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Education — EMF Dangers

Photo of a little boy in a business suit holding a cell phone up to his head

Another Deadly Brain Cancer Lawsuit Filed Against Cell Phone Companies

Did you know there are currently over 70 active lawsuits against the cell phone companies from individuals who got brain cancer from cell phone radiation?  A new case was just filed in April of 2021, for the wrongful death of a 49-year-old Louisiana pastor, who used cell phones for 25 years, who developed an aggressive glioblastoma and passed away.

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Artistic image of a big city with lines that symbolize the radiation that creates wireless connectivity, with a big 5G symbol at the top

5G Explained and What It Means for Health and Humanity

The fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, commonly called 5G, is on a lot of people’s minds these days.  With this article, we intend to explain 5G in as much detail as possible, how it’s different, the proposed uses for the technology and the way that many imagine it will change society, the potential downsides and negative consequences of its implementation, the current studies that point towards damaging health effects of extremely high frequencies, and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Graphic in black and white of a hand holding a phone that says 5G, with strange blob shapes in the background

New Study Explores Probable Link Between 5G & Covid-19

This is the first scientific paper documenting a link between RFR emitted by wireless communication devices and COVID-19. Healthcare workers and policymakers should consider RFR as an environmental cofactor exacerbating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Photo of a gray cat on a wooden bench, looking at a blue and purple orgonite pyramid that's also on the bench

Passive vs. Active EMF Protection

A comparison of popular EMF protection devices and methods:  how Blushield EMF protection devices compare with other methods, as well as how to strategically combine methods for even more beneficial results!

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Photo of a 5G antenna on top of a house

FCC Changes Rule to Allow 5G Repeaters on Private Properties Without Neighbors’ Consent

Children’s Health Defense has filed another lawsuit against the FCC, this time in response to a rule change they made that would allow wireless providers to contract with property owners to place hub and relay antennas on their property without the knowledge or consent of neighbors and the local community.

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Image depicting the electromagnetic spectrum in rainbow colors from radio waves to gamma rays

An Introduction to the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum is a description and categorization of the many variations of electromagnetic radiation, and organizes these variations by their frequency, wavelength, sources that generate them, and their practical uses. Electromagnetic radiation is created anytime that an electric field (produced by charged particles such as electrons and protons) consistently oscillates (moves back and forth), which automatically generates a magnetic field. This occurs the other way around, also, as an oscillating magnetic field will create a corresponding electric field. This electromagnetic radiation moves directionally as waves that radiate outwards and have various lengths, and the length of the waves (wavelength)...

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Photo of a depressed looking young woman sitting on a couch looking at her cell phone

Microwave Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Shown to Cause Depression & Anxiety

Dozens of epidemiological studies over the last 50 years all collectively show that various non-thermal microwave EMF exposures produce diverse neuropsychiatric effects.  It has been found that the stress response of the body to the EMFs affect the voltage gated calcium channels, producing a wide range of symptoms.

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Photo of a woman sitting at her laptop with her eyes closed and her fingers on her temples, grimacing like she has a headache

Do You Have EMF Related Symptoms? Dr. Magda Havas Wants To Hear From You!

Do you consider yourself to be sensitive to EMFs, or do you know your health has been negatively impacted by exposure to EMFs? If you have (or have had in the past) symptoms related to electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, top EMF scientist Magda Havas wants to hear from you!

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Image of a sign that says Danger: Non-Ionizing Radiation

New Hampshire Legislative Commission Warns of RF Radiation Dangers

In November 2020, New Hampshire became the first of the 50 United States to publish a comprehensive assessment and recommendation guide regarding the dangers of 5G and radiofrequency (RF) radiation, through a legislative Commission that was created following the passage of their House Bill 522 in 2019.

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Photo of a man in a courtroom using a gavel

Fix the Digital Divide! A Recent FCC Lawsuit

For nearly two decades, the FCC has been allowing and encouraging several big telecoms who provide both wireless and wired phone services to pull a sleight of hand, secretly repurposing funds paid by landline telephone subscribers that were promised to go towards building up fiber optic infrastructure to all households, into the buildup of 5G wireless. They were recently sued for this.

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