Tips for Air Travel & Road Trips with Blushield

Tips for Air Travel & Road Trips with Blushield

As the holidays approach, many of us plan on enjoying vacation time to visit family and celebrate.  These days, family members often travel cross country, or even to other countries further away, to be with each other.  Holiday travel is notoriously stressful, due to the higher than usual crowds of people, all needing to get where they’re going before the festivities begin.  People often travel with gifts, resulting in bulkier and heavier baggage to lug between connecting flights, and have to meet up with ground transportation at their destination, also among crowds of others on the same tight timelines.

In addition to all these obvious stresses, in modern times we absolutely have to factor in extremely high EMF exposure from exponentially more technology use than ever before.  Next time you go to an airport, look around you, and notice how many people are on their cell phones.  I bet you will see more people on their phones than those not on their phones!  Even better, if you have an EMF reading meter, take it to the airport and check the levels of radiofrequency radiation.  I bet you will find that it goes into the “red” and even exceeds the measuring capabilities of your meter!

The truth is, airports are some of worst culprits for EMF exposure.  They have higher concentrations of EMFs than almost anywhere else that humans set foot in.  The navigation towers are radiofrequency emitters and receivers, assisting the planes in takeoffs and landings.  To get a better idea of the dense concentration of radiation emitters and receivers at airports, check out this photo from the Antenna Search website of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and compare it to the area surrounding the airport (within the circle).  All those blue dots are radiation emitting towers used in airplane navigation, and the red dots are cell service antennas.  This search database identifies 3,294 towers and 510 antennas within a 3 mile radius.  Wow!!


Map from AntennaSearch


Every single one of those towers and antennas emits a radiofrequency field.  When you’re in an airport,  or inside of a plane waiting for takeoff, you are exposed to the EMFs from all of the radiofrequency emissions around you.

Even inside the airplane itself, while flying, you are being exposed to more radiation than ever before.  To “better serve” their clients, airlines are providing stronger and stronger in-flight Wifi connections, and there are plans to equip many airlines with Starlink satellite internet soon (beginning in mid 2023), for even faster internet!  Starlink operates within the high band spectrum of 5G, between 10 and 72 gigahertz, which has a high powered, laser-focused mode of operation that can affect living organisms in the vicinity of its “beam” much more intensely than lower frequencies.

With passengers all packed together in a tight space, almost all of them using in-flight Wifi or other electronic devices, we have an EMF soup situation.  Then you have to factor in the airplane itself, which is basically a Faraday cage that contains all EMFs produced within its walls, not allowing them to leave the massive aluminum tube that is the airplane itself.  Instead, all those radiofrequency signals end up reflecting off the metal walls back into the same space, increasing exposure by at least 3 times compared to the same signal density in an open area.

To boot, we are exposed to the cosmic radiation from space at a much higher intensity at the high altitude of commercial air travel, which in itself gives our bodies a higher radiation load to process and recover from.  All of this occurs after most of us get a large, sudden dose of radiation from walking through the airport body scanners, which use the same millimeter wave spectrum as high band 5G!

No wonder we feel terrible after we fly!  We think it’s just “jet lag”, but the effects of this much EMF are bound to zap our energy, and at the beginning of what we intended as a fun, relaxing holiday vacation, all we feel like doing is hiding and sleeping it off. 

This is also a major reason for the phenomenon of increased illness during or after travel.  The high EMF load depresses our immune system, taking down our body’s defenses and increasing the likelihood that we will get sick from any little bug we encounter during our travels.

EMF protection tips for fun, stress-free air travel

The depressing story above is not the only experience available to us.  Believe it or not, we CAN have a fun, stress-free holiday vacation, enjoy our flights, and arrive at our destination feeling healthy, energized and ready to enjoy the festivities!

Our frequent traveler customers see their Blushield portable (and home) devices as absolutely essential to a successful and enjoyable trip.  The coherent field emitted by your portable can keep you feeling like you’re inside a bubble of protection – in a happy, calm place as you pass through the airport chaos that exists in the same physical space, yet you somehow don’t feel like you’re fully part of it!  Even if you’re not sensitive enough to perceive your experience in that way, you will very likely feel a level of energy and mental clarity during and after your trip that you hadn’t experienced before.

On shorter trips lasting only a few days, you could just bring your Blushield portable, making sure you stay within its field during most of your trip, and keeping it charged up to make sure the protective field is active for the majority of your travel time.

On longer trips (a few days to a week or longer), we highly recommend also bringing your stationary home unit with you, and plugging it into the place you’re staying!  This will give you much more complete protection, as you will be within its stronger field while you sleep at night, which is primarily when your body recovers and regenerates from any stress encountered during the day.  As you go through your day with the milder field that your portable produces, it’s good to be able to “touch in” with the stronger field of your home unit to make sure your body maintains its entrainment to Blushield, and doesn’t start reacting to the many other EMFs you’ll be exposed to during travel.  Also, when your portable inevitably needs to be recharged, you can make sure you’re still protected during those couple of hours without your portable’s active field.

Here are some logistical tips for traveling with your portable and home devices.  We have never heard of anyone having issues bringing their portable onto the plane, and TSA will most likely not even ask about it.  In the rare instance that someone asks as you’re going through the airport checkpoint, you can tell them it’s a device that reduces the effects of jet lag (since these people probably aren’t familiar with the concept of EMF protection, but everyone knows about jet lag).  Since your portable only produces a scalar field, and not a radiofrequency or magnetic field, it won’t interfere with airline navigation systems. 

If there is any question, point out the symbols on the back of your portable.  These refer to safety certifications that our devices meet the requirements of several countries for electronic emissions – the FCC symbol is the one used for the United States, and means that our devices test at below the required threshold of electronic emissions that could potentially interfere with devices that utilize radiofrequency fields or magnetic fields, including airplane navigation, as well as medical devices like pacemakers.

You can keep your portable in your carry-on bag, or in your pocket, but if it’s in your pocket, be sure to place it in the tray with your keys and any other metallic objects when you’re walking through the body scanner, as it will set off the metal detector.   Remember:  you can always opt out of the body scanner for the “pat down” option, to avoid that extra big dose of EMFs!

If you choose to bring your Blushield home unit with you on vacation, you’ll want to make sure you pack it well so it won’t be damaged during travel.  A padded camera bag, or something similar, is a great way to keep your home device protected during the sometimes bumpy luggage handling process. It’s also important to make sure you remove the power cord from the device when you pack them for travel, to avoid damage. Keeping it in your carry-on bag, rather than in checked baggage, will decrease the likelihood of damage even more, as carry-ons are treated more gently and you have more control over them.

Another cool thing about keeping your home device in your carry-on, especially during a longer flight, is that many flights now provide outlets to plug in AC powered devices.  In those instances, you could actually enjoy your entire flight within the field of your stronger home device!



Road trips with Blushield

Many of us travel via air during the holidays, but in some instances it’s easier to avoid airplanes altogether, and take a road trip instead!  When possible, this is a better option, and will expose you to much less EMFs overall.

Although a lot safer than air travel in terms of EMF exposure, car travel is still going to be considerably more EMF heavy than staying home.  Similar to airplanes, cars also act as a Faraday cage with their metal frame and paneling, which will concentrate EMFs generated inside the car to at least 3 times the level you would be exposed to from those same sources in open space:  read about the study that proved that in this article we wrote about cars and EMFs.  These in-vehicle EMF sources include any cell phone or Bluetooth device used while traveling, GPS navigation systems, the electronics built into the car (especially if you have an electric vehicle), and even the vehicle’s motor itself. 

You can minimize EMF levels during your road trip by keeping your phone on airplane mode when you’re not using it, and establishing wired connections between devices instead of using Bluetooth, such connecting your phone to your car’s speakers to play music or audio.  Even minimizing use as much as possible, there will still be unavoidable exposures during your trip, which can zap your energy and leave you feeling funky.  Keeping your Blushield portable turned on during your trip, especially if you also have a Blushield Auto running in your car, is a great way to boost your energy levels and have a much more fun and relaxing road trip!  Road trips in general tend to be much longer than plane travel, sometimes spanning multiple days if you have to travel far, so it’s important to make sure you’re addressing EMF protection so you can last the long haul and still feel pretty good when you arrive!

Just as with air travel, we recommend bringing a home unit with you on longer trips.  If you’re staying in hotel rooms, being able to plug your home unit into your room while you sleep can ensure you have the best sleeps possible while on the road!  Blushield users who take frequent road trips will often choose to buy a smaller home unit like the Phi 02 Plugin specifically to use when you’re sleeping somewhere different every night, since it’s compact and light, and plugs directly into the wall with no power cord wires. However, if you usually travel to EMF dense big cities and metropolitan areas, it’s worth it to bring one of the stronger Blushield stationary models with you (like the B1 Cube or C1 Ultimate Cube), for optimal protection!

If you’re sleeping in the same room as your home device while traveling, you will probably want to cover it up with a cloth so that you won’t see the light on the device, which can interrupt some peoples’ sleep.  However, be sure you remember to unplug it and take it with you when you leave!  A great way to make sure you never forget your Blushield when you leave a hotel room is to keep other important items right under the outlet you plug your Blushield into, so that you’ll always see it when you’re about to leave.

One last tip to literally “top off” your protection strategy is to wear your Blushield hat while traveling by plane or car, shielding your head from the ambient EMFs around you.  Although we don’t recommend shielding as your primary EMF protection strategy, it can be a wonderful adjunct to Blushield for a little bit of added protection.  We just stocked a few new colors in our hat inventory, which you will want to check out if you haven’t yet seen them!

Plus, you will look cool, and your family might see the logo and ask you what Blushield is, and you’ll get to drop some info bombs about EMF protection during one of those fun holiday family discussions ;-)

Wishing you the happiest holidays from the Blushield Team!


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