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Time will tell

Purchased the units 45 days ago and so far no dramatic changes. Seem to be a bit calmer. Blood pressure seems to have dropped a couple points. Also purchase Earthing bedding at the same time, but so far no improvements on sleep. I realize this may take some time.

You need this

After a couple days I felt a difference!! I struggle with being on edge all of the time. I was less irritated and had less anxiety. I have always felt sensetive to emf. I love the portable one too for when we leave our home. It has had no negative effect on me or my family. I have 3 children under the age of 4. I have noticed no detox symptoms either that we know of. We all sleep great too. Never had severe sleep issues prior but sleep feels even better now and i actually have vivid dreams. All my children sleep 8 to 12 hours a night. And i have a 4 month old! Totally notice tons of butterflies now too like other reviews have stated. 🤣

A. M.

I have suffered from a wide range of medical problems for many years, and despaired of ever getting any relief. Blushield improved sleep, healing of skin lesions, and mood, even calming two of my rescue animals who previously wouldn't come around the rest. The first time I left the house, I forgot the portable unit, and when I had a terrible night, I realized what had happened. The next time I left home with the portable, no disruptions occurred. While I still suffer from many symptoms (as my rare disorder is complex, with 16 surgeries so far), I wouldn't want to go back to how things were before Blushield. In fact, one of my physicians is now ordering their own. I'm so glad I found this device. Thank you.

James Freeland
Awesome product 100% satisfied

I have been using this every day since I got it and carry the portable personal protection. I am sleeping better feeling better already. I plan on buying my family some thank you very much this is highly recommended.

James Freeland
Buying everyone in the family one

My friend purchased this and when I stayed there I was impressed that over a week being around the units I felt great and started researching it I immediately bought the set and will get my family members them as well as for myself I do red light therapy at home and the watch is a must can’t wait to post more on it thank you for your products