great benefit from the biologically coherent, nature-based multiple waveform scalar field that Blushield emits, this is a great opportunity to share your experience with your Blushield devices with an influential individual who can help people on a much larger scale!

If you feel that you can personally help Magda Havas with her projects in the way she is requesting, please e-mail her directly at When you are writing your e-mail, put either EMI Questionnaire or EMI Treatments (or both, if you have something to say about both projects) in the subject line of the e-mail.

When you send your contribution, please indicate if you want to be acknowledged in a publication, as she would like to include everyone who contributes to it, to thank them for their effort. She plans on compiling the questionnaires by the end of January 2021, so it would be ideal if you could send your suggestions to her before that time.


In Dr. Havas’ research on this subject, she believes that EMF illness is a lot more likely to occur for individuals with certain precursor conditions, which the EMFs will trigger and then symptoms will manifest. She believes that one key to healing electromagnetic illness is by resolving the underlying conditions that may be somewhat lying dormant until triggered by an electromagnetic stimulus. The 8 precursors she has theorized so far are:

  1. Physical damage to the central nervous system from concussions, whiplash, etc.
  2. Chemical & metal toxicity such as mercury or lead poisoning, pesticides, medications/drugs
  3. Electromagnetic trauma: excessive/prolonged exposure to EMFs such as excessive shocks, electrocution, lightning strikes
  4. Biological trauma: excessive parasite load, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, prolonged bacterial/viral infection
  5. Compromised immune system due to genetics, medication, prolonged illness, environmental stress
  6. Metal in the body such as surgically implanted metal rods, metal braces and dental implants, mercury/silver dental fillings, and tattoos with metal in the ink
  7. Dental issues such as metal fillings, root canals, and prolonged infections
  8. Prolonged limbic system disturbances that put people into a constant fight or flight response with sympathetic dominance. In this state people cannot heal, and hence moving them out of this state can go far in helping them to recover. Our thinking is important and can alter our health to a certain degree.

Dr. Havas’ preliminary conclusions seem sound to us, and emphasize why we need to alter our lifestyle and health in a holistic, all encompassing way to truly achieve and maintain health. Our own research has come to similar conclusions, and you can read some of what we have found in these two articles we wrote:

EMF’s, Retroviruses and Chronic Illness is about how EMFs can trigger dormant infections to manifest, causing symptoms

Do You Know How Powerful You Are? This one is a reminder about how powerful human consciousness is, and how we often have more of a say over our health and well being than we think!


In related news, at the end of this month (January 2021) is The EMF Medical Conference 2021, a 4-day online event and study course on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF associated illness. Leading physicians, clinicians and scientists will get together for a series of presentations on the topic, and this course provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for healthcare providers.

The general public is welcome to attend, as well! If this is something you are passionate about learning more about, this course could be a good investment:

The EMF Medical Conference 2021

Just a reminder, if you’re planning on sending Magda Havas a message about her projects, make sure you do so within the next couple weeks!

To your health,
The Blushield USA Team

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