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Low Radiation Cap

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Low Radiation Cap

A soft cotton cap 2 layers of naturally anti-microbal silver cloth capable of reducing the RF to a lower level This cap is not to be used in place of active/dynamic Blushield EMF protection product.  Using this cap can create a sense of quiet that we experience when the EMF is low or the power in our homes is off.


  • Ultra soft cotton cap
  • Blushield logo
  • Fully adjustable with metal catch
  • Two layers of silver linen (high grade RF blocking fabric)
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable strap
  • Wide brim to protect from the elements
  • Available in multiple colors

Customer Reviews

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The hat fits great and is much needed for travel and looks good too!

Great hat!

Cool looking hat and great fit! Thank you!

Candice Wilson
Love them!

They are so comfortable and I really hope they are providing some EMF protection. Thanks!


Attractive and sturdy! Not heavy tho!  I’m glad that I chose this over other companies. It’s perfect. I look forward to wearing it and I will turn anybody onto your company my friend buys from you often thank you and for the little gift.


There is something off with the construction. It is suppose to be a cotton hat, which the external parts are. The internal band that touches your head appears to be a synthetic blend material, as well as the material used to stitch the silver fabric to the band. Also the metal clasp at the back is a very cheap metal that I recommend they replace with steel, like the top dot is made of. The sizing is nice. Please take consideration into all of the materials used in making a product. Each material has a differing frequency. This is why you can’t blend linen with wool, they cancel each other out. Please stop using synthetics.

Thank you for your feedback! We have tried to utilize a good portion of natural materials, but it is more difficult when it comes to hat construction. The main function of this hat is to weave in the silver shielding fabric, and it is difficult to find stretchy bands that are made from natural materials and still provide a proper fit. However, I know fully natural materials are important to many people, so I will pass your requests along and we'll see what we can do!