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Blushield Replacement Accessories

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Blushield device accessories, including replacement AC adapter power cords, plugs and chargers for all home and portable models.

The Cubes/Ultras Wall Cord will work for all our current Cube and Ultra models, as well as some of the older models that are no longer produced.  It will not work for the old silver Cube - please contact us if you need a replacement cord for this much older model.

USB-C Cord and AC Power Brick 

Replacement USB-C cable for the Blushield Portables and AC power brick adapters for the Portables.

International Converter Bundles

These power cord converters are intended for different types of electrical outlets in various countries and are designed to be easily interchanged as needed. This bundle includes converters for Type C, Type G, and Type I electrical outlets.

They fit the power cord for the following current Blushield products:

  • Phi 3
  • B1
  • U2
  • C1
  • EVO

And the following Blushield products that are no longer produced:

  • Premium Cube
  • Home Cube
  • Ultra

Some of those products include these converters in the original packaging and all of them come with a Type A (US) plug on the power cord. Other than the color, the power cord and converter pieces are the same for all of these products.

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Joy O Agboola
Thank for the friendly service

My blushield-us device Mal functioned
And the company went above and beyond to help me replace my device in a prompt manner I'm forever grateful