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C1 Ultimate Cube

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120m (393ft) radius

For dense urban areas with extreme EMF and more than 8 5G antennas nearby

All EMFs including close range and wide band 5G

Aluminum Alloy

3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9

2023 Blushield Ultimate C1 Cube

Customer Reviews

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Sue Probyn
Love my C1 Ultimate Cube

My only regret is that I should have purchased one years ago.I would read the comments from others in the Nexxus Magazine who had purchased your products. And they were always so positive and intriguing. That’s where I learned about you. I remember that everything started feeling different after the installation of the wireless cell towers here in my neighborhood. It was subtle but over time I began to feel the negative physical effects and I noticed it on my dogs and
my garden. The greatest changes I noticed was after two nights of having the cube turned on I slept better than I had in years. I forgot how good deep sleep was and I began to dream vividly in color and have started to have prophetic and climate world event dreams again. I wake up feeling better more energized psychologically more positive and vital. I was always feeling anxious and I knew that my nervous system was reacting to my neighbors wifi and surroundings cell tower microwave frequencies. But I couldn’t do anything about it. Now my dogs seem calmer and more relaxed. They also wouldn’t sleep very much during the day. Now they are sleeping all day.
I’m also retracing old traumas in my body and my nervous system is able to let go of old physical injuries that were buried in my body. I definitely feel clearer more relaxed and lots more energy. Many positive things are happening here in my home and in my body since I turned on the cube. I have a squirrel that moved into my yard since I turned the cube on. I now look forward to going to bed at night. I no longer have trouble sleeping at night. All I know is I’m never going to turn off the cube. Looking forward to trying out some of your other products. Thank you Blue Shield you have helped to restore peace and tranquillity back to my home and my soul.


I wanted to purchase this cube for so long and I was finally able too. Great product. I wish they brought back the blue one. My family and I love the benefits of it.

cl steel

i take this to all school and sports events; works great

Theresa Morse
Have used it for 2 years and love it

I purchased an Ultimate Cube whole house protection unit almost 2 years ago. I am delighted to have it in my home. There are several reasons for my enthusiasm for this product and for the entire line of products from BluShield. Last year a close friend also gifted me with the Diamond X rechargeable pendant.

I live in a rural area with several cell towers nearby. There are plans to make this area a bedroom community for people working in the city. This means increased growth and development. I have a smart meter on the house. I’m also aware of the problem with all the electrical circuits in the house and the enormous hazard from chem trail spraying, agricultural toxins and so many other poisonous elements in our lives.

The Ultimate Cube creates a huge bubble of protection for me and my family. People walk in here and comment on how peaceful it feels to them. They are able to relax and be themselves. This place has become a haven of restfulness. I work with clients in my home, so this is very important to me to have the safest environment for them when we are working together. It gives me the assurance that as I am testing clients the results are accurate and not skewed by stray electromagnetic impulses.

I’m most excited to know that the frequencies used by BluShield are variable and thus never harmful over time to my body. In early 2022 I had been using another device (higher priced than BluShield) and discovered it was not as effective as the Ultimate Cube. I tested both devices. The results put BluShield far above the other device in effectiveness and safety. I use a scale of 1-10 for my kinesiology testing. I found the other device tested at a level of 7 for both effectiveness and safety while the Ultimate Cube tested at 10 for both.

Grace D. Roselli
The C1 is a gift to Life.

I love the C1. I feel calmer and sleep sounder. Thank you, Brian.