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EVO Cube

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140m (460ft) radius

For dense urban areas with extreme EMF, including 5G

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

Aircraft Grade Alloy

5.9" x 5.9" x 5.9"

Customer Reviews

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Blissful Apartment to work from Home

I Love the Evo Cube for my place. I am a work from home design business owner for the entertainment industry which can be high stress. I have been focused on having my environment have a nurturing clear clean energy in it and i have communication/ telephone lines that run directly behind my place. Prior i had a lot of erratic energy had a hard time focusing and would get irritable. Since i've plugged my Evo Cube in not only are my nerves relaxed my dogs nervous energy has so mellowed out ! Im clearer in my thinking and i'm happy to have this in my work space and my home space. Win win.

I Believe

Aware of the many evils we are at war with in this present day, I believe the EVO Cube has contributed greatly to a sense of awakening in my spirit. I would say I did not detect such noticeable difference until perhaps around week three (maybe a bit less, unsure as I didn't record it). Only other recent addition/change was a pair of grounding sandals, but there was noticeable difference before their arrival. I thank you for your research and this wonderful product.

Claire Bailey

EVO Cube

Matt Sena
Calm Leads To Joy with this Essential Medicine for the Modern Day

I love my EVO Cube. Years of waiting to afford the best model available have paid off and exceeded my expectations. Just as advertised im sleeping better and thinking more calmly and rationally. While awake the calm is the first noticeable thing, but the joy from resonating with the EVO cube is starting to be palpable as well. We face a binary weapon system all around us of incoherent scalar and hertzian emf combined with novel nano highly conductive poisons. Blushield continues to be the high powered but biocompatable and safe option the world desperately needs.

Anti anxiety CUBE

It really turned out home electromagnetic atmosphere into a peaceful oasis.