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Phi Series Φ3

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90m (295ft) radius

For suburban/urban areas with moderate to high EMF

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

ABS plastic

3.94 x 3.94 x 1.38

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Colleen Cadogan
Unsure if working

Honestly I don't feel a difference.

Hi Colleen,
Thank you for your review! It is not abnormal to wonder if the device is affecting you. Most people do not feel the changes that happen on a cellular level. Our recent clinical study proved that many incredible changes are happening in the body when Blushield is introduced. Often, when people live in the Blushield field for a few months, and then for one reason or another are out of it for a period of time, that is when they notice that Blushield was creating harmony in their lives. Every person is different though. Some people notice changes right away, whereas some people never feel much of anything. Rest assured, your Blushield is benefitting you!

I Love It.

I purchased the smaller version a few years ago but was excited when Blueshield had the sale. I took advantage of it and bought the Phi 03. It’s stationed at the center of my house so we’re getting better protection now. The smaller one is plugged in on the opposite side of the smart meter in the garage now.

Linda Trimble
Linda Trimble

How do I know if it’s working. I talked to you right after I received it cause I had a question at that time. But there was a dark fingerprint on the inside box which has me puzzled. Maybe someone had gotten in to it . How do I know if it’s working. Someone is harassing me so ??? I don’t think it’s working

Tee E

After plugging it in, I noticed results within minutes. I felt more at peace. Less headaches. I'm so grateful for your company and the amazing products you have! I have the portable too so I am protected against emf and the awful frequencies wherever I go. Thank you so much!

Great purchase!

I purchased the Phi Series 03 back in July. I noticed a difference the same day. I'm sleeping much better and have more energy throughout the day, and my thinking is much sharper - and that's a big deal for someone in peri-menopause, which can affect all three of these factors.