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Blushield Portable Pouches

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Protect your Blushield Portable with our leather style pouch. Built to last, you will prolong the life of your Portable when you accessorize, helping to prevent your Portable from being scratched, or if dropped it will protect it to a large degree.

The pouch will also prevent the Portable from being turned off inadvertently, if the Portable is inserted button-first.


  • Two colors of pouches - sky blue or midnight black
  • Pouches fit the Phi Φ1 and T1 Portable models
  • High quality durability made to last
  • Will not block the Blushield signal
  • Extra protection for your Blushield Portable

**Blushield Portable is not included in your purchase of Blushield Pouch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Very nice pouch to help keep my investment clean and safe

Kerri Schrindel

I wish they weren't so expensive, most average income families could never afford these products, especially with inflation so high.
I am very disappointed.

G Hunt Lee
Mediocre Quality, “leather like” Material

I was excited about this pouch, hoping that it would provide protection for my T1. It fit well when I first received it, though after a few days, pouch stretched out with top layer of “pleather” bubbling and peeling around edges. T1 now slips out of the pouch when I sit down.


I thought it would fit the gray one they sold but it’s too small. The website doesn’t even have to gray portable EMF machine to see which size is needed.

Thank you for your feedback. Since we do not carry the portable model you're referring to anymore, we also no longer carry the pouch that fits that model, to avoid confusion. We do not normally accept returns on accessories, but please send us an email or give us a call, and we will let you know how to return this item, since you won't be able to use it! We also may be able to find you a solution for a pouch for your older portable model.

Lori Krauss

Love them. Have one for T1 and U 1. Device doesn't slip out when bending over as I wear it on me.
Different colors would be nice.