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Phi Series Φ1 Portable

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3m (9.8ft) radius

For use while out and about, during travel between stationary protected zones

All EMFs including wide band 5G exposure for use between protected zones

ABS plastic

3.5 x 1.375 x .375

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Ziegler
Phi Series Φ1 Portable

We were able to take the Phi Series Φ2 Plug-in with us while traveling. When we are within the sphere of the unit then I shut off my Phi Series Φ1 Portable pocket unit. I turn my phone to airplane mode while sleeping each night. Peace of mind!

Sandy Zeldes
LIfe changing- it WORKS

I have bought a ton of expensive products for EMF protection. The only thing that ever worked for me was just not being around them!! Period. But this device has made me go from cranky, moody, feel like crying to being just normal and myself again. I laugh a lot. I'm happy. I am trying the portable by my bed and I think it helps. I forgot to charge it! So I'm pretty sure it's going to work once I have it charged again. Thank you for the best EMF protection besides just taking down all the towers and ending this that tech in our lives in general. Please everyone- turn your wifi off at night and tech for your neighbors! It's a small thing but... when you live in close proximity... really helps! Just unbelievably good products... so grateful.


Amazing!!! I ordered the travel because I am on the road nonstop for work. When I received the device... I can only say that I was skeptical... but I hadn't slept well in months, so I was willing to try anything... I plugged this tiny tiny device in and charged it with no hope of a good night's sleep. I placed it on my headboard and went to sleep. UNBELIEVABLE... I woke up refreshed and calm, completely relaxed. My husband said the same thing! Now, I need to order the home version and be sure I wont travel without my portable!!!

leon zager
Phi Series Φ1 Portable review

Phi Series Φ1 Portable does NOT generate field in the shape of 9.6 feet Sphere. The field it generates has the shape of cut pyramid. So it is important where on the body it placed & how it placed (vertically or horizontally – and where the green light/spot is.)

Thank you for sharing your experience with your portable. To clarify for others who may be wondering, the coverage area is programmed into the microprocessor inside the device, and is spherical. I understand that your subjective experience may lead you to believe it's a different shape/size, but there isn't an objective way for the user to measure that, so it may be a personal impression you have gotten for some reason. The percentage of positive experiences users have had with our portables, including the Phi 01, is much higher than it would be if they were missing a chunk of the protection from them.

You are welcome to reach out anytime with questions or concerns, and we are happy to help!

Pamela DiBabbo
Love this portable

I work in the casinos everybody around me has cell phones. People have laptops all kinds of stuff going on. I feel like when I’m at work and carrying this in my pocket that I am OK. I don’t feel overstimulated or anxious. I really feel the difference.