What Are the Schumann Resonances & How Do They Affect Us?

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There are many frequencies and frequency patterns that are constantly playing in the background within the atmosphere where all creatures live out their lives on this planet we call Earth. Although some of them are within the range perceptible to our eyes (visible frequencies) and ears (audible frequencies), the vast majority of them are invisible and inaudible to our five senses.

These frequencies that we have been exposed to since the very first cell division which started our growth in the womb, and will be exposed to until our last breath, very profoundly affect us even if we can’t perceive them with our senses.

Like a sort of “theme song” of our Earthly lives, playing out in the background like a gentle and beautiful soundtrack, every function of our bodies and minds are entrained with and affected by these subtle and diverse frequencies. If you overlay them on a chart of the electromagnetic spectrum, the majority of them would be categorized in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range, generally between 0.1 and 300 hertz.

This is also known as the human responsive range of frequencies, which are frequencies that exist widely throughout nature and the cosmos that humans have been exposed to for our entire existence. It’s also a frequency range that our bodies are very responsive to, and these responses are beneficial and healthful as long as the frequencies are moving and shifting in a natural way.

In nature, there are no continuous, repetitive frequencies. Everything fluctuates constantly, usually in subtle ways, with regard to exact frequencies and the amplitude (aka loudness/strength) of these frequencies. Even the general patterns that exist widely throughout nature (such as Phi/Fibonacci patterns) will NOT ever repeat at exactly the same frequencies and amplitudes more than once. There is infinite variation in nature. It is only the manmade technology of modern times that utilizes repetitive frequencies.  

The Schumann resonances are foundational for life on Earth

One of the most important groups of frequencies that play in the background of our lives constantly are called the Schumann resonances.

The large space between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere (a portion of the upper atmosphere that’s full of charged particles from incoming solar rays) acts as a closed, spherical waveguide to contain and direct frequencies generated between the Earth and ionosphere. This waveguide acts as a resonant cavity that’s charged mainly by lightning strikes (which happen on an average of 200 per second globally!), but it can also be affected by other electromagnetic disturbances, including geomagnetic micropulsations (small fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field).

The Schumann resonances were named after German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who first predicted them in 1952, and they were first accurately measured between 1960 and 1963.

The fundamental (and usually the strongest) frequency of the Schumann resonances is around 7.8 hertz. This is the frequency of a waveform that’s equal in size to the circumference of the Earth. Additionally, there are several frequencies that are natural harmonics of this fundamental frequency, which are half the circumference of the Earth, one-third of the circumference, one-fourth of the circumference, etc. The Schumann resonance harmonic frequencies are recorded at around 14 hertz, 20 hertz, 27, 33, 39, 45, and sometimes even higher. These higher frequencies usually aren’t as strong (lower amplitude), but they are continuously being recorded by Schumann resonance frequency monitors. The higher the harmonic, generally the lower its amplitude (power) is.

One of the most important things to understand about these Schumann resonances is they are NOT static in their frequency! Although the foundational frequency is commonly said to be 7.83 hertz, it actually fluctuates daily between 7.2 and 8.8 hertz, and sometimes will drop down or jump up 3.5 hertz from the base frequency range in special circumstances, such as during coronal mass ejections from the Sun that cause an influx of photons to enter the ionosphere, slightly changing the size of the resonant cavity between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The solar energy hitting the Earth’s atmosphere causes regular compression and expansion of the upper wall of the closed cavity, which is the primary force that subtly alters the Schumann resonance frequencies.

You may occasionally find devices on the market that are being sold as Schumann resonance generators, that emit a continuous frequency of 7.83 hertz. While this may have some positive effects in the short term, it is not healthy to be exposed to ANY continuous frequency for a long period of time, since continuous static frequencies do not exist in nature. Therefore, any benefit from these types of devices will be limited and short term, and may have detrimental effects if they’re used regularly. Anything emitting a constant 7.83 hertz is not an accurate representation of the Schumann resonances in nature, which are constantly in flux, and include several harmonic frequencies in addition to the base frequency.

To get an idea of the types of fluctuations that occur with the true Schumann resonances, listen to this 3-minute audio of the resonances that was recorded by a magnetic sensor in California. The frequencies were shifted upwards into the audible range, so not completely accurate to the true frequencies, but you will definitely get an idea. Notice how it rings like a tuning fork!

Schumann resonances example audio

What is the relationship between Earth frequencies and our bodies?

The interaction between the Schumann resonance frequencies and our bodies and minds is still being studied, but it’s clear that they absolutely do affect us! Every cell in our bodies, especially those of our brain, heart and nervous system, are highly tuned, extremely sensitive living electrochemical receivers and transmitters. Subtle electromagnetic fields produced by processes in our own bodies are what turn on and off the chemical messengers that perform every function essential to keeping us alive and healthy.

Most human brainwave states fall within the first five Schumann resonance modes, between 7 and 35 hertz. The theta and alpha brainwave states, which are necessary for growth, repair and optimal brain function and creativity, meet right around the fundamental 7.8 hertz Schumann resonance frequency.

“Schumann’s successor, Dr. Herbert König demonstrated a connection between Schumann Resonance and brain rhythms. König compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields in the environment, finding that 7.83 Hz is the dominant brain wave rhythm of all mammals in alpha or resting state. When the brain resonates with SR energy, information is transmitted that appears to coordinate psychophysical systems.” (source)

Continuously bathing in the Schumann resonances seems essential for human survival and optimal health. This was discovered when it was noticed that astronauts, when they left the Earth’s magnetic field, could no longer regulate their mental and emotional states and became aggressive towards one another. Additionally, during longer space flights, astronauts would lose a large percentage of their muscle and bone mass. These disturbing side effects were avoided on future trips by using a Schumann resonance generator during the flights.

In addition to the resonances that are generated in the space between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, the Earth itself emits a resonant frequency from a combination of the infrared waves from the hot core, and re-radiated solar energy absorbed by the surface. This frequency fluctuates between 10 and 11.75 hertz, which lines up with the higher part of the mammalian alpha brain wave spectrum.

It is amazing, and certainly not coincidental, that the planet we live on emits the exact same frequency as our own brains when we’re in a state of present moment awareness and alert relaxation! Increasing your alpha brain waves can result in reducing symptoms of depression and improving creativity. It’s like we are entraining our brains with the Earth itself, so it’s no wonder the effects are so beneficial!

Dr. Robert C. Beck, physicist and EMF researcher, found that the human body has numerous very specific frequencies that trigger production of different endorphins, beta-endorphins, catecholamines, enkephalins, dynorphins, proteins, and stem cells. He found about 250 different key frequencies that trigger the body to produce its own healing chemicals. He also studied different types of “healers” from many traditions all over the world, and found that they all produced similar brain wave patterns while performing a healing, which centered around 7.8-8 hertz. Subsequent studies on this showed that the brain waves of some of the subjects/patients receiving healing became phase and frequency synchronized to the Schumann resonance during “healing moments”.

Itzhak Bentov, a scientist in the 1970s, discovered a connection between steady 7 to 8 hertz brain wave activity (which occurs during meditation) and the activation of other systems in the body. This may explain electromagnetically how meditation benefits the body and mind in a myriad of ways.

One reason we are highly sensitive to external electromagnetic fields, both natural and artificial, is because our DNA itself acts as a fractal antenna. Human DNA has been found to possess two important characteristics of a fractal antenna – self-symmetry, and conductive properties. Interestingly, weakly powered electromagnetic fields that don’t have enough strength to cause heating in localized body tissue, are actually absorbed at around 60 times the power by our DNA, due to its perfect antenna characteristics! This could account for the many studies that show single and double strand DNA damage from exposure to non-thermal (too weak to heat tissue) manmade electromagnetic fields.  

Is the fundamental Schumann resonance frequency changing?

There is a theory circulating on the internet that the Schumann resonance frequency is becoming higher over time, and is no longer 7.8 hertz. They make the claim that this raise in frequency, which some say is up to 11 or 12 hertz or even much higher, is related to a “raising of human consciousness”. There may be a little bit of truth to this, but there are some inaccuracies that need to be addressed.

The fundamental Schumann resonance frequency will only change if the Earth itself gets smaller, since a waveform that’s as long as the circumference of the Earth will always resonate around 7.8 hertz. The smaller the waveform, the higher the frequency, so the Earth would literally have to shrink for this base frequency to become higher.

However, the Schumann resonances DO change in amplitude, or strength/power. Although there is no evidence of this being a linear change (meaning it hasn’t increased in amplitude consistently over time), there are certain influences that can cause the power of the resonances to spike for certain periods of time. One result of this is the appearance of higher frequency harmonics than have previously been seen. Generally, the stronger the base frequency is expressing, the stronger the harmonics will become, and you may even begin to see harmonics at frequencies that were previously undetectable. In 2019, a harmonic of 156 hertz was recorded, which would be the 20th harmonic of the base frequency! In some instances, one of the harmonics will even express at stronger power levels than the base frequency for a period of time.

Any sort of higher meaning in this is speculative, but it’s certainly possible that the occurrence of higher frequency harmonics could influence human consciousness on a large scale. Higher frequencies that are still within the human responsive range are associated with gamma brain wave states in mammals. These are the fastest brain waves states that humans can produce, usually between 35 and 100 hertz, and are related to intense states of focus and being actively engaged in problem solving.

With this information in mind, the evolution and maturing of human consciousness and societal behavior could certainly be related to an increase in the power of the Schumann resonances and the appearance of higher frequency harmonics.  

How do manmade EMFs affect our relationship to natural Earth frequencies?

It is clear that our bodies are highly attuned to, and vitally dependent on, the symphony of Earth frequencies that plays constantly in the background of our lives. Between the subtle variations of the Schumann resonances, the resonant frequencies from the Earth’s core and surface itself, and the vast range of micro frequencies emitted from all the other living beings around us (including plants, minerals, bacteria, animals and insects), this extremely complex overlaying of frequencies teems with life and helps our bodies function optimally.

What happens when you start adding artificial electromagnetic fields from cell towers, cell phones, Wifi, radar, and power lines, which operate at millions of times the power levels and usually millions of times higher frequencies as our natural background exposure?

Like a tuning fork, our bodies will no longer be able to hear and attune to these subtle natural frequencies as well, and will have no choice but to attempt to resonate with these louder fields that currently predominate in our environment. The problem is, these fields are unnatural and biologically incompatible in every way imaginable. The frequencies themselves are repetitive, like an alarm clock or car alarm (that’s what they might sound like if we could hear them). The frequencies are generally in the megahertz to gigahertz range, which is far higher and faster than the human responsive range that our bodies are adapted to. This constant exposure to repetitive high frequencies is overstimulating to every cell in our body, causing very sensitive internal mechanisms like our voltage gated calcium channels to flood calcium into our cells, setting off a chain reaction of agitated and uncontrolled activity in our bodies.

The engineers at Blushield have extensively studied natural frequency patterns, the infinite variations of subtle frequencies that occur in nature that never repeat more than once in the exact same way, and the human responsive range that we are adapted to and respond to beneficially. These complex patterns are programmed into a tiny microchip, and emitted into the environment on a scalar carrier wave that’s produced using crystal photonics. Since the devices use the high powered electricity source of mains power (or a battery, in the case of the portables), the signal is broadcasted at a higher amplitude, effectively competing against the harmful, repetitive EMFs in a way that the natural background frequencies are unable to do.

Your body then entrains with the nature-based patterns that Blushield emits, just as your ancestors were entrained with the background frequencies of the Earth and cosmos before the arrival of manmade electronics. Since Blushield’s patterns and scalar delivery mechanism are based on natural patterns, it could also help your body become more receptive to the Earth’s frequencies again, helping you entrain with the vital Schumann resonances.

To help you determine which Blushield model would be ideal for your particular needs and level of EMF exposure, please read our Blushield Product Guide or visit our Product page.

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