EMF Detox Strategies

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The chronic, pervasive levels of electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to in modern environments has a significant negative impact on our long term health. The structure, frequency range, and repetitive style of these EMFs is very unlike the natural environments that our bodies have evolved within. Similar to wild animals whose instincts can’t properly instruct them on how to respond to the threat of cars on major highways (a sudden, modern threat they haven’t evolved with), our body’s DNA does not understand the nature or function of the EMFs it perceives, or what to do about it.

So our body’s response is to attack the perceived foreign invader, ramping up our immune system to destroy it, just like it would respond to an invading virus or bacteria. The problem is, there is nothing physical to attack and destroy. Our immune system cannot destroy these unnatural frequencies in our environment, so the result is that it keeps trying every day, day and night, for the duration of our time in the EMF rich environment (which for most of us is constant and perpetual). This has the unfortunate effect of eventually exhausting our immune system, as it’s engaged in a futile battle it cannot win. With an exhausted immune system, our defenses are down, and we are unable to effectively fight off actual viruses and bacteria, or maintain optimal health.

Blushield works by using its powerful microprocessor to compete with the manmade EMFs, saturating our environment with natural, harmonious, biologically coherent fields. Since its strength matches or exceeds the strength of the EMFs, the Blushield is “loud” enough for our bodies to “hear” over the unnatural EMFs. Since Blushield waveforms are designed to mimic the ever-varying harmonious frequencies emitted by nature, our bodies understand and recognize them. They will begin to attune to, resonate with, these natural fields, and begin to literally ignore (stop attacking) the harmful EMFs which causes the elevated white blood cell counts, inflammation markers, etc. This process is called sympathetic resonance.

The bodily entrainment process of sympathetic resonance begins as soon as you first plug in your home Blushield device. There is an adaptation period of usually up to 14 days, and as your body feels relaxed and calmed by these new natural frequencies, it stops attempting to attack the harmful EMFs, and begins to reclaim its own immune power. It can take time for the body to regenerate from such a long period of biological stress generated by the constant bombardment of harmful EMFs.

As the body reclaims its immune power and health begins to improve, it’s possible that some people will experience some detox symptoms, as toxins that were stored up over time begin to be released and eliminated. This detox could be completely unnoticeable, especially in people who are generally healthy with a strong constitution, but some people may notice detox effects for some amount of time, that resolve as the body adapts, eventually resulting in a consistently better state of overall health.

Detox is actually a good thing, and something we should consider as part of a healthy lifestyle. Doing regular herbal/nutritional cleanses, fasting, and utilizing substances that draw out toxins in the body is paramount to aging well and improving conscious awareness and feelings of well-being.

Often, when people first experience our devices, they are surprised that our technology has biological effects such as a detox reaction and often (if they have never cleansed in their entire life) feel very low energy and uncomfortable as the body starts to reallocate immune power back to the body to "clean house" and rebalance the bodily systems to their natural state.

Below, we cover some of the options we are now offering on our website that will help support this transitory detox period, to alleviate and expedite the potential detox symptoms one could possibly experience in the first 14 days of incorporating Blushield EMF protection.

These options are not only good for the initial stages of introducing Blushield technology into your environment, they are also great for ongoing health maintenance and longevity.  

How to make EMF detox quicker & easier

There are a few powerful supplements that we have found significantly improve the speed and ease of the detox process. These are valuable to learn about and utilize as you are restoring your health from long term EMF stress.  

Marine Plasma Minerals

Mineral supplements of various kinds are widely available, but they are not all of the same caliber. Most minerals are synthetically made, and not easily absorbed by the body. Even the more absorbable forms of single minerals still warrant a cautious approach, as our bodies thrive when each mineral is at an optimal ratio to other minerals, which is difficult to achieve using combinations of individual minerals. Even with the Marine plasma minerals, there are varying degrees of quality and as you might expect, we value quality over quantity and since we are not a supplement company, we expect nothing short of the best quality for you and your family.

Biocean Marine Plasma Minerals are on another level. These triple filtered, full spectrum raw ocean minerals are 100% natural, absorbable and bio-compatible with the human body. They are sourced from a special type of ocean water, then concentrated and filtered to create pure, potent mineral sustenance, with mineral ratios that are surprisingly similar to the levels in healthy human blood plasma.

These ultra pure ocean minerals support energy metabolism and enzymatic reactions, making the detox process faster and more efficient. They help restore health by promoting optimal hydration and acid-alkaline balance, assisting in the digestion and utilization of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and maintaining the strength and integrity of bones, teeth and muscles. The ample magnesium levels this plasma contains are especially helpful in protecting the brain from the effects EMFs have of overstimulating the voltage-gated calcium channels in each of our cells. These VGCCs excrete 100 times more calcium when influenced by EMF than baseline, which as a byproduct, imbalances magnesium levels in the body.

To read more about Biocean Pure Marine Plasma, and to place your order, click here.  

Systemic Enzymes

You’ve surely heard of supplemental digestive enzymes, but do you know about systemic, proteolytic enzymes? These types of enzymes are not designed for digesting food – they are made for deep level detoxification and cellular regeneration. What happens when you take a high quality systemic enzyme supplement on an empty stomach, is these protein-digesting enzymes go to work deep in your bloodstream and body to eat up areas of acute and chronic inflammation, fibrin deposits in calcified areas, internal and external scar tissue, debris in the sinuses and lungs, dental plaque, and even plaque in the brain that impairs your memory and brain function.

The results in the immediate and long term include reduced pain, noticeably reduced inflammation all throughout the body, more ease in breathing, infections clearing up, injuries healing faster, quicker recovery from intense physical activity, increased mental clarity and brain function, reduced dental plaque, improved function of the heart, veins and arteries, and much more. I like to think of these enzymes as a bunch of little scavengers that scour through the body and find every little bit of debris, and consume it entirely, leaving clean, regenerated, optimally functional tissue behind them!

The enzymes we recommend utilize serrapeptase and nattokinase, two of the proteolytic enzymes most well studied and established for their therapeutic benefits, along with several cofactors that increase effectiveness. The enzymes are enteric coated, allowing them to bypass the stomach acid and go to work directly into the bloodstream.

These are especially helpful in combination with the Biocean Marine Plasma, described above, as minerals help to active enzymes to their fullest potential.

To read more about our Systemic Enzymes, and to place your order, click here.  


This last one isn’t as much a supplement as it is a concentrate of a highly revered berry used since ancient times in traditional Chinese and Daoist herbal medicine. The power of schizandra berry, and the reason it’s one of the top herbs among thousands used in this ancient tradition, is mainly attributable to its potent and thorough liver detoxification abilities.

Schizandra is effective at both Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification, which is rare. There are many substances that act in Phase 1, but not Phase 2. Phase 1 liver detox is where a substance binds to a toxin, and the toxin is mobilized from deep inside the tissues, and released into the bloodstream. Phase 2 is the subsequent complete removal of the toxin from the bloodstream safety out of the body, through one of the organs of elimination. The problem with supplements, foods and herbs that act only through Phase 1, is because when these toxins are stirred up from their safely tucked away spots inside the tissues, and released into the blood, they will wreak havoc and cause harm if they are not then immediately removed from the body via Phase 2. If these toxins continue circulating in the bloodstream, this can cause extreme, uncomfortable and even dangerous detox reactions, and if there’s no way for them to leave the body, they could end up right back in the same tissues they started from! This is what many consider a “healing crisis”. There are easier, safer and more effective ways to detox!

Schizandra has been demonstrated to be effective in activating all of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification enzymes safely and efficiently. Because of this potent attribute, and its other beneficial effects, schizandra is considered a premium grade adaptogen in Chinese medicine for its ability to act as a tonic and strengthen all the organ systems in the body.

Because of its thorough and complete effect on detoxification, schizandra can be taken daily for years straight with only positive effects, awarding it the rare label of a “tonic” in the Chinese medicinal system. It will never throw your body into a healing crisis, but will gently cleanse your liver. Schizandra also increases intracellular glutathione, which is the body’s master antioxidant system.

We consider schizandra to be one of the most important herbs to take regularly in modern times, as we are exposed to thousands of chemicals throughout our lives, all of which have to be processed by our overworked livers. Schizandra can take a huge burden off our liver, other elimination organs, and our whole body. It can help us reclaim our health after long term EMF exposure, as we utilize a Blushield to return to a parasympathetic state of relaxation and healing.

To read more about Pure Schizandra, and to place your order, click here.  


These are our top strategies for quickly and easily moving into a state of increased health and well being as we remove the stress of the EMF threat by entraining to Blushield’s natural fields. In addition to the three supplements above, do your best to drink plenty of pure water, prioritize quality rest and sleep, spend time in nature, eat healthy whole foods, and surround yourself with people you love, immersed in activities you enjoy.

It is possible to thrive, and be healthy and happy, even with all the stresses and challenges around us in these times!

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