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C1 has been a game changer for my household. I could tell the difference within the first week of plugging it in. Super cool technology and incredibly beneficial in this day and age! The portables are much needed as well as I have used them everyday when leaving the house and can tell the difference.

laura camarena perez
Good product

I bought this bundle and I havent experienced tachycardia, since I started using it. I was experiencing it when my EMS meter showed high levels of radiation. I live close to a 5 G anthena and some times they rise the frecuencies, and I experience things like gum bleeding.
I don’t leave home without the portable one. Thank you!

Hannah Gore
Never knew what I was missing

I’ve had my eyes on the C1 ultimate bundle pack for a couple years now. I’ve had it for 5 weeks now, the most noticeable difference is my sleep.
I used to stay up till 2-3am just because I found it so hard to fall asleep. I tried sleeping pills, melatonin and turning off any blue light at a certain time and nothing really helped. Que blue shield.
Since having my blue shield, I can go to bed whenever I want. Falling asleep within minutes. (I never thought I’d be this person) ultimately I invested in this for my long term health, as EMF radiation can have devastating effects that might not be seen for years or decades. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with this technology & company

Landon Hardy
Excellent Product!

Recently purchased the C1 Ultimate Bundle Pack and so far have been satisfied with my purchase. Wife and I noticed a difference in our sleep. Looking forward to continuing using the Blushield products. Thank you for a great product!

Great product!

Felt a difference right away upon plugging the unit in. I had to keep it a bit further from me the 1st few nights with sleeping (like on the 1st floor and not the 2nd where the bedroom is), though now can sleep with it in the same room (even 10 ft or less away) and sleep well. I live in a fairly densely populated area (more wifi and devices in some parts than people) and can feel the support it provides and the calmness/quieter background sensation vs the "Hum" of being in the middle of the city. The portable is also great and I have even traveled recently with just the portable and my body responds very well.

Would definitely recommend this, especially if you are in a densely populated or high emf exposure area.
I was using the 1st gen cube previously and the dual band support this has really makes a noticeable difference.

Thanks for making great products that support overall health and well being!