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Organic Freeze Dried Schizandra Powder

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Blushield is unique in its ability to sympathetically entrain the body in a specific way that allows that body not to perceive EMF as a threat. When the body views EMF as something to mount an immune response to (similar to the way the body responds to a virus), the body endlessly attacks the EMF as a natural defense mechanism.

During the first 14 days of introducing your Blushield home unit into the environment, the body starts to seek out the Blushield signals and stops perceiving the EMF as a threat.

When the body stops attacking the EMF, it then starts to reallocate immune power to normalizing and balancing the body, which for some people deepening in their level of health, will experience a detox reaction.

Inside and Out

Beyond the surface, Schizandra can be used to aid and balance internal functions. It strengthens your respiratory system and purifies your blood, as it increases circulation. Schizandra opens up the airways, allowing all this purified blood and oxygen to travel throughout each of your organs. Naturally, this increased oxygen flow runs straight into your brain, making Schizandra an extremely effective mind tonic, increasing alertness without a stimulant effect- a wakeful focus, while also known to have a calming effect, so you are able to experience the best of both worlds. Also a tenacious antioxidant, schizandra's cleansing and liver-tonifying properties rank with Reishi. In addition, schizandra can be used to balance your nervous system, refine coordination, improve memory, enhance vision, increase sensitivity and strengthen endurance.

Schizandra and Mind Power

Schizandra is one of the major herbs almost always used in Chinese mind tonic formulations. It has traditionally been used to treat mental and emotional illness, improve mental clarity, concentration, and coordination, reduce forgetfulness, irritability, nervous exhaustion, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Phase 1 and 2 Liver Detoxification

For a substance to effectively cleanse the liver, two phases must be initiated and completed for the body to completely rid itself of any toxin or undesirable elements.

Phase 1 - A substance goes into the body and binds with a toxin, releasing the toxin from the liver into the bloodstream. This poses a problem, however, because the toxin that is released is almost always more toxic, as it is bio-activated and has the ability to reabsorb into the body. It is like tearing down a wall in your house to remove toxic mold and leaving the debris on the floor. If you don't remove it from your house you will keep being exposed to the mold and reabsorbing it. Re-exposure to old toxins in their new bio-activated form can make you sick. Much of this material will end up back in the liver again, or stored in other tissues.

Phase 2 - This phase is often missed in cleansing protocols, where the bio-activated toxin is safely removed from the body. If phase 2 is absent, then all we are really doing is poisoning ourselves.

There are many substances that go into the liver that release bio-activated toxins. What people often term as a "healing crisis" is often these bio-activated toxins being released and doing damage in the body.

Schizandra has been demonstrated to be effective in activating all of ones phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification enzymes safely and efficiently.

You can take schizandra on a daily basis and never throw yourself into a healing crisis, yet, you will gently cleanse your liver. This is a great way for us to detox our liver from the thousands of chemicals present in the environment we are exposed to on a daily basis, and receive a whole host of other benefits at the same time.

Can One Herb do it All?

Schizandra Berry is, hands-down, one of the most exciting herbs of all time. Named by the Chinese, "Wu Wei Zi", directly translated as "Five Taste Fruit," Schizandra embodies all five tastes, sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty, which accesses all five elements, 12 meridians, and tonifies all 3 treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen, and integrates with the human body with great harmony and balance. Maintaining intake of schizandra for prolonged amounts of time will bring you closer and closer to homeostasis. It has been said that after taking schizandra daily for 100 days, profound shifts, both internal and external, will take effect.

Exalted as one of the most powerful "youth tonics" of all time, Schizandra has held true to its reputation, rejuvenating skin, helping to maintain its moisture while also protecting it from environmental and external stress. With usage over time, it has also been utilized to reduce and protect from wrinkles. The powerful astringent properties of Schizandra Berry make it one of the most transformational beauty supplements of all time.

Schizandra enhances sex drive in both men and women, for men improving sexual function and endurance, and in women, increasing water qi from the kidney (and other areas) while counteracting vaginal discharge. As Schizandra also has been said to be a powerful aphrodisiac, this herb can be very complimentary to intimate relationships.

Rich Historic Value

Revered since as early as 2000 B.C. in ancient Chinese history as a quintessential herbal substance, Schizandra Berry has not only been used regularly by Chinese royalty, but has ranked highly in many herbal honors. Its primary uses have been focused around beauty and sex, pictured in ancient art as a symbol of longevity and immortality.


Never Heated! No Chemicals Used in Extraction or the Growing Process!

Schizandra has been most commonly available as a dried herbal berry or as a powder, both of which have been oxidized, which is apparent through the brown color or tone that usually accompanies such products. However, we use organically grown fresh berries grown right here in the United States. The berry has been picked, and in its beautiful ripened glory, frozen for optimal freshness beyond its harvest. Then, using a COLD extraction process, the berry is dried through a proprietary process, yielding a CONCENTRATED powder. This stuff is hands-down, the most extraordinary expression of schizandra we have ever had. This extract is bright pink, not brown or tan, and full of all the wonderful dimensions of flavor this berry has to offer. Organic, fresh, delicious, dynamic and powerful - our Schizandra Berry Extract has preserved the full integrity of the fresh schizandra berry to supplement the human body with optimum health, beauty, wellness and vitality.

Why American Grown Berries?

Our 100% American grown Schizandra comes from a 50-acre farm in Massachusetts. Grown in pristine, mineral-rich soil, our nutrient dense berries are processed immediately on site to preserve their integrity. The proprietary process allows us to preserve its vibrant color, aromatic essentials, energetic signatures, and flavor profile. This American grown schizandra is truly a benchmark in the herbal product world, and is quickly gaining international recognition. Our standards, which go beyond organic, are the absolute strictest in regards to purity and effectiveness. You will not find finer schizandra products anywhere in the world.


Vibrant Schizandra Tea - Instant Full Spectrum Benefits

Our freeze-dried schizandra powder is an exciting way to experience a rich, full-bodied schizandra tea with absolutely no waste and no nutrient left behind.

Just 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon in 6-8oz of hot water creates a bright, vibrant tea that contains all the active nutrients from the whole fruit (seed and pulp).

Why is freeze-dried powder better than regular dried schizandra berry tea?

Unlocked Nutrition- Due to our freeze-drying process, we are able to unlock all the bio-available nutrients from the seed of the fruit, where many of the beneficial compounds are located. This makes them easily available so you don't have to over process the fruit to get the benefits.

Greater Surface Area- Since our schizandra powder is freeze-dried and powdered, this means you don't have to boil it on a low simmer as in traditional preparations to get all the good stuff. Simply add to hot water and stir for a perfect cup of hot tea.

Get all of it- When steeping or decocting schizandra with the whole dried berries, you end up composting or throwing away much of the fiber and the seed material that can be very beneficial to the body if consumed.

By using Shen Blossom Freeze-Dried Schizandra, you will not only obtain higher levels of antioxidants due to the drying process, but you will also be drinking all the fibers and plant material. This will give you all those medicinal components that are missing in decoctions and spray dried powders.


More Antioxidants • Better Flavor • Better Absorption of Nutrients

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Liver detoxification and purification
  • Increased intracellular glutathione levels
  • Protection from extremes of hot and cold
  • Anti-aging at the cellular level
  • Mental clarity and energy
  • Digestion
  • Hydration
  • Beauty
  • Circulation
  • Physiochemical adaptation
  • Hormones
  • Immune system
  • Wake and sleep patterns
  • Homeostasis

Simplify with Schizandra

Dosage and recommendations:

Dose: 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon in 4-6oz hot water. Stir well.

* Note: you will have berry powder and fiber that will not dissolve completely in the tea. You will want to stir this in and drink it. All of the fiber is extremely healthy and beneficial to consume, and because it is not over processed to make it fully water soluble, it will give you all the benefits that you have come to expect from this world class tonic herb.

Start with less and work your way up to a full dose.

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic, American-Grown, Freeze-Dried Schizandra Berry Powder (5:1 Dry Down Ratio)

Other Ingredients: None

Contraindications: Do not consume this schizandra product if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not consume if experiencing acute symptoms such as a cold or flu.


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