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U2 Premium Ultra

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90m (295ft) radius

For dense urban areas with very high EMF

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

Aluminum Alloy

5.5 x 4 x 1.5

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Joanna Fuchs
Better Life

Since I started using the U2 and the portable T1, I feel younger. My eyes are clearer. I have more energy. The fog in my head is gone. These devices are very good investments.

Eric Horowitz
Does nothing.

This product does not do anything. A waste of $1400. I would like to return it if I still can.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for sharing your experience. Your device is outside of our 30-day return window, so we cannot accept a return at this point. It's very likely that your Blushield is working to protect you from EMFs, even if you don't think you're noticing anything.  While some people feel a noticeable difference immediately, or within the first couple of weeks, others may feel nothing at all, because the changes are happening at the cell level and many people can't feel that tangibly, similar to how most people can't tangibly feel the harmful effects of EMFs.

Sometimes people think they aren't noticing anything, because changes can happen slowly, and at a level too subtle for the mind to notice. We had a customer recently who wanted to return her device because she thought she wasn't noticing anything. As soon as she mailed it back, she realized that her sleep had actually been much better with the device, so she told us she made a mistake in returning it, and asked if we could send it back!

We recently completed our first independent review board certified clinical study on 25 people, and there were statistically significant changes noted in several areas. Blood panels, an Oura Ring health tracker device, neurocognitive assessments, and other more complex testing was used to determine results. Some of our customers who may be less sensitive to the tangible effects of EMFs will use a device like the Oura Ring to measure the objective changes the device is having on them. You could also have a live blood cell analysis done, and our customers have seen positive results with both of these testing methods.

For most people, though, it's enough to just feel the subtle differences, or just that peace of mind they get from feeling that they're protected.  Some people may even notice differences over time, as the cells regulate, rebalance, and slowly improve in functioning.  These changes can be subtle and may be easily missed as you adapt to feeling better gradually, since your point of reference changes over time.  It's kind of like when a chronic injury or ailment heals slowly over a long time, and then one day it occurs to you that you no longer deal with a chronic issue you had for years, but you can't remember exactly when the issue went away because it happened so gradually.

Please reach out to us anytime if you need assistance with anything!

Christine Peterson
What a difference

I have been a user of BluShield products for several years, then 5G microwaves were turned on in my area and I needed more protection. The Premium Ultra has been the answer. Gone are my painful hip joints, brain fog, fatigue, among other things. The Premium Ultra, along with the T1 portable, have allowed me to return to a normal life. Thank you BluShield.

Kay Sheehan
Feels different

I felt an instant calm, took a nap after plugging the unit in. Since then, sleep has been better for everyone in the range. My daughter had an initial detox headache for 1.5 days and seems to have a better attitude and life approach and I never told her that we have the unit. She is the least healthy person in the house so she is my tester, without bias, at this time. The wifi is in her room, so this is the most significant person in the house to observe. So far, I keep seeing positive change in small increments.

Cleo Stacy
Hard to describe but everything is lighter!!

after literally 3 minutes of plugging the Premium Ultra in, both my husband and I felt a little nauseous, dizzy and a strong headache - so we KNEW it was working straight away!!!

We both felt better within only an hour or 2.

For the next couple of days we felt a bit odd, on and off, but the detox symptoms were expected and kinda welcomed - it was pleasing to know it was impacting us so fast!!

We live in east Nashville, TN, and the 5g is BIG. And with WiFi signals everywhere too, we knew we were being inundated with EMFs. Every time we go away to the beach, we feel relaxed, our bodies calm as we ground and spend time in and by the ocean. As soon as we come home we feel lethargic, heavy, and just a general “eugh, I’m not ok” feeling.

But now, honestly, that’s shifted.

It’s hard to say that the BluShield did all the work as I’ve been testing using new supplements, and doing some deep emotional work - but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these changes happened at the same time!!! When your energy system is ready to upgrade / rise, I’ve noticed I often have the impulse try a few new things, and have many things come into my life that support me in a way to live in this new lighter way!
All this to say - I can’t say that feeling constantly lighter and able to deal with my emotions is JUST from the BluShield, I can say that it’s almost certainly having a really positive impact.

I’m feeling lighter, more able to take actions, better sleep, more clear headed (less brain fog).

And my body is feeling like it’s giving me better biofeedback, I’m stress eating less!! I feel better in my body!