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Phi Series Φ3-Refurbished

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Feel safe knowing I have this in my home.

Bonnie McGrath
My review of Phi Series 3-Reaburbished.

Not sure if it’s working for me. Have in “center” of house and it’s on all the time but I still get very tired, foggy, dizzy every so often with no idea of why. Usually I’m only briefly on cell or computer which I’m sure has a lot to do with it. Bonnie M.

Barry Snyder
4th Blushield and Love it

We have owned a number of blushield devices all of which were lost in a house fire. The phi 1 and 3 were two of our first purchases. The Phi 3 literally kept me from a major health crises when we rented a home with 5G. I’ve owned Blueshied devices for a number of years and after having tried many other products for decades there is absolutely nothing that closely compares to the effectiveness of Blushield. My life would be very limited and much less robust without them. Thank You!!

Katie Jones
Great device!

I feel safer knowing my family and I are protected from the constant EMF exposure we are inundated with to varying degrees. We just moved from a very rural and remote area to a bit bigger city, so a BluShield device was a must for me.