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Jürg Schulthess
B1 Premium Bundle - a healthy combination

The cube and T1 portable device is an excellent combination covering a home and keeping you safe while you're out and about.
The first aprox 10 days I experienced detox reactions, sleep was worse to the point where I started wondering if it worked. Then the big turn around. Calming down, much deeper sleep and feeling much more balanced.
I can highly recommend the product judging from my experience so far.
Reading about scalar waves makes me dream of an ultimate such device that can be used for communication - imagine zero latency and unlimited bandwith with gread health benefit - the ultimate combination!


After thoroughly researching and trying to find the best device to protect my family against the negative effects of EMF fields, including 5G and wireless radiation, we decided to purchase this bundle in 2022. I have since noticed fewer headaches and brain fog, and the whole family sleeps so much better. These devices are truly life changing!!

Jeffrey Anderle
Excellent product

I noticed a difference after a few days of using the blue cube. I'm not waking up with headaches anymore in the morning.


Got the B1 premium bundle. Received quicker than I thought. Very happy.

Terri Neely
Amazing unit

This is a solid and amazing unit. I had years ago bought something from a different company to help with EMF. Bought whole house unit and button stickers for phones and laptops and other Wi-Fi things. However it was pitiful with terrible customer service. Essentially it was a fake. BluShield has such a great unit. I love their philosophy or using nature to block the EMF and 5G. It took a month for my body to harmonize with it and ignore the EMF and 5G. Sleep is better and overall I’ve noticed a calming effect. It’s a little hard to explain but I just feel so much calmer. I use the portable when I’m away from the house. Great product! Great service! Great philosophy it’s built on. Thank you.