Why WiFi Shouldn't Be In Schools

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A couple weeks back we posted a frightening video of Barrie Trower discussing how WiFi and other EMF's may cause worse damage to your children's children through damaging egg cells.

We recently came across a court document where Barrie was testifying against Portland public schools that wanted to install WiFi in the schools, which he was fighting against. That court document can be found here.

Feel free to read or scan the 26 pages yourself, but I'll sum up about one page of key points for you here. First off, know that Barrie Trower's credentials are extensive. They include degrees in research and physics, with a specialization in microwaves, and working in microwaves for the military.

Here are just a few of the stand out points he refers to:

  • "To my knowledge, 'microwave’ or ‘radiowave sickness' was first reported in August 1932 with the symptoms of severe tiredness, fatigue, fitful sleep, headaches, intolerability and high susceptibility to infection."
  • "By 1971, the US Naval Medical Research Institute (NMRI) referenced 2300 research articles listing in excess of 120 impairments and illnesses attributed to radiofrequency and microwave radiation."
  • "[E]xtracts from published US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) Documents confirmed the NMRI research and stated: 'If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavourable effects on industrial output and military functions.'".
  • "I wish to comment on the telecommunication industry’s own research...Dr. Carlo explained how he was commissioned by the mobile industry to conduct research on its products. His study involved 200 research doctors and 15 epidemiological studies (1993-1999), at a cost of 28.5 million US dollars. ‘Our data showed increased risk to children, concerning tumours, genetic damage and other problems,’ explained Dr Carlo. He continued, ‘my results were suppressed by the telecommunications industry.’"
  • "Notwithstanding industry’s attempts to influence research, even their own studies continued to find adverse health effects. One example is a worldwide epidemiological study (commissioned by T-Mobile, on its own product) that concluded, ‘On the cellular level, a multitude of studies found the type of damage from high frequency electromagnetic fields which is important for cancer initiation and cancer promotion.’"
  • "The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended that electromagnetic radiation (which includes WI-FI radiation) be classified as a ‘probable human carcinogen.’"
  • "An international study of schools near cell towers or with a cell tower on school premises published a list of impairments and illnesses amongst staff and students, finding with large numbers of cancer clusters and other illnesses."
  • "Listing and referencing all such epidemiological studies would be too extensive and repetitive for this article; suffice to say, by 2006, it was reported that 80 percent of the extant epidemiological studies on the WHO database list symptoms from microwave sickness, including up to fourfold increase in cancers from low-level microwaves."
  • "On May 6, 2011, the European Parliament was presented with a report recommending that wireless networks and mobile phones be totally banned from schools on health grounds."
  • "Professor Adey, a Fellow of the US American Academy of Scientists and a distinguished visitor of the Royal Society of Medicine said of his own research, in parallel with similar studies in Russia in the early 1980s, that they showed that radio frequency and microwave radiation affected enzyme systems that regulate growth and the division of white blood cells."
  • "The Health Council of the Netherlands Radio Frequency Radiation Committee says in its 200 page 1997 report, concerning frequencies of 300 Hz to 300 GHz: 'The experimental data indicate that the effects of EM fields occur at lower power densities when the object is exposed to pulsed electromagnetic fields.’ In other words, you will get impairments and illnesses quicker if the microwaves are pulsed."
  • "Professor Salford at Lund University in Sweden has shown in his work in the year 2000 that pulsing can alter the permeability of the blood/brain barrier in rats. This would reasonably occur in human brains as well, and could have profound effects on brain function."
  • "WI-FI in a classroom is more powerful energy than having a cell tower 300m away. It makes no sense to have WI-FI in the class, especially where cell masts are disallowed."
  • "I have always predicted that any school that allows itself to be 'bathed' in microwaves from whatever source will see its sicknesses rise and behaviour fall. I have received many phone calls to confirm this."
  • "A study has been carried out on children using an ordinary microwave transmitter, a cell phone. What it found was that after just two minutes’ use of a cell phone, the children had their natural brain waves disrupted for up to two hours thereafter. This is called long-term potentiation, and it can last up to six weeks."
  • "I believe the most important research I have read is from Dr. Goldsworthy...[who] not only shows the mechanism by which microwaves disrupt cells, but also predicts that a genetically damaged sperm and egg can lead to mutant offspring."
  • "In Sweden, it is published that 3.15 percent of its population is medically recognized and registered as being handicapped from electro-hyper-sensitivity. This number is comparable in California and it is believed to be similar in Australia. The Irish Doctors’ Association believes this figure may actually be as high as 15 percent."
  • "[I]t must be stressed that a long-low exposure can be more dangerous than a short-high exposure."

There's also what he pointed out as far as the Russians microwaving the US Embassy! But we'll save that topic for another time.

This and much more was said to do one thing, keep WiFi out of school and out of children. And really the solution could barely be easier:

"There is a simple solution, use a cable and a plug or fibre optic cable to deliver the Internet."

Photo of ethernet cable plugging in to laptop

With this in mind, perhaps you want to do away with your own WiFi too?

At the very least get some protection with Blushield. For your home a Blushield Plugin or Cube are great. For something like a school, an Ultra is ideal.

And when you're on the go make sure you have your Portable with you at all times. WiFi is everywhere so even if you get rid of it, others won't be doing so anytime soon.

We hope to bring you even more research in the future proving just how Blushield works to dispel those negative symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity, as many of our happy customers are finding.

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