Blushield’s Dual Band Scalar Field For Effective 5G Protection

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If you’ve been a Blushield fan for several years, you have likely noticed a big change in our product functionality that began in 2019:  The introduction of our dual band scalar technology.  This is a powerful upgrade to our previous technology that operated using mono band scalar waveforms.

Since this terminology is not in common use, we bet that a lot of you would love to understand more about what exactly we mean by dual band (versus mono band), and how our upgraded tech translates to better protection from EMFs and especially 5G!

While many of the details and specifics are too deep to get into in this article (and likely will only be understood by electrical engineers who work with scalar fields, like our dedicated team of engineers), we want to help you to better understand how our tech works, as we think it is unique and fascinating!

First, let’s talk about the original Blushield multiple waveform algorithm, which is our signature frequency field we’ve used for many years with excellent results and customer feedback.  If you have one of the older Blushield models (like the Plugin, Cube, Ultra, or an older Portable), you will notice if you closely watch the light on the device (when it’s plugged in or turned on) that it will light up in a flickering fashion for a couple of seconds, then turn off.  This flickering light will repeat about half a minute later, continuing in this way for as long as it’s plugged in or turned on.

This light indicates when the scalar field is being emitted into the environment around the device.  Even though the signal is only present in the space for several seconds per minute, we found that the signal was emitted frequently enough for the cells of the body to pick up and entrain with these frequency patterns, with protection from harmful EMFs as the beneficial side effect of this entrainment.

Entrainment (resonance) occurs when a living organism perceives and begins to preferentially resonate with a frequency field that it has access to.  The body can only resonate with a field if it is strong enough to be perceivable over other strong fields in the same space.  The natural background field of the Earth and cosmos is always present with us, and before modern technology entered the scene, we were all entrained with this natural field by default.  The problem now is that the modern, manmade electromagnetic fields that surround almost all of us, often 24/7, are so predominant that they effectively drown out these natural background frequencies, and our bodies have almost no choice but to entrain with these biologically chaotic and discordant fields!

Modern, manmade EMFs are created without considering the effects they have on living organisms – they are solely designed to be carrier signals to transmit information (in the case of wireless radio-frequency radiation) and to transmit electricity through wires.  Antennas from cell phone towers usually have a base frequency as the carrier signal, which is one constant frequency.  The information being transmitted is encoded onto that signal as pulsations in the form of amplitude and phase modulations that ride on the base frequency.  This method transmits electronic information very well, but it is confusing to the biology of living organisms – the structure that makes sense to computers does not make sense to our bodies!  It is like gibberish, and the body goes on guard when it notices these chaotic fields, often mounting an immune response to what it perceives to be a threat or a foreign invader (like a virus).  Unfortunately, since the source is outside the body and there’s nothing inside the body to attack and defeat, the immune response is futile and can never successfully finish the job it’s trying to do.

If another strong field is introduced into the same space, and this new field is structured in a way that harmonizes with our biology, and reminds our bodies of the familiar patterns found in nature, we will be attracted to it like fresh water in a desert!  Since the field is strong enough for our bodies to perceive it, even over the strong discordant fields of the EMFs, we then have the option to entrain with that field instead, calming the immune response and restoring a state of balance and well-being.


How is the dual band signal different?

Let’s get back to how Blushield works, and how our new dual band tech is different than our previous approach.  As explained previously, the every-half-minute signal output of our mono band devices was generally all that was needed to entrain with the Blushield field over the moderate levels of 3G, 4G, Wifi and home electricity EMFs we have all been exposed to for many years.

Now, 5G has entered the picture, and the whole frequency landscape is changing considerably.  The nature of 5G is many times more intense in its structure and function, as it would need to be to transmit higher loads of information at a much faster rate.  5G is utilizing much higher portions of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the differences between 5G and the previous generations of wireless technology!  Other new aspects, such as beamforming technology, massive MIMO, and the exponential increase in antenna numbers per square mile, mean that 5G as a whole is going to have a much more intense effect on living organisms.  You can read more about exactly how 5G works (and how it’s different than 4G) in this article we wrote:

5G Explained and What It Means for Health and Humanity

When our inventor and engineers first learned about how 5G was going to work, they got busy figuring out how to adapt our EMF protection technology to ensure the most optimal protection against the behemoth of frequencies that was coming!

This is where the dual band signal comes in.

We kept our original multiple waveform algorithm of frequencies that we have become known for over the years, the one that emits an intermittent (every half minute) scalar field.  Then we layered on a second scalar field, which is designed to operate in tandem with the first one, potentiating the protective effects.  This second field is “always on”, except for a couple seconds every half minute, when it’s interrupted by the original field.  The alternating, tandem nature of the two fields is designed to have a dynamic effect on the body, so it never fully gets used to the field or develops a resistance to it.  In nature, frequencies are always changing in subtle ways, and are never repetitive in exact frequency or amplitude. We base our technology on this same principle, and follow the known patterns of nature for optimal biological effects!

Since 5G is intense and “always on”, it tends to generate more of a “pull” on our biology, so we needed a protective field that is constantly on to make sure the body stays entrained with the harmonious natural field that Blushield emits.

Let’s talk about the differences between the two frequency bands in our new tech.  Both fields imitate nature’s gently randomized frequency fields that follow overarching natural patterns.  The first signal layers multiple waveforms on top of each other – if you can imagine a subtle, inaudible version of a trickling stream, wind blowing in the leaves of trees, all while the birds are singing, you are close to understanding how Blushield’s waveforms are layered!  The second, “always on” field specifically implements the Phi ratio, one of the most well known and ubiquitous patterns found in nature.


The Phi ratio is found all throughout nature’s beautiful and coherent forms

When our first dual band device was released, we wrote an article all about the Phi ratio and its significance, where we have already explained Phi in depth:

The Phi Ratio & The New Blushield Premium Ultra Unit

The Phi ratio is a mathematical observation that has been proven to occur widely throughout natural phenomena.  It has been observed that because Phi is an irrational (endless/infinite) number with special properties, it has infinite growth potential, which supports the patterns of prolific reproduction and regeneration that define the natural world.  Visually, expressions of Phi are widely considered to be aesthetically beautiful, and inspire a sense of wonder and awe (this video captures the beauty of Phi perfectly!)

This article (and this one!) give some beautiful examples of the appearance of the Phi ratio in nature.  It is found in the structure of flowers and seeds, the growth of trees, the logarithmic spiral in snail and nautilus shells (which also happens to be the pattern of our inner ear!), in the structure of hurricanes and even galaxies at the macro level, down to the micro level in the structure of our DNA double helix!  It governs the proportions in human, animal and insect bodies, and is even thought to be expressed in instinctive human behavior and emotional patterns.

Phi ratio patterns reinforce health, well-being and regeneration in living organisms.  Implementing continuous Phi ratio patterns in the second frequency band of our dual band devices is designed to not only protect the body from the more intense effect that 5G has on us, but also to support and strengthen the body’s regenerative and healing capacity in response to any damaging radiation that does still get through and affect us.

Our dual band devices are considered to be 97-99% protective against EMFs and 5G (as long as you have the appropriate strength device for your level of EMF exposure), but since nothing in nature is 100% efficient, there may still be some radiation that gets through and affects us, which the body will always attempt to regenerate from – and Phi ratio structured frequency patterns support that process.  There may also be times when we don’t have our Blushield around, and revisiting the dual band field with its Phi ratio patterns can help our bodies heal and normalize more quickly from that exposure.

Our older mono band models were designed to protect from all forms of EMFs, including general 5G in the vicinity, but the dual band models are specifically designed to give much better protection from 5G sources that are very close by, like a 5G antenna within direct line of sight, or less than a quarter mile from you.  The dual band models are also for protection from exposure to 5G that’s utilizing higher portions of the frequency spectrum, called high band 5G – even more well known as ‘millimeter waves’.

Almost all of our current home and portable models are dual band.  The Phi Series includes the Phi 02 Plugin, Phi 03, and the Phi 01 Portable.  They give the same base level of protection as our older mono band Plugin, Cube and white Portable, with the added dual band signal!  The Phi Series is for those who live in places with low to moderate EMF levels, like rural areas, small towns, suburban areas or medium sized cities.

Our Ultimate Series devices are also dual band, and have stronger overall protective fields, designed for moderate to high (and even extreme) EMF exposure in medium to large cities and dense metropolitan areas, with a high density of cell towers and antennas, which inevitably brings high exposure to 5G sources. Our Ultimate Series home models are the B1 Premium Cube, Premium Ultra, and C1 Ultimate Cube, and the portable options are the T1 Portable, U1 Portable, W1 Watch and X1 Pendant.

If you want to know exactly which home and portables are right for your unique living situation, please read our Blushield Product Guide to direct you to the best investment to suit your needs!


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