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Phi Series Φ3

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90m (295ft) radius

For suburban/urban areas with moderate to high EMF

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

ABS plastic

3.94 x 3.94 x 1.38

Customer Reviews

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Judy Hosler

I no longer feel neighbors’ WiFis. The T1 has stopped my feelings of imbalance, headaches in the city, & I no longer have these issues with others’ phones in the car. I so appreciate placing my order on the phone with a rep to handle my unique payment & shipping concerns. 1st rate service. I got all my questions answered! The Phi Series 03 is perfect for my situation now & into the future, should more towers be erected nearby. Thank you for changing my life!

Kim T
No benefits noted yet

We've had this on for a month now but haven't noticed any positive effects. In fact, my husband has had more issues falling asleep, and staying asleep at this point. Hoping things turn around soon and I can update this review to something more positive!

patrick deiters
Worth the Money

Buying Blusheild products is expensive. Its the best investment you can make with your money though.

A Logical Strategy

As an MD specializing in comprehensive corrective care, the influence of EMFs warrants consideration. I have researched and tired many different approaches with variable success. The BluShield approach makes more practical sense to me than anything I have encountered. As such, I have a Phi Series 3 in my home and the B1 Premium Cube in my medical office. I think most people would say the environment in the office is calm, healing, and well tolerated by even the most EMF-sensitive individuals.

Colleen Cadogan
Unsure if working

Honestly I don't feel a difference.

Hi Colleen,
Thank you for your review! It is not abnormal to wonder if the device is affecting you. Most people do not feel the changes that happen on a cellular level. Our recent clinical study proved that many incredible changes are happening in the body when Blushield is introduced. Often, when people live in the Blushield field for a few months, and then for one reason or another are out of it for a period of time, that is when they notice that Blushield was creating harmony in their lives. Every person is different though. Some people notice changes right away, whereas some people never feel much of anything. Rest assured, your Blushield is benefitting you!