Do You Know How Powerful You Are?

Do You Know How Powerful You Are?

If you delve deeply enough into the study of electromagnetic fields, you will learn that we are affected by them because we, ourselves, have electrochemical bodies. This means that we emit our own electric and magnetic fields, which interact with our body’s endogenous chemical messenger system, influencing all of our various body functions. We know that the incongruent manmade EMFs that we are currently bombarded with from cell phones, cell towers, Wifi, power lines, etc. are not emitted with a beneficial or biologically harmonious configuration, and this can detrimentally affect the intricate processes of our electrochemical bodies.

Everything in nature emits a native electromagnetic field, including all animals, plants, microbes, insects, water, and particles in the air. We are part of nature, so we also emit our own native EMFs. What sets us apart from the rest of nature, as humans, is we have the ability to consciously direct our attention, because of the unique way our brains are designed. This means that our powerful minds, through our thoughts, attention and emotions, emit a strong electromagnetism of their own.

You may have noticed that when you’re doing something you enjoy, laughing at something funny, or letting your awareness focus on something beautiful or inspiring, your body feels better in that moment. Our thoughts and emotions are directly connected with our physical bodies, because they are all part of the same natural electromagnetic field that we are constantly producing, whether we are aware of it or not!


The Human Mind Will Always Be Affected Psychosomatically

Computer generated image of activated pineal gland

In scientific research fields, one thing that differentiates humans from other animals is that humans can be affected by psychosomatic factors, while animals cannot. This is why, to produce accurate results, scientific studies done on humans are generally double-blind and placebo controlled. When something is being tested to see how it affects a human, the human cannot know exactly what is happening, or they have to be led to the most neutral assumption possible, because belief affects the human experience that much.

A large part of why animal studies are valuable is that animals are NOT affected by psychosomatic factors. They don’t have a belief about something that is influencing their outcome. This is why Blushield’s animal studies (on chickens and cows) are so valuable – because it shows the direct effect that Blushield has on living beings that are truly neutral in their perception.

No matter how neutral we try to be, humans will always personally influence the effects of everything we interact with, based on our beliefs about it. Our feelings about something will change the structure of our electromagnetic field when we are thinking about it or focusing on it, which will affect every biochemical process in our body.

This is not to say that we can override external factors simply from our beliefs about them. If that was the case, ignorance truly would be bliss, and no one would have ever gotten lung cancer from smoking cigarettes who truly believed they were harmless or even good. There are universal truths, such as the fact that carcinogenic elements cause our cells to mutate and become cancerous. It has been established that manmade EMFs that emit continuous repetitive frequencies have carcinogenic effects.

When we become truly informed, we then gain more responsibility for our experience. If we truly understand how an element of our environment is harming our bodies, we can then choose to either remove it from our environment, minimize its influence as much as possible, and/or use another environmental element to protect ourselves from it. We also gain a responsibility over how having an awareness of this harmful element is affecting our feelings and perceptions.

If knowing about a harmful element is causing us to feel constant fear about it, we likely won’t be much better off than if we were completely ignorant about it. The way that a constant state of fear changes the structure of our own biofield’s electromagnetic patterns is going to inhibit our body’s optimal functioning, and most likely cause additional biological stress and result in health issues.


Living In Fear Can Be A Pitfall Of “Truth Seeking”

Knowledge is power, and knowledge is also responsibility. We are responsible for how we cope with what we know. Fear is meant to be a messenger, a temporary visitor whose incredible value is in “jolting us awake” so we can adjust the course of our lives in a healthier direction. Fear is meant to be an extremely beneficial element that works to improve our lives. We just have to learn to truly receive the message it has for us.

Difficult truths are hard to integrate. When we learn that not everyone has our best interests in mind, especially some of those in “positions of power” who are affecting the way we live on a large scale, that can be very hard to cope with emotionally. It’s no wonder that many people choose to remain ignorant about many issues we are faced with, or to deny that there is anything wrong at all. It can feel like an emotional burden to learn and know what many of us have chosen to learn the truth about.

For those of us who may consider ourselves “truth seekers”, we are on a unique journey of learning how to cope with what we know, so that our knowledge can impact our lives in beneficial ways, and ultimately make us happier and healthier. A huge part of that is learning how to take more responsibility for the health of our mental state. Proactively seeking out aspects of life that are both true AND make us feel good is a powerful practice!

Gratitude, prayer, faith, hope, laughter, and love all produce a strongly beneficial electromagnetic field within our bodies. Just like choosing to eat healthy food, even though unhealthy food still exists – we can choose to surround ourselves and fill our minds with the good, beautiful things about life, while simultaneously not denying that there is also sadness, greed, selfishness and hatred in the world. In fact, we need the good things even more because the bad things exist! Focusing on beauty and inspiration is essential nourishment for our hearts and minds.


Your Blushield Needs Your Help

Photo of tropical waterfall

Once we understand that we are not just passive observers of life, but active creators who literally emit our own electromagnetic fields that affect ourselves and everything around us, we can also understand that we are not just being affected by things in our environment, we are actually dynamically interacting with them. They affect us, but we also significantly influence how they affect us. This is the psychosomatic element that we, as humans, can never get away from.

If you are aware of the harms of manmade EMFs and have chosen to utilize Blushield as part of your protection strategy to improve your health and well-being, remember that your Blushield is not just sitting there emitting fields that are affecting you in a passive, inert way. Our bodies, minds and beliefs will always interact dynamically with the waveforms emitted by Blushield devices.

Blushield produces a complex multiple waveform on a scalar carrier signal that emits patterns that mimic nature, but much “louder” (higher amplitude) so they provide a field strong enough to compete with the harmful EMFs. If these waveforms were audible to us, they would sound pleasant and enjoyable. If the waveforms of the harmful EMFs were audible, they would sound irritating and abrasive, like an alarm clock or car alarm. While we can’t hear these frequencies with our ears, our cells can hear them. Blushield emits “feel good” frequencies to our cells, a lot like hearing waterfalls and birds chirping makes us feel good.

There is a period of time after plugging in our Blushield for the first time that we refer to as an acclimation period. This generally lasts one or two weeks (but can take as long as 6-8 weeks for some people), and refers to the transition our electrochemical bodies have to make from resonating and dynamically interacting with whatever harmful EMFs are in our environment, to resonating and interacting with the Blushield’s biologically harmonious field. Since we are electrochemical in nature, we are quite literally “tuning forks” that can entrain with different fields and become changed through these interactions.

The acclimation period can be assisted by optimal hydration and excellent nutrition, especially taking high quality biocompatible minerals, adaptogenic herbs, and eating nutrient rich foods. Our acclimation can also be positively affected if we do our part to consciously direct our minds in ways that will influence our bodies in positive ways, just like the Blushield is trying to do.

We can acknowledge the things we are truly grateful for about life, we can pray sincerely, express love to the people and things we love, find something hilarious to laugh about, listen to music we love, and reach into ourselves to find our deepest reserves of hope and faith. We can do all of this without denying that there are also sad and angering things going on in the world, and without suppressing our true feelings about those things.

Actively and gently cultivating your attention towards inspiring and worthwhile things is the ultimate self-care. With dedication and consistent practice directing your attention in beneficial ways, over time it will become a habit that feels normal and automatic. This is one of the best things you can do to support and amplify the beneficial effects of all the other healthy lifestyle choices you are making.

Just in case you need to get those feel good hormones up today, check out the video below.

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