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U1 Ultimate Portable 2nd Edition

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5m (16.4ft) radius

For use while out and about during travel between stationary protected zones, especially in EMF heavy areas

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G, for use between protected zones

Zinc Alloy with Blue Chrome Finish

2.375 x 4 x 0.5

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Customer Reviews

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Zachary Brodbeck

Already lost it 🥲

Hi Zachary,
I am sorry to hear that you already lost the U1! What a bummer! Reach out to us at and we can try to help you out.


so happy with this product. no more emf around me!


This is a life changing device. I am sleeping better, thinking clearer and I will most likely get the home unit.
I have been letting my patients who have difficult conditions hold this during their session and everyone who held it during their session has asked me where they can get one and a few of them have told me they have ordered their own, getting the home device as well as getting one for their children. It even makes a difference in calming my pets down and they too sleep well through the night.
I highly recommend this product.

U1 Ultimate Portable is the best bang for your buck for a trial

I have had frequent migraines and not sleeping well. I also wanted to try this technology and see if I noticed anything. Well, I do not go out without it in my purse. I make sure it is charged and leave it at my bedside. My sleeping has improved as well as migraines have subsided. I can't wait to order the cube. I also emailed the company of what product works best for my address. They emailed me within several days and were very helpful. I am looking forward to ordering the next product. Great Company and Great Product!

Perfectly designed unit Love the compact size

Absolutley love the U! Ultimate 2nd Edition. In a little over 45 days, I feel Great !