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T1 Portable

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5m (16.4ft) radius

For use while out and about during travel between stationary protected zones, especially in EMF heavy areas

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G, for use between protected zones

Zinc Alloy with Chrome Finish

1.375 x 3.125 x .25

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The T1 is recommended for use outside your Blushield home protected zone, and like all of our portable EMF protection devices, is not a substitute for a home unit. For those demanding the best possible EMF protection on the go in a small package, the T1 cannot be beat!

Customer Reviews

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Judy Hosler

With the T1, I can go to town without problems of dizziness & imbalance. No headaches! My physical therapist felt the difference when I turned in on at her in town office. (I'd forgotten to turn it on leaving home & started to get "that old feeling" that isn't good.). Thank you, Blushield.

Daniel Smith
Daniel's dual band T1

I ordered the new dual band T1 portable because the store I work in has 54 wifi antennas. I turned it on , and went to bed. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't as stiff. Knee pain went away after about a day and less foot pain. I f I forget to recharge it, the knee pain returns about a hour after the T1 shuts off due to low battery. I decide to get a dual band home blushield as the number of cell towers that I can see through the Electrosmart app has doubled to 13 in the past 2 years. I also have a Opensignal app that can be used for locating towers i hadn't used in a while. I counted 120 cell access point within 5 miles of the store There are a number of wifi routers in my neighborhood that I can pick up several hundred feet away and have as much power as a mini cell phone tower


T1 Portable

Rebecca Motyka
Life saver

This device is a life saver. We recently moved to get out of 5G, but are noticing that 5G is popping up more and more in the towns we travel to for shopping. I carry the device in my purse. It totally prevents the headaches and nausea that before, were always a result of traveling into a 5G area. The symptoms would last up to 36 hours after leaving a 5G area; hence the "life saver" label.

G Hunt Lee
Great Size and Quality

I have used the T1 everyday for 45 days. The battery life is better than I expected, lasting for 3 days. Difficult to know when it’s on, as there’s no tangible sound or feeling, other than small green light. Definitely works as it sets off the security scanners when entering/exiting a store. I have felt more relaxed since using it, which has provided deeper and better sleep.