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C1 Ultimate Cube

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120m (393ft) radius

For dense urban areas with extreme EMF and more than 8 5G antennas nearby

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

Aluminum Alloy

3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9

2023 Blushield Ultimate C1 Cube

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Works well

Yolanda Negron
C1 Ultimate Cube

Not seen any difference or helpful benefits yet.

Pegge Schneider
Life changing!

Good day to you.
I Purchased on April 5, 2024 three different devices from your company…
Which I have in our building. I also have a portable device that I carry in my purse and a watch. I’ve attached the pictures of what I purchased so you can see what I have.
My name is Pegge Schneider, my husband Tom and I own a building which we live on the 2nd and third floor and our salon BackStreet Studio is located on the first floor.
We are on a corner street and we have electrical wires that hug around the two corners of our windows of the second floor, as well as a lot of electrical devices that are on phone poles. population is @ 9000 people in the community that I’m sitting in in a little town called Cheviot, Ohio. Inside Cincinnati…
I (Pegge) have been suffering from a lot of electric magnetic issues for a long time. I’m also a dyslexic and a clairvoyant girl that has been practicing healing arts for 35 years. So I’m extremely sensitive to energy patterns. I have studied Matrix energetics, which is the science of transformation and we studied a fair amount of scalar technology in those classes. I understand how the dimensions work. I added that device in April after talking to a friend of mine that’s a chiropractic physician that suggested your company when I had asked him. How do I Block 5g and all the other electrical patterns that are going on that are toxic energy, he said you can’t but you can look at this device and it should make a difference. I’ve had a lot of health issues. I’ve lived in this building for 28 years. I also have two small dogs 15 and 12 that have both had health issues… so I went ahead and bought these products in the large device. It’s going out @ 400 feet in the middle of our house… I’ve noticed profound changes with my house just overall well-being, more of a happier feeling, euphoric on a daily basis as well as clients that come in the studio and how they change when they’re in the building… more at peace. pains, and headaches disappear when they’re in the house a short time .
I also noticed a great difference when I have the portable device with me as well when I’m not in the building. One of the things that’s been pretty amazing which attach a picture is that I have just landscaping around my property and large containers that have flowers in them, which never grew very well until this year with the device. Also, I have a tower garden that is a compost with worms. I’ve had it for three years and it is never done well. This year I’m already harvesting zucchini, tomatoes, herbs, and it looks like it’s on steroids. All of my plants have done amazing… I know it’s this device. The frequency goes out pretty far because it’s hitting my neighbor on the side of me and the neighbor across the street for me and those people are also more friendly, and that is a different scenario as well. My dogs health is improved so I would highly recommend this for anybody which I have been recommending to a lot of our clients that come in the studio.
I am very open to see if I could become an affiliate, and sell these products through your company as a business to refer people to your company to buy these products. Attached are some pictures of my planters as well as the devices that I purchased. I am so grateful and thankful that I found your company. God bless all of you,
Pegge Schneider
Backstreet Studio Salon

Michelle H.
Recommend To All My Clients

I am a naturopathic physician and have been helping clients with EMF reduction measures for many years. When introduced to Blushield, I was impressed by the wealth of information and research available. I purchase the C1 Ultimate Cube and - having found I am sensitive to non-native EMFs - noticed the following changes: 1) The quality & depth of my sleep increased, 2) I could work at my desk without feeling anxious or developing brain fog, 3) I could spend more time in public spaces without experiencing heart palpitations. I have begun recommending BluShield to all of my clients and look forward to promoting their wonderful work further.

William Keitel
Not as advertised

Used the Cube for 24 hours. My wife and I felt worse, brain fog, than we'd ever felt before. Turned the Cube off and we went back to normal. I threw the Cube in the trash.

Thank you for sharing your experience. We would have loved to have heard from you directly at an earlier time, as we didn't know anything about your experience until we saw your review. We would have been able to assist you through the initial acclimation period, or help you to return your device for a refund.

Brain fog is a normal detox symptom, which may occur for some people during the initial acclimation period. Similar symptoms often occur from other life changes that can result in a transient detox period, such as improving your diet and cutting out unhealthy foods. If the body has been spending a lot of energy 'fighting' the harmful EMFs for a long time, and this stressor is suddenly removed, the body will go through a process where it reallocates immune power and energy to deeper processes in the body that need attention. This can sometimes result in a temporary appearance of detoxification-type symptoms, before they taper off and resolve, if given the opportunity by continued exposure to coherent frequencies.

'EMF withdrawal' can be kind of similar to withdrawal from other potentially harmful influences, like how someone who has been overconsuming alcohol or stimulants, and suddenly cuts down on them, will notice feeling worse before they feel better. They may experience headaches, brain fog, or even just feeling funky. EMF seems to have a stimulant-like effect that becomes excessive and therefore harmful. If these kinds of symptoms do occur (like the brain fog you and your wife experienced), it may take longer than 24 hours for them to resolve.

If your C1 is in the trash, then there's not much we can do now, but please reach out if there's any other way we can help you!