EMFs Are Far More Dangerous to Children: How To Make Sure Your Kids Are Protected

Photo of a young child with a laptop on lap, and shocked look on his face as he looks at the screen

There is no doubt that the modern world has brought us a level of convenience and comfort that our ancestors likely couldn’t imagine in their wildest dreams. One of the major accomplishments of modern society has been creating technology that allows us to instantly communicate with anyone in the world in a split second, and to easily access almost any type of information we want.

Technological advancements have propelled massive progress in almost all areas of human life, but there is also a huge downside to this rapid, unchecked level of growth: we don’t always slow down enough to consider the potential harm of the methods we have chosen to utilize to meet our goals. We need to consider more than just the immediate danger and harm, which can be seen in the “I didn’t die from it yet so it must be okay” mindset, and be able to foresee the potential harm our actions are having on future generations.

The level of toxic elements that we are exposed to on a daily basis is at an all time high, coming at us from all directions, including from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, as well as the invisible electromagnetic fields that surround us 24/7. These invisible EMFs from manmade devices, especially wireless radiation sources like cell phones and Wifi, emit repetitive frequencies that generate stress and damage at the cell level of all living organisms.

The most recent generation of children was born into this unprecedented level of convenience and comfort, as well as the invisible soup of toxic elements coming at them from many sources at once. Not surprisingly, this generation of children deals with the highest prevalence of chronic illness ever in recorded history – including chronic allergies, asthma, skin conditions, mental/mood disorders, autism, childhood onset cancer and diabetes, and many more obscure and “unexplainable” health conditions beyond those.

Although our ancestors were faced with many challenges that we thankfully no longer have to deal with, our kids are up against an entirely new kind of difficult situation. The issues are multifaceted and involve all aspects of modern life, so there’s really too much to cover here, but let’s talk about one of the most insidious and underestimated threats to our children’s long term health: non-native electromagnetic fields.


Why are children more affected by EMFs than adults?

All of the cell phone “safety tests” are done on a human body with the attributes of a 6-foot tall, 200 pound, fully grown man, and cannot be applied to children. Children have much less body mass than adults, resulting in stronger effects from the same levels of EMF exposure. In addition to that, children are different than adults in significant ways that make them far more susceptible to EMF harm. The brain and nervous system are not fully developed until physical maturity (early 20’s), and developing tissue is more susceptible to damage than fully formed tissue. Since their heads will continue to grow until physical maturity, the skulls of children are softer and thinner, allowing more radiation to penetrate into their brains. The younger the child, the softer and thinner the skull, and the more danger of harm from EMF exposure.

Children’s heads and bodies also have a considerably higher water content, which acts as a radiation conductor and amplifies harmful effects. Add to that the accumulation of radiation over time – in modern times, children are exposed to exponentially higher levels of radiation from a much younger age than what their parents and grandparents had to deal with, which means more time to accumulate damage throughout their lives.

So the damage potential is much higher to begin with, and now we have to factor in the technology use habits of modern children and teenagers. A surprisingly high percentage of kids and teenagers have their own cell phones, and many of them sleep with their phones right next to their bed or even under their pillows, directly exposing their brains to RF radiation.

As an EMF conscious parent, you have likely already limited your kids’ use of devices, but there is only so far you can go without restricting their access to the reality of their peers, and even participation in school and other activities they’re interested in. Many parents feel there needs to be a balance between protecting their kids from EMFs, and letting them utilize the benefits of technology for learning and communication.


EMF protection for children

For the vast majority of parents reading this, you don’t want to remove technology entirely from your kids’ lives, considering the great benefits it can have to their learning process and building skills for modern times. There are ways you can allow them to utilize technology in a much safer way, preserving their health in the process. It’s important to prioritize their health first, since if they don’t have their good health, their skills won’t matter!

If your child has their own phone, or has access to your phone, you can teach them some basic “EMF hygiene” that will keep them far safer in the long term. First of all, teach them to never keep a cell phone against their body for long periods of time (such as in a pocket) unless it’s turned off, or on airplane mode. If it must remain turned on (so you can get ahold of them in the case of an emergency, for example), it’s much better for the phone to be in a backpack or bag they keep near them, than in a pocket or directly against their body.

Make sure they don’t place a laptop computer on their lap, but that it’s placed further away on a table, preferably at least one foot away from their body. When they need to make a call, it’s important that they don’t hold a cell phone directly against their head. This exposes them to extremely high levels of EMFs. It’s better to use the speakerphone setting, or to use AirTube headphones. AirTubes are different than wired headphones, because the final six inches before reaching the ear pieces are tubes of air that transmit the sound acoustically, rather than electronically through a wire. This means the EMFs stop 6 inches away from their head, instead of being channeled like an antenna through the wire directly into their sensitive ear canals.

If they keep their phone next to their bed at night, have them make sure to turn it on airplane mode.You can still use the phone’s alarm setting while it’s on airplane mode.

In addition to cultivating healthy habits while using devices, nutrition also plays an important role in EMF protection. A diet that’s centered on organic whole foods will provide the most nutrients and the least toxicity, increasing overall resiliency and vitality, and minimizing the heavy metals accumulated through food. Heavy metal toxicity in the body increases the harm from EMFs, as the metals act as a conductor that attracts and amplifies EMFs in the body. There are foods that kids can eat that can gently remove heavy metals from the body, including seaweeds, miso, spirulina and cilantro. Magnesium is an especially important nutrient, as it protects the cells from EMF harm, so make sure they are eating plenty of high magnesium foods, such as leafy greens, nuts, beans, fish, and even child-safe magnesium supplements. You can read more about this in our article on magnesium.

To deal with all the EMFs you can’t minimize or remove from your environment, Blushield EMF protection devices can bridge that gap so you and your children can still benefit from technology, with the addition of a strong protective field of nature-based frequency patterns that their body will preferentially resonate with. When the cells of the body are entrained with Blushield’s biologically coherent field, the vast majority of the harm from the other EMFs is removed, without having to physically remove those EMF emitting devices from your home!

We have noticed that kids can be even more responsive to the beneficial frequency field of Blushield than adults, because their instincts are usually stronger and they don’t deal with the “mind chatter” of the adult world. Often, even if a child doesn’t know about a new Blushield device in their home, they will comment about feeling different or better in some way. We also find that children seem to intuitively grasp how Blushield works, and short videos that explain the frequency field visually, like this one, are very effective at giving them a basic understanding.


How to equip your kids with a Blushield portable unit

Just like with adults, the most important Blushield device for children is a stationary home unit of the appropriate strength for your living situation and needs. This home device should emit a strong enough signal to become the dominant frequency field in your surroundings, overriding the combined total of EMFs around you (which is different for everyone, depending on where you live). We have different home devices designed for rural areas, suburban areas, cities, and dense metropolitan areas. Investing in the model that’s the right strength for you will make sure you’re optimally protected. You can find out which one is ideal for your needs by reading our Blushield Product Guide.

The home device is important because since it plugs into the wall and uses mains power, it’s able to produce a strong field with a very large coverage area, to protect the entirety of your home and the outdoor spaces where your children play. This is their baseline protection, and is the field they are immersed in as they sleep at night, which is when the body restores and regenerates itself from the stresses of the day… and for kids, that’s when a lot of their growth and development happens, physically and mentally!

If your children leave your home during the day to attend school (or other activities if they’re homeschooled), it would be optimal to equip them with their own Blushield portable device. We just created two new wearable options for portables, which can provide a lot more versatility for children!

If your kids are older and able to be responsible with a portable device, they could just carry one of our standard rectangular portable devices in a secure pocket throughout the day. It’s best to place the portable in a pocket that buttons or zips up, so that it won’t fall out during the day, especially if they engage in physical activity. Another alternative is keeping the portable in their backpack, as long as they stay within 9 feet of the backpack during most or all of the time they’re away from home.

For younger children who aren’t yet able to understand why and how to be responsible for a device, the X1 Pendant is the ideal choice. It is a fairly small diamond shaped device that has a clip attachment, and can be attached to a variety of things, including a necklace, belt loop, or backpack. It can be attached to a small chain that hooks onto their belt loop, and the device itself tucked into the pocket of their pants, so that it’s out of sight and if it does happen to fall out of their pocket, it’s still connected to the chain so it won’t get lost. The X1 is also ideal for younger kids because there is no on/off button (unlike our other portables), so it won’t be possible for them to fiddle with the button and turn it off during the day, which would turn off the protective field. Since the X1 runs continuously and doesn’t turn on or off, it’s best to give it a quick charge every one or two days before your child leaves the house with it.

For kids ages 8 and older, the W1 Blushield Watch is another good option. The watch is somewhat large, which is necessary to house a big enough battery to create a strong protective field. It may be too large for younger kids, but will fit older kids and teenagers, and the added benefit of being able to tell the time and date will appeal to a lot of older kids.

Protecting children is one of the things we are most passionate about, as they are our future! Most of us on the Blushield USA team have children of our own. We have extensive experience using Blushield as a protective tool to maintain their health and well being in these challenging times, and truly believe in it as a key piece of their healthy and thriving future.

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